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Watson's 2024 Guide to the Rideau Canal

Available as a downloadable PDF file, this document contains several sections of this website. This 75 page guide is designed to be printed out and taken with you on your visit to the Rideau. It contains information for both the boater and road traveller. The idea is that it will save you time printing off the many sections of the website to take with you on your Rideau journey. See below for what is (and isn't) in the guide.

PDF FileWatson's 2024 Guide to the Rideau Canal (2.5Mb PDF)

What is in the Guide:

Location Map - a generalized location map showing the waterway and lockstations

Your Rideau Journey – By Water, Road or other - general information about things you might want or need depending on your mode of travel

Frequently Asked Questions - the FAQ from

Fees and Schedules - the 2024 fees and hours of operation.

Locking Through - a brief primer on how to "lock through" a lock

Rideau Canal Waterway Statistics - basic stats about the canal including full route statistics (distances, bridge clearances, etc.)

A Boater’s Travel Guide to the Rideau - a travelogue style guide detailing the services available at each Rideau lockstation

Rideau Communities - a listing of the services offered in each Rideau community. Includes a brief history of each community

Marinas & Wharves - a listing of all the marinas and public wharves along the Rideau Waterway.

Boat Launches on the Rideau Canal - a listing of all the boat launches along the Rideau Waterway

Ecology of the Rideau Corridor - a very brief guide to the ecology of the Rideau including a listing of all the parks and conservation areas

A Short History of the Rideau Canal - it's part of our Canadian heritage - it makes an interesting read while on your journey

Information Contact List - official agencies that can be contacted for more information.

What's NOT in the Guide:

You'll have to browse the website to get any of these other items:
  • Accommodation listings: detailed listings of all the inns, hotels, B&Bs, campgrounds, lodges, etc. in the Rideau Corridor. These are kept as updated as possible on the website, so it is best to print off the current version of the page(s) you are interested in.
  • Coming Events: these are posted to the website as they become available so it is best to use the website for current information.
  • Fishing Information: detailed information about the season and fish species (it’s all on the website).
  • Maps: only the general map of the Rideau and community locations has been included – other maps on the website include road maps, community maps, landsat views of the Rideau and even a geology map of part of the Rideau. It is assumed that a visitor to the Rideau will have their own printed maps (i.e. a navigation chart, road map, etc.).
  • Boat Rental information: the website contains links to the various firm’s own websites for detailed information
  • Driving Tour Information: several driving tours, catering to specific interests, are available on the website
  • Detailed History: although a general history of the building of the Rideau Canal and histories of each community has been included, the website includes much more detailed information on the history of each lock as well as general history of the region.
  • Canoeing/Kayak Information: the website contains detailed information for the paddler, including trip suggestions and a series of route guides including a free 168 page guide to the entire Rideau Canal.
  • Photos: in order to keep the file size down (it is already too big without photos) the information has not been photo enhanced. There are over 200 large size photos in the website’s photo gallery as well as dozens of other photos scattered throughout the website.
  • Whole Bunch of Other Stuff: the website also contains a large assortment of “other” items; quizzes and puzzles; behind the scenes info about the canal; weather forecast links; articles about Rideau trips; links to dozens of Rideau related websites; polls and surveys; boating rules; lake association information; local cottaging information; and more ….

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