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Rideau Photo Gallery
The Locks
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Ottawa Harwells Hogs Back Black Rapids
Ottawa Locks 1-8 Harwells Locks 9-10 Hogs Back Locks 11-12 Black Rapids Lock 13
Long Island Burritts Rapids Lower Nicholsons Upper Nicholsons
Long Island Locks 14-16 Burritts Rapids Lock 17 Lower Nicholsons Lock 18 Upper Nicholsons Lock 19
Clowes Merrickville Kilmarnock Edmunds
Clowes Lock 20 Merrickville Locks 21-23 Kilmarnock Lock 24 Edmunds Lock 25
Old Slys Smiths Falls Combined Old Smiths Falls Combined Smiths Falls Detached
Old Slys Locks 26-27 Old Smiths Falls Combined Locks 28-30 Smiths Falls Combined Lock 29a Smiths Falls Detached Lock 31
Poonamalie Lower Beveridges Upper Beveridges Narrows
Poonamalie Lock 32 Lower Beveridges Lock 33 Upper Beveridges Lock 34 Narrows Lock 35
Newboro Chaffeys Davis Jones Falls
Newboro Lock 36 Chaffeys Lock 37 Davis Lock 38 Jones Falls Locks 39-42
Upper Brewers Upper Brewers Lower Brewers Kingston Mills
Brass Point Bridge Upper Brewers Locks 43-44 Lower Brewers Lock 45 Kingston Mills Lock 46-49

helping-hand jones-locking quiet-lockage  
Old and NewNew Leaving DavisNew Lawn LockingNew  

jones-locking quiet-lockage helping-hand jones-locking
Tay Lock 1 Tay Lock 5 Helping Hand Jones Lockage
quiet-lockage Guns n Geraniums Davis Quilt lockstation-camping
Davis Lockage Guns n' Geraniums Davis Quilt Lockstation Camping

newboro-moored Under the Bridge Rack and Pinion Jones Falls
Moored Under Bridge Rack & Pinion Jones Falls

Flying Gate Chateau Laurier jones-kayaklock fendersville
Flying Gate Château Laurier Kayak Lock Fendersville

Jones Falls' Gates Nicholsons Bridge Nicholsons Winching Ottawa Lockmaster's Office
Jones Gates Nicholsons Bridge Helping Hands Ottawa Lockmasters

Brass Point Bridge Bridge Mechanism Smiths Falls Panorama Smiths Falls Combined
Brass Point Brass Point Smiths Falls Smiths Falls

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