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A History of the Rideau Lockstations

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Welcome to the history of the Rideau lockstations. This is actually a book, some 56,000 words in length, written by Ken W. Watson. I have put it on the Internet since I feel that it is important that the story of the engineering of the canal be freely available to anyone who wants to learn about it.

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This information is best used by those who visit the locks, to fully appreciate the marvel of this early Canadian mega-project. Built by hand in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, it was an amazing achievement. What is really neat though, is that you can go to any lock today, most of which are operated just as when they were built, and with the help of this document fully appreciate how and why the lock was constructed.

If you would like a hard copy to take along with you on your exploration of the Rideau Canal, then please visit my Rideau Books Page for ordering information.

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