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Note: this was produced in 1982 so some of the information regarding facilities and such may be incorrect.

Introduction & Ottawa Locks

Ottawa Locks to Dows Lake

Hartwells Locks

Hogsback Locks

Whistle Blasts Explained

Black Rapids

Black Rapids to Long Island

Continuing to Long Island

Long Island Locks

By's Canal Challenges Explained

Passing Kemptville Creek

Kemptville Described

Kemptville to Burritts Rapids

Burritts Rapids Lock

Burritts Rapids Village Described

Burritts Rapids Village to Upper Nicholsons

Nicholsons Lock Area Described

Lower to Upper Nicholsons Locks

Nicholsons to Clowes Lock

Clowes to Merrickville

Merrickville Described

Tour of Merrickville

Merrickville to Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock Lock

Kilmarnock to Edmunds

Edmunds Lock

Old Slys Locks

Smiths Falls Combined Locks

Smiths Falls Detached Lock

Poonamalie Lock

Towards Narrows Optional Perth Side Trip

Rideau Ferry Described

Rideau Ferry to Beveridges Locks

Perth to Narrows via Portland

Portland to Narrows via Crosby

Narrows Lock

To Newboro Optional Westport Side Trip

Newboro Lock and Village

Newboro Cemeteries

Newboro to Westport Side Trip

Newboro to Westport Side Trip

Murphy House and Browns Store at Chaffeys

Chaffeys Locks Described

Chaffeys Lock and Malaria

Chaffeys to Davis Lock

Continuing to Davis Lock

Continuing to Davis Lock

Jones Falls Locks

Jones Falls to Brewers Mills

Brewers Mills Described

Brewers Mills Described

Upper Brewers Locks

Lower Brewers Locks

Kingston Mills Locks

Kingston Described

Moonlight on the Rideau by the Perth Citizens Band

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