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Village of Lyndhurst

Map of Lyndhurst, Ontario

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A quaint rural village, Lyndhurst is home to the oldest bridge in existence in Ontario. The village is located on the Rideau Heritage Route and is easily accessed from either Highway 15 or Country Road 42. It offers a small boat launch into Lyndhurst Creek which connects to Lower Beverley Lake. It also hosts the famous Lyndhurst Turkey Fair, held in mid-September each year. The fair features hay rides, a quilt show, silent auctions, a children's parade, antique & classic car show and much more.


Lyndhurst came into being with the building by Wallis Sunderlin, a Vermont founderer, in 1801, of Ontario's first successful iron smelter. The location of the ironworks became known as Furnace Falls. The iron works consisted of both a furnace for the production of cast iron and a forge for the manufacture of wrought iron. The iron works were destroyed by fire in 1811 and attempts to revive the smelter failed, and the site was essentially abandoned. However the building of a grist mill by Charles and Jonas Jones in 1828 created a revival of the village. In 1851 the village was renamed Lyndhurst, after John Singleton Copley, Baron Lyndhurst.

Lyndhurst is home to the oldest bridge in existence in Ontario. The stone masonry constructed three span bridge, built in 1856-57, is still in regular use today. In 1986 it was structurally re-enforced with concrete with the exterior restored to its original appearance.

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