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Hi Ken - we really enjoyed your web site. We've been boating the Rideau for almost 10 years now and just love it. Although we've enjoyed the boating, the sights, and the people, we never really appreciated the history until we read your Rideau history page. Next year when we come back, we're going to get a couple of books on the history of the Rideau and read them as we make our journey through the locks. I think it will really enhance the experience.
Keep up the good work

Ed and Myrtle Guthrie
Turtle Beach, Florida

Great site Ken! We have one piece of advice for the musically inclined boater travelling the Rideau. When visiting Jones Falls, ask Lockman Raymond Laforest (he will be the one with the hat and bullhorn giving directions) about accordions.

Flo and Bill Henderson
Eppington, New York

Yes your pages are rad. I like the music, and yours is the only site with music that I have seen, very nice. I like the java canoe picture too, it's very realistic. You have lots of good information and links presented in a common sense manner (not like some ;-), you are doing a super job. Nice maps too.

Bob Stirling
Whitehorse, Yukon

It's great to see someone volunteer to create such an intriguing website!

Linda Lawrence

We are really impressed with your web site. Great graphics and interaction. Easy to use. Not hard on the eyes. Super job!

Rosalind Jones,
Ontario Marina Operators Association

I have been boating in England in my hollidays when I have time to have holliday, I am glad to see that Canada have good boats to. Thank you.

Reynir Sigurdsson

This is what the internet should be like, and I thought I knew Canada!!

Richard Soundy

I just discovered your homepage for the Rideau on the net. I own a cottage on Whitefish Lake and get there whenever I can (I live in Florida, so it's sometimes a challenge to arrange time off). You're doing a great job. It'll take me a while to see what you've got here, but it was really nice to come across a page about the place which I probably consider my real "home". Keep up the good work!


I LOVE THE RIDEAU!! I've grown up cottaging on the Big Rideau Lake! I think it is one of the most beautiful areas! I've enjoyed this site. Thanks!


Can You Help??

Do you know a local person who fishes regularly between Simmons and the lock at the top of Newboro who would like to share fishing information, ideas, techniques, spots via e-mail?

Also, do you know anyone who fishes Loughborough Lake and can tell me if it's worth the effort of a side trip?

We come once when bass season opens, then again in mid September. there was a fellow named Lyle from the Kingston bass club who filmed a show there with Orlando Wilson, but I lost his last name and phone number.

Bob Rosplock - email: bobr@harborcom.net

Just found your site in YAHOO i.e. Rideau Canal. Was sure happy to find it, as it is our second home. We are up there from May 1st until September 30th or around those times.

We have a cottage on Whitefish Lake, Jones Falls. One mile south of the locks or Hotel on the west side. Have been going up there for twenty years now, and we love it.

I really enjoy your FEEDBACK page. I love to read what other people have to say about the Rideau. You have done a out standing job in writing about the Canal.

We have traveled the Rideau from one end to the other. Still think The Jones Falls area is the best. Of course it is all good, but?

Ray LaForest is a very good friend of ours, and by the way he has 20 - 30 accordions. He also lives down here in Florida most of the Fall and Winter.

"Bo" and Jeanne Mathews
Lutz, Florida

Thank you, just enjoyed a half hour browse through your various offerings. The cascade of 8 locks at Ottawa reminded me of the last trip through them. At about the 4th lock down a rather imperious lady strode up to the side of our humble little 22' cruiser, stuck a ticket for Pauls Boat Cruises in my face and asked me when we were leaving for the cruise. I delicately tried to explain that this was a private boat and I didn't know when the cruise left or where to catch it. She went off in a huff! Other gems from that day: Do they pay you to do this? Where are you coming from? Big Rideau Lake. Oh! I'm not from around here, I don't know where that is!

Thanks again, I enjoyed my visit....

Audrey Pelfrey

Hard to believe there's a web site dedicated to the beautiful Rideau Canal. We have vacationed at the Opinicon Resort on Opinicon Lake for the last 8 years. We loved it so much we just bought a cottage on Birch Island on Sand Lake (between Davis Lock and Jones Falls). We won't get to see it again until Spring and we can't wait. But we do have a question. Do people really drive on the lake in winter????

Bob and Debbie Confessore
Eatontown, New Jersey

Answer to question: yes .. some silly people do drive on the lake in the winter.

We really enjoyed all the information on your pages. The java pictures are awesome!! We usually travel to Ottawa in Feb.and take our skates so we can skate on the canal and take in Winterlude,we have in the past two years gone houseboating on the Trent waterway and would like to try the Rideau this summer. Your pages have helped us out quite a bit.

Dave Scott
Brantford, Ontario

Ken: I am a new boat owner, and thanks to the nagging of a friend, he made me leave the 3 mile lake that I am accustomed to, to go to Canada on the Rideau. This happened last year, and I must say, I cannot wait until we get back there. It really isn't a far ride, from New York State. We too, enjoyed the presence of Raymond Laforest, as much to our surprise he serenaded the boats in the lock with his music. After the boats had gone, he stopped over and enjoyed some of our lunch with us. The Rideau was a most pleasurable stop for me! In addition, your web site captures much of what I have been talking about from our trip. I can't wait to share this site!

Troy Overholt
New York State

Ken, just found your page and thought it was great. Lot's of info !!! My wife and I plan to tour the Rideau this summer in our 20' powerboat. I plan to use you page now to find all the links and info for this trip. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Dan and Shirley

Last year we trailered our boat to Trenton and spent two delightful weeks on the Trent-Severn. We did that trip without the help of a page such as yours or any other information other than government publications. How we wish we had been able to access such a wealth of information as you offer. Now, thanks to your pages, we are planning to spend this vacation on the Rideau. We have enjoyed the beautiful images and the first hand accounts very much. We are trying to lure some friends to go along with us.

David Millonig

My family owns a cabin on the Big Rideau across the lake from Narrow's Locks. I grew up in upstate New York, only about 4 hours away from the camp. During my far distant childhood, I spent many weeks and weekends at the cabin. Now that I am older and have children of my own, and have moved to Iowa, I haven't been to the cabin in many years till last year when my husband and I spent a wonderful week there. We had forgotten how beautiful and peaceful the area is and we are planning to take our whole family, including our 3 grandchildren to the camp in June...we want them to experience the joy of the Rideau area.

Donna Taylor
Iowa City, IA

It is my pleasure to extend cyber congratulations to you for creating the most exiting web pages I've seen. I have been disappointed for a long time with the web information about the Rideau Canal until today. I searched in HotBot for "building a canal lock" and was astounded to find your site and its outstanding graphic enhancements. The Java images are just amazing! The canal lock animated system is what I would have created if I had another life. I have tried to do the this with stagnant graphic drawing, but yours is a moving graphic! I love it!

Pat Bland

Enjoyed reading all the letters about the area. Our family has been in the area since 1908. One comment to go out to all the boaters on the Rideau. Be mindful of your wake!! The owners of a boat tied to a dock would appreciate the same courtesies that an owner with a boat tied to a marina dock would expect.

Rideau Rat

This is a common complaint of people that live along the navigation channel. Boaters are encouraged to "watch their wake" and to review the Boating Rules that help make the Rideau enjoyable for all of us.

My husband, 3 children, and I drove up from Logan, Ohio (629 miles) to visit the good friends that we have made in Seeley's Bay (I have spent every summer of my 42 years at Hewitt Island) and attend Frost Fest for the second year. The children had a wonderful time skating and visiting with their friends. I played broomball for the first time (we defeated Lyndburst 6 to 1) and enjoyed the many other activities at Frost Fest. What a great way to get outside, enjoy winter, and promote the community.

Debby Mathias Angle
Logan, Ohio

I just wanted to send a short note to compliment you on your information on Ottawa. My daughter needed some information on a city in Ontario, (for Brownies) so she chose Ottawa, as her grandparents live there. The information supplied was excellent. The music along with the information makes it more appealing to learn. Melanie is excited to share her information with her Brownie Unit, and is looking forward to her next visit to Ottawa, and skating on the Rideau Canal.

Anne Marie Cote.
Barrie, Ontario

Hello Ken: I have visited your page on the Rideau several times since I discovered it a few months ago and want to thank you for the fine job you have done allowing me to visit my favorite place-The Rideau. My parents introduced me to Newboro Lake when I was a teen and we rented an island cottage for four summers (a week each year). Later, when I became a parent, I look my family back to the same place and we have been back every summer for the past 15 years. Due to the death of our landlord and close friend, we will no longer have access to the cottage and now my wife are planning to find a cottage somewhere on the Rideau. Meanwhile, we plan to stay at the Opinicon at Chaffeys Lock. Anyway, your page and its links (Other Stuff) has provided answer to some of the many issues I am exploring regarding a waterfront cottage on the Rideau. I really do appreciate your efforts. Thanks.

Tom Stutzman
Reading, Pennsylvania

This is the most awesome web sight I've come across. Thanks for your efforts to make this one of the most anticipated journey's i've ever taken. I hate to see what it would look like if it was official. I will be coming back from Montreal, and the Trent-Severn through Rideau to Toronto. Then the Welland back to Detroit. My boat draws 36" so I think I'll be ok on the Rideau.

Thanks again, i just can't tell you how impressed I am with your site.

Curt Vail
Ann Arbor, MI

Hope to tour the waterways from Prescott to Kingston then the Rideau system to Ottawa in my antique boat ; the Marion See circa 1920 in late May or early June. I have been boating on the Rideau many times but have never gone from one end to the other. I hope to take about a week to make the trip as my boat only travels about 8 miles per hour. If you see a cedar lapstrake boat with a top that has a red and white fringe it might be me .


Erwin Kelson
Roebuck, Ontario

I try to answer or at least acknowledge every email that I receive. However, once in a while I get an email or a comment with no return email address. This is often because the user has failed to configure their software properly. So, if you haven't heard from me, particularly if you asked a question, then it is likely I don't have your email address. Send me the message again (after you check your software to make sure it is configured correctly). An now onto a comment with no return email address (probably not for the reasons I just mentioned :-)

I had the opportunity to fish a few lakes in the Rideau Lakes region.We fished Newboro,Indian,Clear,Mosquito,and Loon Lakes.I was wondering if you would have any information on accomidations either on or near one of the lakes I just mentioned.

John Yanotka

Hi John .. since you left me your full address, I am assuming that you have no email address (?). You will find all the information on accommodations that I have on the lakes you mentioned on my Accommodations Page. For further information, please call the Rideau Canal Office.

I stay at Davis Cottages each year on Victoria Weekend with a bunch of fishing buddies from the states. It's the most relaxing place I've been, and the Pike fishing is nice. We've been coming up for years and plan to keep coming back as long as our wives will put up with us--maybe even longer!

South Jersey

I'll be looking for some of the boats mentioned in the letters as they pass through Narrows Locks, my favorite rest place after biking or canoeing to the Narrows Locks.

Kemptville, ON

I used to take my family camping on Lake Opinicon. My son taught ME how to catch a fish with his bare hands ( and he was only 12, at the time!).

Your webpage brings back old memories. Prompts me to think of once again planning a trip to yon faire land, of pines and solitary eagles in the sky.

John Rodriguez
Decautr, IL (USA)

I was surprised to find your website. We have cruised the Rideau Canal for a week at a time in 1995 and 1996. We just love the "easy living" with no pressure. We could stop at almost any lock and camp overnite in our boat. The people and the lock masters were most friendly, and the small towns along the way interesting.

My only complaint is the no wake sections from Kars to Ottawa. This is ridiculous! The canal was there long before all of the houses. How can the homeowners and marinas expect to install docks along the narrowest part of the canal that then expect boaters to go at no-wake speed for hours??? I have been moving at the lowest idle speed I have (less than 1,000 RPM) and barely moving when a dock owner called the police and I was stopped. I challenged the police in the boat to show me the maximum speed/no wake travel and he was going faster than I originally was. Something has to give and I think that there should be some restrictions on docks ! in the narrow parts of the canal - not continuous no-wake zones.

Jim Moomaw
Concord, Ohio USA

Excellent web site, we have been visiting the Rideau Canal for 5 years and it is our favorite canal. You are the most friendly people on the waterway, and the hospitatility and friendship are the best. We boat out of Clayton, N.Y. aboard the vessel TRICIA-J II, and will be cruising the Rideau in 1997.

Jim Haley
Minetto, N.Y.

Fishing Tip
I note several letters from people fishing areas off the marked canal channel. The most important fishing tip I can give to your readers fishing the area from Chaffey's Lock to the top of Newboro lake is to go through any previously untraveled area slowly and carefully. I have personally ruined two propellers and, if I had been going faster, would probably have ruined my engine. One person in our group tore up a bass boat on an unmarked rock.

Despite the age of the area, there are mant unmarked rocks and stumps, especially in the passage from Indian Lake to Mosquito Lake. A chart for this area is a must. The sections of Newboro Lake west of the Canal channel are also filled with unmarked obstructions. All islands should be approached very slowly, as many extend out several meters just below the surface. If you're making a first trip through an area, ask someone familiar with the area to help with your route if possible.

Bob Rosplock
Willoughby, Ohio

Great web site! I visited Jones Falls today with my 3 yr old son & 8 month old daughter today (may 25) I always enjoy visiting the lockstations because alas I don't own a boat! These trips are always by car. I liked to see you mention the Smiths Falls Railway Museum since I'm a member there. You probably would like to know that the restoration of the building is now completed. The current project(s) are restoring the Sectionman's House and the 4-6-0 Steam locomotive.

R. Plunkett
Nepean Ontario

My family and I make a yearly trip up to Clear lake \ Newboro lake every year. We sincerely appreciate the care that the local people have taken of the lakes and for allowing people like us to come and enjoy. We will be at pine glen lodge June 14 through 21. Murph's is certainly a great place. People like him and the Patterson's make our visits very enjoyable.

Thank you for the page,

Don Hardy
New Jersey

AWESOME just doesn't cover it! A great info source. Husband & I launched 25' Larson cabin cruiser at Keewaydin near A BAY traversed St.L.Seaway to Montreal, Ottawa R (including overnight stop at Hull casino :) ) into Rideau Canal and back down into Kingston last year. WHAT A GREAT TRIP. We loved every minute. Took 2 weeks so had time to stop here and there overnight at our whim.

In a bay on BRLake the loons came right up to the stern of boat and seranaded. Probably best trip ever and we've done several. Coming back this summer to do the lake area probably putting boat in at Portland. Another boating couple with sister boat will join us for about five days. Can't wait to get back up there.

People friendly and helpful, water clean, boaters COURTEOUS, unlike most of NYS. We did have the misfortune of experiencing one of those terrible thunder and lightening storms in the middle of big lake. Scarey!!!

Thanks again for a great site. I'll share it with friends.


I've been fishing the Big and Little Rideau for over 25 years. Every year we have stayed either at the Rideau Ferry Inn, or at Maple Crest.

Anyone who has not experienced the hospitality offerred at both places is truly missing out.

Russell Nomer
New York

In looking for a place to take the family for vacation, I have scoured the web and asked most of my friends and so on for information. I have to say that your page and the associated informational pages are the best I've seen. Informative and well done. Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together.

Rich Davis
Fairport, NY

We just completed our 1997 cruise on the Rideau canal from Kingston to Smiths Falls and return. Our main stops were at Hotel Kenney in Jones Falls, Len's Cove Marina in Portland where we spent Canada Day sitting around their nice swimming pool. We then spent a few days in Smiths Falls. On our return we spent a few days at Chaffey's Lock. We stayed at Dorothy's Dock, ( very good food and friendly people). We then spent a day at the Opinicon and dined there. We also stayed at Hotel Kenney on our return trip And ended the cruise in Kingston. Great trip, lockmaster's are the greatest And very friendly and helpful.

Thanks Canada for a great and relaxing vacation.... happy boating!!

Jim & Pat Haley, TRICIA-J II
Minetto, N.Y.

Fishing Help
I have been and still am a fishing guide on the Rideau, based out of Chaffeys Lock. I see that you have a number of questions on fishing in this area. I would be happy to assist anyone in any way I can , regarding the fishing that is. I have included my email address if anyone needs advice. Give me a call.

Bill Mather
Chaffeys Lock

My great-great-grandfather was married in Perth on August 2, 1830. I've not been able to visit up there yet but this page is like a window on the area. Thanks alot, and the sounds for the national anthem are great! I'll be back!

Michael J. O'Donnell
McLean, VA, USA

This is a wonderful site you have about the rideau waterway system. I have been coming to Canada since 1965 when I was 5 years old. I visited Jones Locks, and Chaffeys Locks this year. This waterway is a tribute to the Canadian people. We stay on Canoe Lake outside of Westport Ontario. Keep up the great web page.

Jeff Wentworth
Collegeville Pennsylvania USA

A Boating Challenge
From June 7 to 12, 1997, my wife and I completed a canoe trip from Kingston Mills to Dows Lake, Ottawa (118 of the 126 mile total distance) camping along the way at the lock stations. We enjoyed every minute, and at the end, felt a great sense of accomplishment.

Two surprises: 1.We discovered, just two days before casting off, that we needed detailed maps, without which we would have been totally lost despite the channel markers. We had thought, in our ignorance, that all we had to do was to follow the rivers from one end to the other No way!! 2. We assumed that lockmasters would be unwilling to lock through a single canoe. Wrong again. At all stations, the personnel were exceedingly cooperative, happy to put us through.

We wrote to Ms Sheila Copps complimenting the staff and the canal facilities. Now, we throw out a challenge. Can any two person team totalling more than 145 years in age do this trip? We'll claim that record until we hear from someone, either directly or through this Feed-back page.

Ernie/Hilda Glenesk
Santa Maria, CA, USA

I just wanted you to know how helpful, useful, wonderful and just plain FULL your site is! We visited the Rideau a couple of weeks ago, and are now seriously looking into moving to the area. While your site doesn't exactly list job opportunities or real estate agents, it certainly provides a plethora of other information. It's also VERY easy to navigate through --- something which most sites seem to overlook!

Jolene Staruch

Fantastic site, thankyou very much. I was cruising, looking at other Perth's - I'm in Perth, Australia - thoroughly impressed with Rideau Canal site, especially the loons call!!

I'm considering visiting Stratford, Kingston, Toronto, Perth (not necessarily in that order) towards end 1999. Also considering going to Parry Sound, where my grandfather died en route from China to Scotland in about 1919....

Richard Mackay-Scollay
Perth, Western Australia

I've written you before ...but just wanted to let you know....two other couples and ourselves will be doing the "triangle cruise from Clayton, NY to Montreal to Ottawa to Kingston to Clayton next summer. I've already spent more then two hours on your website checking things out and printing out info for my friends. Cant wait....sounds really nice! Thanks for the great web page! See ya

Mike Justus
Delaware, OH USA

Ken, as a land locked cruiser, making plans for retirement afloat, I would like to thank you for your fantastic web site! I'm new to the "net", but if sites like yours are available in other places, I'll be very glad that i've invested in the equipment to go surfin' before I go sailin'.

I just cannnot say enough good things about your efforts; the site is just plain excellent!!! It far excedes any other site I have found so far and I hope that others follow your example.

John Moyer
Ettrick Wi. USA

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