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Rideau Hues
This poem was written by John Morrison who emailed it to me in 2006 with the note:

"I miss the Rideau River. Even though I now live in beautiful Mill Bay, BC, I lived for 11 years in Manotick and just loved spending time on what I thought was my little piece of heaven - the Rideau River. Spent many hours exploring by canoe the local area - from the Swan Pub, Manotick's Grist Mill up to Long Island Locks and all the places in between. Great stuff. I'll always cherish those years."

Rideau Hues

The light green hue from a soft summers rain
Showers placid over sheets of shimmering velvet dew
On a river’s course with ripples faint
From drops of pure delight, renewed

The soft palette hue of a late autumn’s day
Bright sunshine rays of seduction, warmth
Reflect the gold, bright crimsons lay
Flutter softly down on the river’s form

A deep dark hue, bold indigo cold
Feel winter’s breath signal nature’s rest
Before the ice that forms a frigid blanket fold
So fresh, so clean, all senses… zest

Symphonic hue spring fresh to brew
For it is nature’s best time now to sing
From a thousand shades of freshness new
And sounds so strong, yet mellow, ring

These Rideau hues have now been sketched
On my mind’s eye’s screen, God’s perfection thrust
For all to see from nature stretched
Over canvass pure on this earthly crust

© John Morrison, January 2004
Manotick, Ontario

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