Bicyclists deer
Chaffey's Bridge
Cataraqui Trail
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2004

The Cataraqui Trail is part of the Trans-Canada trail system, a four season trail for hikers, cyclists, equestrians, snowmobilers, and cross-country skiers which follows the former Canadian National Railway line from Strathcona near Napanee to Smiths Falls, a distance of 104 km.

Since it follows the line of an old railway, it is an easy trail for hikers or as the photo on the left shows, cyclists of all ages (even those whose helmets are a bit askew). It provides some scenic vantage points such as the bridge that crosses the Rideau Canal at Chaffeys Lock. The lower right photo shows a cyclist getting his photo taken with this scenic backdrop (you'll have to go there yourself to see what the view is like).

The slogan for the trail is "Ontario's Path to History and Nature" and seeing nature sights such as deer is not uncommon.

For more information about the Cataraqui Trail, visit their website at: www.rideau-info.com/cattrail/

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