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As the cold Ottawa winter sets in a visit to your page brings warmth and great memories of baoting during summmers past and great anticipation for the one to come.

One of these days we hope to find our little place (that we can afford)on the system and to become more permanent residents . Happy New Year,

Warren Edmondson, Ottawa, Ontario
02 Jan 1999

You have done an absolutely wonderful job on your web site on the Rideau Canal. I learned a lot of information and enjoyed reading it. It is one of the best web sites I've ever seen!

I am planning on boating the canal next summer. Keep up the good work!

Tom March
6 Jan 1999

The Rideau segment of your web site brought back some very fond memories. As a teenager, I really looked forward to our families trips to Jones Falls . I would sit by the locks an just dream of what it must be like to travel the entire system. Some dreams do come true, I never had the opportunity to take our boat to the rideau, but we are able to enjoy our piece of paradise in the Delaware Bay and offshore waters of NJ (USA). Again, let me thank you for bringing back fond memories of days gone by.

Dave W., N.J.
13 Jan 1999

You have constructed one hell of a great site. If you haven't won an award for it by now someone is missing the boat! It made me send the "Friends" my membership cheque.

Harvey Botzman
16 Jan 1999
Cyclotour Guide Books

Love the Rideau, love you web page and great pictures that bring back many memorys.

Robert Mueller, Hamilton, Ontario
19 Jan 1999

Great pictures. Maybe some day will be able to enjoy your beautiful country in person!

Gail Kellor, Salem, Oregon
29 Jan 1999

Great web site Ken. Didn't see anybody's comments from the Reading, PA area posted so I thought I'd pass some along. Our gang has been coming up in late May or early June for the past 10 years and fishing the waters between Seeleys Bay and Newboro. The fish seem to always co-operate, and even on the rare occasion when they don't, we just take a break and do a little sight seeing - the scenery just can't be beat !!

Ric Kerr, Reading, PA
30 Jan 1999

I was reading your website about the Rideau Canal...it is very interesting. I thought I might give you a little family story of mine....Philemon Wright is my great-great-great-great grandfather...and in our family is a little story about him and your canal. Philemon was very set on having the canal built but somehow aquired a debt to Nicholas Sparks of $400...(in our family story, he is said to have acquired the debt through a poker game...but who knows the story has passed through a number of generations!!)...anyway, because he didn't have the money to pay Sparks he told him to take Ottawa....Sparks didn't want Ottawa but considering how long he would have to wait to get the money, he took Ottawa and saying later that it was the best real estate deal he ever made! As soon as everything was underway with the canal...Philemon got a loan of $400 to pay Sparks but it was too late...Sparks was already attached to our capital! Thought you would like that funny little story!

Lauren Moline
January 31, 1999

Just planning another trip to Rideau, found your web site + now I can't wait to get there. Your pitctures brought back great memories. Thanks + loved your site!!

S. Humphries, Waterloo, Ont.
1 Feb 1999

Your Rideau site is one of the finest I've surfed into. Great graphics, great buttons, great links, and terrific info.!

Sid Andrews
06 Feb 1999

Hi Ken. I just discovered you. You're not a secret anymore. My friends will know about you tomorrow. Your sites are beautiful. My husband Roy is very interested in your Rock Site. Looks like we will be spending a lot of time together.

I plan to check out everything.

6 Feb 1999

Can't tell you how thrilled we were to find your Rideau web page in the Midst of an otherwise bleak and dreary February day! A cousin found your Site and e- mailed the picture of the big Rideau to my kids . After close Inspection we realized that our two islands are right in the middle of the Photograph !

Eagle and partridge islands have been our family's summer Homes for five generations and come January every year, we all start the Countdown to the may holiday and our return north of the border! Our homes Are also virtually littered with photographs of Rideau dogs ! Thanks for Cheering us up !

Debby Macey, Chagrin falls Ohio
12 Feb 1999

I have really enjoyed the page. I just wish there were a specific section for issues specifically relevant to canoeists. We want to canoe the entire waterway this summer, but can't find solid info on that score on your page.

angela w
25 Feb 1999

Ask and ye shall receive. The Canoeist's Trip Planner Page was posted in response to this message

I have often dreamed of renting a houseboat and travelling along the Rideau river. The only problem was now that I have kids, it's not always so easy to find things to entertain them. Trying to plan a trip with a 7 & 10 year old for the summer can be quite a challenge! When I came across your website, I was thrilled! It provided me with so much information that I now feel confident that there will be plenty of things to do to keep the kids entertained ( and hopefully educated at the same time). I loved the idea of the crossword puzzles and the story about "Ottie". This is one of the best sites I've seen yet!

K. Meek, Georgetown, Ontario.
6 Mar 1999

Love your site. We have a cottage west of Westport. When I am missing it in the winter now all I have to do is go to your site and I feel like I'm there. I'm from Michigan so this saves me a LONG drive. Hope you are going to add more pictures, they are great.

Janalyn Jeffries, Michigan
8 Mar 1999

My wife and I were delighted with your pictorial display because two years ago we were taken there by my brother and his wife who live in Ottawa and spent a night at the hotel. It was a highlight of a very happy holiday which hopefully we will visit again some day in the future. Thank you for an excellent memory jogger.

Ralph & Eileen Pope, Uffculme, Devon, UK
9 Mar 1999

my home water is lake george, ny.it is a very beautiful lake. last summer i made my first trip to the 1000 islands and camped at welsey island. i took along my 21ft boat and i must say that i found the st. lawrence river at this location very beautiful indeed and enjoyed myself very much.i will be returning again in july. while i was looking for attractions on the canadian side i came across your web site via a link from kingston ontario page. i am throughly intregued with this web site and the promise of a new adventure that it offers in crusing the waterway from kingston to ottawa. i will be doing this for sure during the summer of 2000. i need planning time. i must congratulate all rensponsible for the construction of one of the finest and most through sites i have visited. i have also recommended it to several of my boating friends. the pictures are magnificant.again EXCELLENT JOB. looking forward to my personal voyage. sincerly

floyd varney
12 Mar 1999

My wife and three other couples rented a house boat for a week at Jones Falls during the summer of 97. This was our first experience on a house boat. We were a little cramped but we all agreed that it was a awesome vacation. We are all now planning another trip for the summer of 2000. Your website page brought back memories of what a great time we all had.

Ron Houppert, Baldwinsville New York
15 Mar 1999

In browsing this saturday morning I came across your site and it is excellent. I am a great fan of the Rideau. It is unfortunate for me that I live close to Philadelphia Pa making a weekend trip to the region, evey weekend, impractical. So I boat on the Chessie which is not even close in beauty - in my humble opinion. I lived closer I'd be one the the constantly invading yankee's into your great region [and country I might add]. Anway - great site

Paul H. Elkins
20 Mar 1999

I can't wait to see the beauty of Canada in person. Great site!!!!! This is an excellent way to invite tourists to see the beauty of your country, this site deserves two thumbs up, and a bookmark!!! Way to go!

C. Perez, Orem, UT
25 Mar 1999

I stumbled on the Gallery while browsing the Rideau Waterway. What a neat site.... I used to Cottage at Sand Lake 30 some odd years ago. You can't imagine the old thoughts that went through my mind as I viewed this pictorial. I live in Iowa today but know I must return to the Rideau for another Vacation

Jim Putman, Iowa
26 Mar 1999

Just a friendly hello! I was doing research for an assignment, and somehow got sidetracked by your website; you have some great pictures from around Sand Lake. I can't wait to come back this summer, and get out in the boat.

Regan Drake
04 Apr 1999

Being a rideau afficionado, I just love your web site...and the music along with it. Our family will be there as soon as the ice is gone.

Bernard Ullyett
05 Apr 1999

We weren't shy...we clicked on the flag! Cool!

We got here in two clicks from www.dnr.state.oh.us/odnr/water/programs/programs.html, a section on canals in Ohio. My husband has visited the Rideau Canal site with his parents, and I would like to canoe the whole thing someday.

Thanks for the neat site.

Beth Lamb, Hilliard, OH
06 Apr 1999


18 Apr 1999

Very nice capsule history of the Rideau Canal, but I think in fairness you should add some material about Thomas McKay, who is my great x 4 grandfather. From what I know and from family lore, he was born in Perth, Scotland, which is, if you know Scotland, a city built out of granite. He came to Canada after the Napoleonic War to do contracting and upgrading of the Lachine Canal in partnership with John Redpath. He was as far as I know chief contractor of the Rideau Canal (I once talked to Leggatt about this and he agreed). I believe he designed the Jones Falls dam as well, which was the biggest in North America at the time. When the canal was completed, he set up a large stone mill on the Rideau Falls at Ottawa, and built houses in nearby New Edinburgh for his now unemployed labourers. He also built a comfortable house he called Rideau Hall, part of which is of course the Governor General's residence today. I still have an old mahogany table that was in the original Rideau Hall.

Both McKay's daughters married in turn T. C. Keefer, my great x 3 grandfather. Keefer began his canal career as a navvy on the Erie Canal, and his father built the Welland Canal with Merritt. Keefer himself built the Ottawa, Montreal and Hamilton waterworks and was first President of the Canadian Society of Engineers. His brother was chief builder of the Parliament Buildings - these men knew their stone!. He and his sons developed the town of Rockcliffe from the old McKay estate.

Unlike Colonel By and the engineers, who went home, McKay stayed in Ottawa. He and the stonemasons who came over from Perth made a big difference to the character of the Ottawa area. Some of the granite farmhouses around Perth would not look out of place around Perth, Scotland.

Wonderful website you have developed. Speaking of history, check out some of the work I have been doing below. We also do the Countdown 2000 and Canadian Milestones columns in the Ottawa Citizen and the other Southam papers. We will be upgrading the Nelson sites shortly, or moving them to Canada.com

Alastair Sweeny, Ottawa
19 Apr 1999

My two longtime friends and I are about to visit one of the chain of lakes (Clear Lake) that comprise the Rideau Canal System for our annual fishing trip. This is our first venture into Canada and I was pleased to find your Rideau Canal Website. It's very nicely done!

We are anxiously awaiting our June visit to Ontario. I am quite amazed that I had never heard of this amazing waterway system despite having been raised in upstate New York only about 55 miles from the Canadian border at Buffalo. I downloaded a series of articles written by Ben Rayner of the Ottawa Sun (The Rideau: A Journey Through Time) complete with some great photos by Jeff Bassett, that were on the web and look forward to reading them. Thanks again for the great website!

Phil Smith, Madison, WI
21 Apr 1999

THANK YOU. Fantastic site for information and a little daydreaming. "Insteadof" will be in the water this week and we will be passing your site name on to others that are looking for information.

Neil Baxter , Kanata, Ontario
4 May 1999

I live in Seeley's Bay and have never bothered to check this site. Wow!

Keep up the good work.

Jane Billings, Seeley's Bay
06 May 1999

Hey Ken! What an awesome site! It makes me soooooo homesick. Who would have ever thought to see Lyndhurst, Delta and Elgin on the internet. Wow! It's so nice to know that no matter where I am I am only a click away from the best place on earth! Thanks so much!

Cindy Harper, Dartmouth Nova Scotia
12 Jun 1999

I received a last minute invitation to go boating on the Rideau of which I know nothing (not even how to get there!). I must say your web site is one of the best I have ever come across. I was able to answer all my questions, print out some maps and get directions to my hotel. You have also wetted my interest to learn more about the history of the area when I arrive. Thanks

Kent Lacey, Old Lyme, CT
13 Jun 1999

iŽd like to see any kind of pictures, specially of eagles and flowers.

Is very interesting to visit your page.

Fredh Rueda Martinez, Mexico City
17 Jun 1999

I, like many other respondants had the pleasure of staying at the Opinicon Hotel app. 1970, 1977, & 1984. In each case, my fishing guide as a local gent by the name of "Jerry." He would break for lunch on one of the islands to clean and cook our catch of the morning adding his special touch with potatoes, onions, and other assorted flavorful items. It was always a thrill to ride through the locks and watch them rise and fall around us,and I'm hoping to bring my son up there this August, 1999 for his first visit. Is the Opinicon Hotel still in existance?

17 Jun 1999

An interesting site,to be sure. It brings back many memories. We stayed at, I believe, Scotty's cottages on the west end of Westport Sand Lake in 1956. The fishing was terrific. I also recall having dinner at a hotel in Westport, and eating in a place called Stafford's. We also spent a week on Wolf Lake. We still have a pitcher we bought at Smith's Falls. Best of luck.

Glenn R. Novotny, Hudson,OH
23 Jun 1999

I live near to Hogs Back, I picked up in my garden a mud covered coin about 1 inch in diameter, on cleaning it I dicovered that it was a copper coin inscribed Georgious 111, Rex, dated 1805. What makes especially interesting, the coin is inscribed on the reverse side Hibernia (Ireland), probabley some keep sake of an Irish labourer who worked on the canal so long ago. I enjoyed your essay on the canal and thought that you might be interested to learn of my find.

Geoff Hall
03 Jul 1999

totally brilliant service for users of and believers in a great pre-Cdn national project.

Carol Anderson
5 Jul 1999

I want to bring to your attention, the fact that I cannot see any info on the Jones Falls station.

I and a couple of friends, on June 24th, 99, cruised a 32' Pacemaker from Gananoque to Masson-Angers, about 15 miles downstream from Ottawa, on the Ottawa River, on june 24th 99.

We left Gananoqueway friday June 25 at noon, to get to Jones Falls at around 4:00 p.m. where we put anchor for the night. Early the next morning, we saw a guy, which we heard about in an article about a year ago, come by in his small 15' craft and going to the Lockstation. Later, as we were going up in the locks, we met him in person.

We recognize him. He was the one we heard about, the "Accordion man himself" Mr. Raymond Laforest. After going up all the locks, we moored craft and had a chat with the man. He was marvelous. We're sorry to see him take his pension next year, but we hope to see him again play his accordion to entertain the vacationneer.

That's the reason why I'm bringing you this thing to your attention. Because Jones Falls is about the nicest spot to see on this waterway.

I am sure you'll remedy to the situation and show us all the wonders of this esquisite spot on the Waterway.

Keep up the good works on this subject.

Andre Lemay, Masson, Que.
11 Jul 1999
Ken Notes: I just recently put up profiles of all the lockstations, including Jones Falls. I did note to Andre that there are more pictures of Jones Falls in my Image Gallery than of any other lockstation - 17 pictures in fact.

I was just wondering if you could add the Forfar Cheese Factory's order form to your Web Page, So everyone can enjoy a piece of the area. I been coming to Chaffeys Lock for 36 years. Its a place in the world I wouldn't miss visiting every year. The people are very freindly and courtiest, I'm from Pa. and our motto is "You have a freind in Pa." and its the same in Chaffeys Lock

Bob Mull, Norrthumberland Pa
18 Jul 1999
Ken Notes: The Forfar cheese factory has their very own website with order form. It's located at www.forfar.com

Great site! Looks like you put a lot of work into it and it is much appreciated! I used it to research places to stay in the southern region of the rideau canal system. Thanks

Ian Ingles Mississauga, ON
20 Jul 1999

I have just been looking at your webpage about the Rideau Canal. A really useful resource.

In fact looking for two copies of 'Buildng the Rideau Canal' by Robert W. Passfield. I saw it when spending a weekend on a friend's houseboat last weekend. It is ideal to send to a relation in England and we also would like a copy. I am told it is out of print.

Christine Lowrie
23 Jul 1999
Ken Notes: The book is "Building the Rideau Canal, A Pictorial History" by Robert W. Passfield, ISBN 0-88902-706-4. Copyright 1982. It's a wonderful book about the building of the Rideau Canal with lots of paintings of the early canal. It is has been out of print for some time now. Anyone wishing to see it back in print should write to the publisher:
Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishers
195 Allstate Parkway
Markham, Ontario
Canada, L3R 4T8
Phone: 1-905-477-9700 Fax: 1-905-477-9179
email: godwit@fitzhenry.ca

Ken, We're always "last minute" folks, and are planning a 5 day trip approx. 2 days in advance. Decided to go up the Rideau Canal, and had NO info whatsoever, never been before. Your site gave us everything we needed (I hope!). Thanks for helping us out!

Cheryl Stevens, Beaver Falls, NY
26 Jul 1999

Just wondering Ken, what kind of boating season you have up there? I'm from southeast Iowa, live right on the Mississippi river, our season is middle march thru mid november. I own a 1968 River Queen that I have refurbished, we love it, twin 318's and a four cylinder 6.5 kohler gen. I've enjoyed reading everything about your operation, found it very interesting.

Dave, Iowa
26 Jul 1999

Your site is one of the most helpful and informative sites I have been to. We are planning a family vacation to Rideau Waterway. I have found everything I was looking for on your site plus more. We are US residents and were unsure of fishing regulations in Canada. Thanks for all your help.

Cindy Disko, USA
27 Jul 1999

Enjoyed your site trememdously and have bookmarked it. I just recently married and my wife's family owns a summer cottage on Sand Lake; we were up last weekend and now I am vicariously reliving the weekend through the pictures-maps-comments on your site. Can't wait to come back.

Max Shenk, Ambler, PA, USA
29 Jul 1999

When I typed Rideau into SEARCH, NEVER, did I expect to find such a fantastic site. We will be staying in Westport from August 14th-21st.We have vacationed in the area before and have just loved it. Some of the areas are just breathtaking.

I think I have gone through a whole ream of paper copying information for future reference.

I was hoping to see a current fishing report though. Maybe I just missed it. Guess I'll just have to put my line in the water when we get up there next week and see what jumps on the hook.

Thank you for such a wonderful site.

5 Aug 1999

I travelled the system from Ottawa to Kingston and back the summer of 1992 met some wonderful people. It is an experience everyone should try for. I think I found Jones Falls the most fasinating lock. I like to go back by and visit when I go by in the car. All of the lock staff were very helpful and patient cause we were new boaters and when the wind catches your boat you sometimes go for a spin. Hurricane Andrew kept us in Newboro locks for a little delay. I hope to do it all again sometime. Your page is fantastic.

E. Shanks, Renfrew, Ontario
6 Aug 1999

Here are the results of your forms page... Good _professional_ site... It presents lots of genuinely useful information that a user can find quickly and easily. I wasted a half hour before I came across yours.

Barry Havemann, Butler, NJ, U.S.A.
11 Aug 1999

My husband and I stayed at Kenneys hotel at Jones Falls last week, Aug 8-10. We rented a boat so my husband could fish. We spotted an otter along the shore off the Lake south of Kenny's. We didn't realize at the time how rare they were or we would have taken a picture.

The otter was scampering along the shore. We watched it for what seemed like 5 minutes or so.

A joyous and peaceful day to you

20 Aug 1999

Hi, Im supposed to be working but there is lull. Maybe this thing wont send but we will try anyway. The web page is great and it sends me dreaming. I want to travel the whole route and see the sights and watch the families enjoying themselves. I hope the website will enhance tourism for your region and your magnificent country. love your site, region and country. Your people toooooo.

24 Aug 1999

Recently my friend and I toured the Rideau Canal by boat from Kingston, Ontario to Smith Falls. Prior to our trip I was able to do a great deal of research in preparation of this trip. I cannot tell you how appreciative I was to find such a wealth of information regarding the locks, fees, rules and regs, area history, and general points of interest. With this knowledge it made our trip even more enjoyable.

We stayed at the Kenney Hotel the first and last nights and at the Mariner's Inn in-between. No matter where we went we met such wonderful people, but two stand out above all the rest. Maybe you know them. These are two young men (in their 20's) who apparently have lived on and traveled the Rideau extensively. One is paralyzed from the torso down....he drove his Phazer, the other was his buddy who handled the lines, bumpers and general duties. As I understand it this was the maiden voyage for the young man who was handicapped. His parents stayed a very discreet distance behind in case of need.

These two young men educated us in so many ways, the least of which was how to "raft on" to their boat, and other pertinent information as to distances between locks, what to look for, where to go, etc. They were wonderful. We felt it necessary to express our admiration of them to the parents who then explained what had happened to the boat's driver. You may know these boys....their names were Kevin and Danny.....and if you do, please express to them our heartfelt appreciation for them being who they are. They were truly inspirational.

Mr. Watson, again, thank you for all the wonderful information you provided us with. It made our trip so enjoyable and interesting. We have mentioned you to Mr. Kenney in the hopes that he could convey to you how much we valued the information we received from you. Hopefully, he was able to do this, however, he did say he knew of you but had not had personal contact. Again, Thank You.....Thank You....Thank You!!!

Marilyn Goodberlet
23 Aug 1999

i was fortunate to get to the st. lawrence this year with my busy schedual. anyway i spent the entire time crusing the canadian side of the river. we spent a day at gananoque and found this town to be most hospitable. every one there was extremely friendly and courteous with us. then on to kingston. wow. WHAT A TOWN THIS IS. the water front is very beautiful indeed.we spent the day shopping in a shoppers paradise.next july i am going to take my boat to kingston to launch it for a 2 week vacation on the rideau waterway. can hardly wait.i need to get all of the appropriate crusing maps and lock passes in advance.plus need to find out about the custom requirements. i visited the site today and found the pictures just great as always. also i really liked the new ones that are posted.maybe ill just stay there forever. wish i could . anyway keep up the good work and ill be there next july if i have to crawl.

Floyd Varney, Fort Ann, NY, U.S.A.
2 Sep 1999

Just wanted to let you know the info you provided was very helpful on the Rideau system. Both going to and from Ottawa, we circled in the river behind your house and tooted the horn, but obviously we were not successful in raising you. Did see Little Herbie though and took a picture as proof!!

We finally arrived back in North Carolina two days ago - two months on the Rideau, the Trent and the Lake Huron/Lake St..Clair area. Long trip but lots of fun.

This was our third boat trip back to our Great Lakes roots, and, probably will be the last for a while, since we purchased a Chris Craft Catalina 38' just before we left Michigan for home. Too big (12 tons and 13'+ beam) to haul up to Ontario ourselves. It's being shipped by tractor trailer and escort vehicles next week and we will probably have to content ourselves with cruising on the Intercoastal Waterway for the next few years. Nothing at all like the Rideau!

Again, Ken, thanks for all the help. We had a really great time and met lots of really great people (including Derek at the Friends of the Rideau shop in Merrickville) and will have many fond memories of the trip.

John and Kathleen Garrison
4 Sep 1999

I just had to respond to you to express my sincere thanks for allowing your Southern neighbor to refresh his mind. After viewing your site, I came away so relaxed! Allow me to digress a bit...

I live in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania and my family has been vacationing in the Rideau area since the 1940's. I can't express the satisfaction your site gave me. My Grandparents started out at Lake Clear near Eganville, in the middle ' 40's, then went to Newboro on Brothers Island in the ' 50's, ended up at Lloyd's Cottages since 1963. Until just a few short years ago, we occupied all of Lloyd's rentals for a few weeks each July. I've made 3 visits this year, March, April, July, and with one left for October.

Your site allows me to "be" there anytime of the year!

In closing, again, my THANKS! You don't realize what your site has contributed to me.

Rick Hageman
20 Sep 1999

I enjoyed your efforts on the Rideau River Waterway. Britt (my 10 year old daughter) enjoyed the story on Ollie the Otter.

I used alot of the information during my trip down / up the waterway during this past summer. Phone numbers were important as well as lock information. I was able to cross reference your GPS coordinates with those that I measured and took during the trip. . For the most part - we were close enough for the type of naviation.I also use a Garmin 38 for my navigation.

My efforts to take photos of the trip were lost when the camera didn't advance the film - oh well next year. They were great photos too.

Dave Bodner.
5 Oct 1999

Great web site! My family (Evans) has been on the Big Rideau for approx. 80 years. My grandparent's built our cottage called 'The Pines'. They started a guest book in 1918 and we have kept up the tradition! I love to sit on our veranda in the evening's and listen to my Dad tell stories about the lake, boats and people. We celebrated his 75th Birthday this past August.

A few years ago my sister travelled to London, UK to visit a friend. They drove to the small village of Frant and visited Col. and Lady By's gravesite. She said the cemetary was very old and run down but the By's plot had a little fence around it and was kept up. There is a plaque on their gravesites that said "Maintained by the Ottawa Historical Society".

Well, the family is off to the cottage this long weekend to enjoy Thanksgiving. It's tradition - we all go to the cottage for Thanksgiving. (It's usually the last time I sleep up there for the year - too cold!)

Joanne Evans
08 Oct 1999


25 Oct 1999

I enjoyed visiting your site during more than one hour time, the many excellent pictures, especially about the locks. The wonderfull nature.

I'm very interested in waterways like this. I sailed during more than 10 years over rivers in Holland Belgium, France and Germany. (e.g. Rivers Rhine, Meuse, Scheldt) We have in Europe hundreds of waterways, most of them are frequently used by inland barges. Smaller canals are more used by pleasure craft.

Evert Kleine, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
28 Nov 1999

Ken, We enjoy your Web Page. My wife and I have traveled the entire Rideau twice in a 268 Sea Ray. We hope to come back soon in our new Nordic Tug. Thanks for taking the time to do this web site!

Andrew Fisher, Halifax, Pa. USA
1 Dec 1999

This site is the most user friendly site I have visited! Good Job!

Philip Nester
12 Dec 1999

We recently purchased property on Dog Lake that has 3 cottages. I've been trying to do a marketing plan and have been researching various web sites. I want to compliment you on the job you've done -- your site is so thorough! Is this a hobby for you? Why do you do it? No matter why, thanks a lot!

Sharon Freeman
13 Dec 1999

I have really enjoyed your website. I grew up spending my summers on Lake Opinicon. My parents and relatives still summer there and I get back when I can. Anyway, great job on your website. Great Pics!

Patrick Fredenberg
24 Dec 1999

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