Rideau 175 - 175th Anniversary of the Rideau Canal
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The Locks

bbAerial View of Chaffey's Lock
bbHand Cranks
bbHolding Lock Cable
bbAnatomy of a Lock
bbUpper Lock Gates, Jones Falls
bbDavis Lock
bbAerial view of Davis Lock
bbKingston Mills' Blockhouse
bbMerrickville blockhouse
bbChaffeys Lock
bbJones Falls Dam
bbLock Flight at Jones Falls
bbJones Falls Turning Basin
bbBoats leaving Davis Lock
bbPicnic at Black Rapids
bbClowes Lock
bbLong Island Locks
bbHartwells Locks
bbMerrickville Locks
bbBurritts Rapids Lockstation
bbNewboro Lockstation
bbJones Falls - basin
bbUpper Gate at L. Beveridges
bbGate valves at L. Beveridges
bbPoonamalie Lockstation
bbNewboro Blockhouse-1930/2000
bbNarrows Panorama
bbDam at Long Island
bbBridge at Long Island
bbKingston Mills' Lower Locks
bbAerial View of Hogs Back
bbJones Falls Upper Lock (empty)
bbJones Falls Dam
bbJones Falls Dam 1840/2000
bbNewboro Cemetery
bbLower Beveridges
bbBlack Rapids Lockstation
bbClowes Panorama
bbLower Beveridges
bbBlack Rapids
bbClowes Panorama
bbLower Nicholsons
bbWeir at Edmunds
bbOld Slys
bbSmiths Falls Detached
bbSmiths Falls Combined
bbUpper Brewers
bbUpper Brewers
bbOttawa Panorama 1
bbOttawa Panorama 2
bbOttawa Up & Down
bbMerrickville Panorama
bbKingston Mills Panorama 1
bbKingston Mills Panorama 2
bbWeir at Kingston Mills
bbFishing at Kingston Mills
bbMowing the lawn
bbOpening valve at Upper Brewers
bbCranking at Upper Brewers
bbLocking at Lower Brewers
Brass Point Bridge
bbBrass Point Bridge rollers
bbSmiths Falls Panorama
bbSmiths Falls Combined
bbNew Gates, Jones Falls
bbNicholsons Bridge
bbNicholsons Winching
bbOttawa Lockmaster's Office
bbChâteau Laurier


bbDavis Lock
bbMerrickville Blockhouse
bbIndian Lake Boathouse
bbSweeney House
bbDavis Lock
bbChaffey's Mill
bbBoat at Davis Lock
bbWaiting at Chaffeys
bbBoat in Lock
bbBedford Mills
bbMcGuigan Cemetery
People, Places & Boats

bbBoats in Channel
bbBoats in lock at Jones Falls
bbBoats Leaving Lock
bbHouseboat in Lock at Jones Falls
bbNarrowboat at The Depot
bbSteam: Valves and Gauges
bbSteam: Steam Organ
bbSteam: Under Full Steam
bbSteam: Waiting to lock through
bbClassic: 1999 Best of Show
bbClassic: The Need For Speed
bbClassic: A Classic Cruiser
bbClassic: Aerodynamic Fin
bbBoat at Dock, Jones Falls
bbBoats in Lock, Jones Falls
bbVillage of Westport
bbRaymond Laforest
bbJohn Watt and Murphy
bbRideau farm
bbOpinicon Cottage
bbSummer house on Sand Lake
bbOld Stone Mill Museum, Delta
bbWatson's Mill, Manotick
bbChaffey's Mill
bbNewboro Cemetery
bbMcGuigan Cemetery
bbWood's Complex
bbBedford Mills
bbLyndhurst Bridge
bbSweeney House
bbRideau Homes
bbChaffey's Boathouse
bbBoats at Jones Falls
bbElectric Launch "Harriet By"
bbMaple Syrup - Sap Buckets
bbMaple Syrup - Evaporators
bbMaple Syrup - Helping Hands
bbMaple Syrup - Sap to Syrup
bbOttawa Tulip Festival 1
bbOttawa Tulip Festival 2
bbCanalfest Redcoats
bbDavis Lock Model
bbKids Jumping
bbLog House
bbHorses and Barn
bbKnick Knack Shoreline
bbMoonlight on the Rideau
bbParks Canada's Tug "Tay"
bbFall Colours 1
bbFall Colours 2
bbFall Colours 3
bbGolden Road
bbFall Cottage
bbDuke's Profile
bbBuoys in River Styx
bbTubing Fun
bbBoating Upper Rideau
bbDocked at Col By Isle
bbWater Dog
bbMerrickville Heritage
bbGuide Boat
bbBass Fishing
bbSunset Fishing
bbFamily Fishing
bbFishing at Poonamalie
bbA Big Fish
bbThe Wolfpack
bbNavigation Signs
bbPaddling at Kilmarnock
bbScherzer Bridge
bbSand Lake Mine
bbDepot & Harriet By
bbOttawa Docking
bbOttawa Boat Tour
bbKawartha Voyageur
bbCataraqui Trail
bbRideau Submarine
bbSunrise Paddle

bbLoon on natural nest
bbLoon on artificial nest
bbCruiser and loons
bbHeron in flight
bbFrog in water
bbTurtle on log
bbTurtle basking
bbOsprey taking flight
bbDragonfly at rest
bbMallard Ducks
bbRed Tail Hawk
bbFlowers at Davis Lock
bbAerial View of Big Rideau Lake
bbCanoe at Davis Lock (small)
bbCanoing to Davis Lock (large)
bbBig Rideau Lake
bbHogs Back Falls
bbMorton Bay
bbWood Cows
bbNorthern Leopard Frog
bbSpring Flowers
bbHeritage Flowers
bbBedded Sandstone
bbCanoe on Big Rideau
bbTay River
bbRock Island
bbFaux Wood Duck
bbWood Duck
bbMother Partridge
bbCrow's Nest
bbDeer in Lock 1
bbDeer in Lock 2
bbDoe and Fawns
bbWalking Stick
bbSnake Fishing
bbApple & Wasps
bbGranite & Sumac
bbHepatica White
bbHepatica Lavender
bbDutchman's Breeches
bbBlack Rat Snake
bbTurtle Platform
bbHeron's Nest
bbHeron and Hawk
bbPumpkin Patch
bbPine Renewal
bbPilieated Woodpecker
bbTurtle City
bbSunning Snake
bbLoon and Turtles
bbHiding Loon
bbHeron at Cataraqui Falls
bbFall Fence
bbSugar Shack
bbRideau Wolf
bbWinter Swans
bbIce Leaf
bbSplash Landing
bbNesting Bass
bbLoon Dance
bbTurtle Love


bbRideau Skating
bbRideau Skating
bbWinter Flowers
bbWinter Picnic
bbDavis Panorama
bbDavis Lockhouse
bbDavis Aerial
bbJones Fall Aerial
bbLower Brewers Aerial
bbWinter Lockhouse
bbWinter Fog
bbWalking on Water
bbWinter Cows
bbLake Ice Out
bbIce Cedar
bbChristmas Lights
bbWinterlude Ice Sculpture
bbWinterlude Ice Golf
bbWinterlude Skating
bbWinterlude Treats
bbSkate the Lake
bbWaiting for Summer
bbWinter Crabs
Historic Paintings
bbEntrance Valley, 1834
bbLower Bytown, 1845
bbHartwells, 1845
bbHogs Back, 1845
bbBlack Rapids, 1830
bbLong Island, 1845
bbBurritts Rapids, 1840s
bbNicholsons, 1840s
bbClowes, 1832
bbMerrickville, 1840s
bbMaitlands, 1832
bbEdmons, 1832
bbOld Slys, 1840s
bbSmiths Falls, 1845
bbFirst Rapids, 1845
bbNarrows, 1845
bbIsthmus, 1841
bbChaffey's, 1833
bbDavis, 1840s
bbJones Falls Dam, 1831
bbJones Falls, 1843
bbUpper Brewers, 1830
bbLower Brewers, 1831
bbKingston Mills, 1856

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