Peeking into the Blacksmith's Shop at Jones Falls
photo by: Lianne Davidge, 2002

In 1843, a 28 foot x 22 foot (8.7 m x 8.5 m) stone blacksmith’s shop was built on the west side of the turning basin at Jones Falls. During the construction of the locks during the period 1827 to 1831, a simple log blacksmith’s shop had been used. However, canal officials argued that given the isolation of the area, and the height of the lock gates, a permanent, on-site blacksmith’s shop was required. It doesn’t appear that a full time blacksmith was ever at Jones Falls. Rather the blacksmith’s shop was used by canal smiths on an as-needed basis, and after about 1855, local smiths were brought in to use the shop to do repair work. In 1978-79, Parks Canada restored the blacksmith’s shop and it is now operated as a “living” museum.

It is often open with blacksmith demonstrations, but even when closed, one can appreciate the beautiful stonework and it is well worth "taking a peek" to see what is inside.

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