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Government Legislation

The following is some of the government legislation that governs various activities on or near the Rideau Canal.

Federal Legislation

  • Transport Act - Historic Canals Regulations: address the management, maintenance, proper use and protection of historic canals administered by Parks Canada. They empower the Superintendent to operate and manage the Canal and regulate Canal activities.

  • Historic Sites and Monuments Act: establishes the Historic Sites and Monument Board (HSMB). The act provides for the administration, preservation and maintenance of national historic sites acquired by the Minister.

  • Canada Shipping Act - Small Vessel Regulations: regulates boating activities on the Canal.

  • Fisheries Act - Regulations Respecting Fishing in the Province of Ontario: protects fish, fish habitats and regulates harvests. In Ontario, the act is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act: establishes a framework for the environmental assessment process for projects requiring federal decisions or approval.

  • Canada Wildlife Act: promotes and recommends measures for the encouragement of public co-operation in wildlife conservation and interpretation.

  • Navigable Waters Protection Act: provides for the protection of navigable waterways with respect to work built in, on, over, under, through, or across any navigable waterway.

Ontario Provincial Legislation

  • Planning Act: empowers municipalities to control land use through Official Plans, Zoning Bylaws, etc., provides a mechanism for agency and private sector involvement in the planning and development review process, and a way for the Province to issue policy statements on matters of provincial interest, e.g. the wetlands policy statement.

  • Heritage Act: enables municipalities to protect heritage resources through designation and to establish heritage advisory groups.

  • Game and Fish Act: provides for the management, perpetuation and rehabilitation of the wildlife resources in Ontario, and establishes and maintains a maximum wildlife population consistent with all other proper uses of lands and waters. The act is administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

  • Conservation Authorities Act and the Fill, Construction and Alteration to Waterways Regulations: allows for establishment of and operation of conservation authorities and the undertaking of programs to further the conservation, restoration and development of natural resources.

  • Environmental Protection Act and the Regulations: regulate the physical, chemical and bacteriological quality of the surface waters of Ontario.

  • Endangered Species Act: provides for the conservation, protection, restoration and propagation of species of fauna and flora of the Province of Ontario that are threatened with extinction.

Legislation Links

The following links will take you to sites that list current legislation (acts and regulations) as well as pending bills.

ACJNet: Access to Justice Network - this site links to both Federal and Provincial legislation.

Consolidated Statutes - Federal Legislation

Ontario Statutes and Regulations

Ontario Legislative Assembly - what's new in the Ontario legislature - pending bills and regulations (go to the Documents section).

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