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Lockstation Numbers

Lockstation Tel Number Permits Charts Ramp*
Ottawa 613-237-2309 X X  
Hartwells 613-235-2644 X    
Hogs Back 613-224-5033 X X X
Black Rapids 613-226-5434 X    
Long Island 613-692-3030 X X  
Burritts Rapids 613-258-4510 X X  
Lower Nicholsons #18 613-269-4960 X    
Upper Nicholsons #19 613-259-4631 X    
Clowes 613-269-4426 X    
Merrickville 613-269-4787 X    
Kilmarnock 613-283-3792 X    
Edmunds 613-283-4406 X   X
Old Slys 613-283-2663 X    
Smiths Falls Combined 613-283-2103 X X  
Smiths Falls Detached 613-283-0496 X   X
Poonamalie 613-283-3543 X X X
Lower Beveridges 613-267-2036 X X X
Upper Beveridges 613-267-2036 X    
Narrows 613-539-7537 X X  
Newboro 613-507-3183 X X X
Chaffeys 613-359-5914 X X  
Davis 613-359-5620 X    
Jones Falls 613-507-3185 or
X X  
Brass Point Bridge 613-539-7156      
Upper Brewers 613-539-6847 X    
Lower Brewers 613-539-6574 X    
Kingston Mills 613-507-3188 X X  
* Ramps are those maintained by Parks Canada as part of the lockstation. For a more extensive list of ramps, see the Boat Launches on the Rideau Canal page.

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