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1800s Paintings

The building of the Rideau (1826-1832) pre-dated photography, so the visual record we have of the canal from the early 1800s are paintings. These were done by such people as Thomas Burrowes (Assistant Overseer of the Works during the building of the Rideau Canal, later Overseer of Works for the southern section of the canal), John Burrows (surveyor during canal construction, appointed Overseer of the Works for the Rideau Canal in 1837), William Clegg, James Pattison Cockburn and others. The originals of the digitized versions presented here are held by either the Archives of Ontario (Burrowes & Clegg) or Library and Archives Canada (Burrows, Clegg, Cockburn, and others).

To view the holdings of the Archives of Ontario, use their Visual Database and enter the keyword "Burrowes" (for Thomas Burrowes) or "Clegg" (for William Clegg). The search term "Rideau" doesn't work very well since they don't have many of these paintings keyworded as Rideau.

To view the holdings of the National Archives of Canada, use the Archivianet Documentary Art Database and enter the search terms "Burrows" and/or "Clegg" and/or "Cockburn" and/or "Rideau"

Ottawa Locks 1834 Bytown Hartwells 1845 Hogsback 1845
Entrance Valley, 1834 Lower Bytown, 1845 Hartwells, 1845 Hogs Back, 1845

Black Rapids 1830 Long Island 1845 Burritts Rapids 1840s Nicholsons 1840s
Black Rapids, 1830 Long Island, 1845 Burritts Rapids, 1840s Nicholsons, 1840s

Clowes 1832 Merrickville 1840s Maitlands Rapids 1832 Edmons 1832
Clowes, 1832 Merrickville, 1840s Maitlands, 1832 Edmons, 1832

Old Slys 1840s Smiths Falls 1845 First Rapids 1845 Narrows 1841
Old Slys, 1840s Smiths Falls, 1845 First Rapids, 1845 Narrows, 1845

Isthmus (Newboro) 1841 Chaffey's 1833 Davis 1840 Jones Falls Dam 1831
Isthmus, 1841 Chaffey's, 1833 Davis, 1840s Jones Falls Dam, 1831

Jones Falls post-1843 Upper Brewers 1830 Lower Brewers 1831 Kingston Mills 1856
Jones Falls, 1843 Upper Brewers, 1830 Lower Brewers, 1831 Kingston Mills, 1856

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