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Allison Goldstein

Enjoy the strain upon the line,
The tug that sets the hook.
But - as you pull your trophy in,
Please take another look.

The thrill is in the hunt and catch,
So do this thing for me:
Remember all the fun you had,
But let the fish go free.

I know you love your time alone,
To troll along the shore,
The sun above, the fish below ...
And who could ask for more?

So celebrate this perfect day,
It's where you ought to be.
But I prefer my steak and veg,
So let the fish go free.

And when, at dusk, you drop a line,
I hope you get a bite.
The bugs are out, the fish are up,
And day has turned to night.

This magic time, those haunting calls,
The owl is in the tree,
So listen to that loon that cries:
"Please leave that fish for me!"

Photo by Mike Goldstein

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