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Bicycling the Rideau
Chaffeys-Westport-Perth Loop
(127 kilometres)

The following are turn by turn directions for a self-guided bicycle tour. Mate this information with a paper or digital map (see the Maps Page for information on various maps of the Rideau).

This particular loop will take you along the Cataraqui Trail, so it is best to use a mountain bike or hybrid. There is a shorter 75 km loop that will take you from Chaffeys to Perth Road Village to Westport, to Newboro, to Forfar and back along the Cataraqui Trail. The longer 127 km loop takes you from Chaffeys to Perth Road Village, to Westport, to Perth, to Rideau Ferry, to Lombardy and back along the Cataraqui Trail to Chaffeys. Sights include the the locks at Chaffeys, Bedford Mills, Foley Mountain and lots of lovely natural and rural scenery.

Depending on your skill (stamina) as a bicycler, for the average bicycler, this is a day ride. Please note that the kilometre distances are only approximate, they have been measured off a map. The road portions are on paved roads and most are lower traffic back roads.

If you see any errors in this information, please email me.

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Chaffeys-Westport-Perth Loop Directions
  Km Location Description
0 Chaffeys Locks Although the description starts at Chaffeys, you can start at any point on the loop. You may park your vehicle at the trail access point located 1 km west of the lock at the junction of Indian Lake and Opinicon Roads. Before you start, you may wish to tour Chaffeys - take in the locks, the beautiful grounds of the Opinicon Resort Hotel, visit the Chaffeys Lockmasters House Museum. Take time out for a tour of Opinicon Lake aboard "Chuckles", a lovely 1940s cruiser (Rideau Canal Boat Tours).
0 Cataraqui Trail From Chaffeys, head west along the Cataraqui Trail to its intersection with County Road 10, near Perth Road Village.
Turn Left 16 Maple Leaf Road The first road that crosses the trail is Maple Leaf Road. Turn south (left) off the trail onto Maple Leaf Road and follow it just a short distance to Opinicon Road.
Turn Right 16 Opinicon Road Turn west onto Opinicon Road and follow it to County Road 10.
17 Cty. Rd. 10 Turn north on County Road 10 and go to Bedford Mills.
33 Bedford Mills Side Trip
(2 km)
This is short (2 km) side loop. Exit west off County Road 10 at the southern entrance to Bedford Mills. Stop at the historic white clapboard church. Continue on to the beautiful old mill, now a private home. Continue on the loop back to County Road 10.
33 County Road 10 Continue along County Road 10 to its intersection with County Road 42
42 County Road 42 Turn northwest onto County Road 42 and take it to Westport
43 Westport Westport offers full services including restaurants and shopping.
Alternate Route -- Newboro Alternate Route An alternative shorter route is to head back on County Road 42, through Newboro to Forfar and pick up the Cataraqui Trail there to head back to Chaffeys. This is detailed at the end of the main loop description.
43 County Road 10 From Westport, head north on County Road 10 towards Perth. NOTE: It is a tough hill climb up Foley Mountain
44 Foley Mountain Foley Mountain Conservation Area provides a bird's eye view of Westport and Upper Rideau Lake. A small day fee applies.
44 County Road 10 Continue along County Road 10 to its intersection with County Road 1
72 County Road 1 Turn north onto County Road 1 and take it into Perth.
73 Perth Perth is a full service community with lots to do and see. Restaurants and shopping.
73 County Road 1 From Perth, follow County Road 1, southeast to Rideau Ferry
85 Rideau Ferry If you're up for a swim, pull into the Rideau Ferry Yacht Club Conservation Area (a small day fee applies).
85 County Road 1 From Rideau Ferry, continue southeast along County Road 1, to Lombardy
90 County Road 1 From Lombardy, cross Highway 15 to pick up County Road 1 on the other side (you'll have to jog slightly to the north on Highway 15). Follow County Road 1 to its intersection with the Cataraqui Trail.
92 Cataraqui Trail Turn southwest on the Cataraqui Trail to Portland
108 Portland You can exit the Cataraqui Trail at Portland Station Road and take it into Portland. Once you've "done" Portland, you can return this way, or return to the trail via Harlem Road which is located at the south end of town (across from the gas station).
108 Cataraqui Trail Continue on the Cataraqui Trail from Portland Station Road to County Road 42
113 Forfar Side Trip
(2 km)
A short 1 km jaunt to the west down County Road 42 will bring you to ForFar, home of the Forfar Cheese Factory. Pick up a variety of delicious cheeses, including fresh (squeaky) curd cheese.
113 Cataraqui Trail Continue along the Cataraqui Trail from County Road 42 to Chaffeys Lock
127 Chaffeys Lock Our journey has ended.
Newboro Alternate Loop Directions
43 County Road 42 From Westport, take County Road 42 south to Newboro
stop.gif - 624 Bytes 51 Newboro Newboro offers some shopping opportunities. Also visit the Newboro Lockstation, picnic tables and washrooms.
51 County Road 42 Continue south on County Road 42, to Crosby, then cross Highway 15 and continue on County Road 42 to Forfar
60 Forfar ForFar is home to the Forfar Cheese Factory. Pick up a variety of delicious cheeses, including freshly made (squeaky) curd cheese.
60 County Road 42 Continue south on County Road 42 to its intersection with the Cataraqui Trail
61 Cataraqui Trail Turn west on the Cataraqui Trail and take it back to Chaffeys.
75 Chaffeys Lock Our journey has ended.

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