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Im russian teacher biology/geography, living in Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk) at Volga river. Volga - as a known very big river. Sometimes width - 40 kilometres (from one to another coast). It was super interesting to look your page. Thanks for pleasure... Yuri (playing badminton,listening soul-jazz,making trips sometimes:)

p.s.At pic made by me - Volga river coast nearly my city...Im not profy,but sometimes doing fotos...

Yuri Walkin
Ulyanovsk, Russia

email: vym@mv.ru
(Yuri would love to do email correspondence with anyone from North America)

Just read your article about the storm. Instead of our annual ski trip, 4 or 5 of my friends are willing to spend several days with our chain saws helping a farmer, sugar bush operator clearing debris. Is help required, and do you know how we can locate someone who needs help?

Brian Laur

Ken: THANK YOU!!! I have just finished a trip back in time and relived many wonderful memeories! One week in August, for over 15 years, my family made the trip from PA to beautiful Rideau lake, peaceful Westport.

The pictures brought back memories of days of sun, innocence, reunions with far away friends, a first love....I could go on and on. What a surprise to find your site! I will surely visit often - and hopefully make another trip to this lovely place!!!

gettysburg, pa

For a number of years we drove to Cape Vincent and left our car there. We took our bicycles on the ferry to Wolf Island, rode our bicyles across the island and took the ferry to Kingston.
Then we rode our bicycles to the Kingston Mills locks. We've never tired of watching the boats coming through the locks and watching the hand operation of the locks. For some reason Hugh seemed to be interested in the sunbathers on the boats.
Sometimes we rode around Kingston on our bikes seeing the sights, such as the Steam engine museum and the boats.
A couple of years ago we drove up to the locks with our son Tim. He took a lot of camcorder shots of the whole area. His camcorder seemed to be aimed at the sunbathers a lot. We drove up to the Brewers and Jones Falls locks where he took more pictures. He wants to go there this summer to get pictures of all the locks up to Ottawa.
We just found your website today. We enjoyed it alot but we think you're too modest.

Hugh & Cynthia Wallace
Elbridge, NY USA

Loved your Rideau Canal Pages - they're terrific - more info than I could ever want to know. (also enjoyed your home page!).

I live in Northern Virginia and visit the Gananoque area every year. It's one of my favorite places in the world (also love Alexandria Bay, NY). I have also visited Ottawa once before, but have never seen other parts of the Canal other than the Ottawa area. This summer I will make it a point to spend a day driving along the canal, from Kingston to Ottawa. I have decided to this because of your web page. I'm looking forward to the beautiful views and meeting lots of interesting people along the way.

Thanks again, for all your info. Wish I was more of a boater (would love to be, but cannot afford it now) hence, I will driving in my car! Let me know if you have any suggestions/ or must see stops along the way, would'nt want to miss any good parts!

Jean DeVaughan

I found your site very interesting. We live in Vancouver and we have a summer house on the Rideau South of Rideau Ferry. I have travelled all over the world and nothing compares to the life and the people of the Rideau. Great site I enjoyed every pages of it.

Luc Therien, Vancouver, B.C.
February 1, 1998

Wonderful! I always knew Canada is a glorious place to live. My ancestors apparently owned a steam ship line on this canal. I don't know the name of the company but the family name is Neville. They are from Ireland. Do you or any of your readers know this family? How about the shipping line? Any ideas?

Anne Shanks Bottiglieri
Vancouver, B.C.

email: eightofus@bc.sympatico.ca
February 5, 1998

I have been boating on the Trent-Severn Waterway and the Rideau Canal since I was a baby (40 years). We love both systems, however we live on the Trent and spend most of our weekends boating there. When holiday time arrives, more often than not, we head for the Rideau.

We have cruised the length of the Rideau twice, but prefer to spend our time between Brewers Mills and Smiths Falls. We can't pass through the area without spending at least one night at the Opinicon. I had looked for a web site on the Rideau for about a year before I found your site. You have done an excellent job. Great pictures, lots of info. I still have only brushed the surface of your site, but everything I've checked out has been first-rate.

Doug Dallin, Peterborough, Ontario.
February 5, 1998

We were surfing the net looking for a vacation spot for the upcoming year and stumbled on your site for Rideau. Your web page is one of nicest I've seen (or perhaps I should say heard). The music enhancement was really great. Just thought I'd drop a line and tell you!

J. Ricken
February 8, 1998

We identified with the storm stories. Lucky us with a generator that I had gotten when we moved into this house(new). I had just gotten back from australia on th 8th. Came home to wife and 7 neighbors,who pitched in to keep gen running at critical times. When I left australia (Perth) the temp was 104 f. and 110f. the day before.

We always enjoy your page and I noise it around too. Keep it going!!

Miles Gardner
February 10, 1998

I do not know you but I surely do appreciate you. Your website has provided us with tremendous information and excellent reading material. Being so far from home makes one become more nostalgic toward anything about home. We reside on Clear Lake during the summer months and down here in Florida in the winter.

Much of the information proivded in your website will be extremely useful on our return also. Particularly enjoyed your account of the Ice Storm activities as well as that of Dave Brown. We do know Dave Brown as we see him often in the summer. Thank you for your website. We enjoy it often.

Paul and Kay Hargreaves
February 15, 1998

Reading other peoples comments on the Rideau was incredible. I first discovered the Rideau experience at the helm of the Trent Voyageur, in 1986 and it has held a piece of my heart and soul, ever since. It was interesting to hear that it affected other people the same way. Jack Arnold, lockmaster Poonamalie, Captain Jack, harbourmaster Westport, Ray Laforest, Jones Falls, George By, Long Island. I miss you all. Hope to discover another side of the Rideau, this summer, by canoe and camping, new memories in the making!

Proud to be a Rideau Rat.

Heather Ackert
February 21, 1998

I have spent the last two hours totally captivated by the extraordinary website you have developed on the Rideau Waterway. It is a work of art and a technical masterpiece, not to mention that it truly captures the spirit of the Rideau and provides a wealth of practical information as well. In the future whenever I invite a newcomer to our family cottage, I will be sure to refer them to your website (www.rideau-info.com/canal/welcome for cc's of this e-mail) since it has everything that they would possibly need to know. I even downloaded a few tidbits of information, including the fuel mixture chart which will hang inside one of our storage sheds.

I first visited the Rideau over thirty years ago and I am now the chief proprietor of a family cottage located between Seeleys Bay and Upper Brewers Locks. Over the years, our extended family has enjoyed many wonderful experiences on the Rideau. Although we are farther away that we would like to be and cannot get to the cottage as frequently as we desire, your website with its beautiful images and sounds (and the local news!) is the next best thing to being there. Thanks for all the effort and time you have put into the site. It is easy to tell that it is a labor of your love for the Rideau!

Dale E. Kleber, Hinsdale, Illinois
March 16, 1998

My wife, Pat, and I find your site to be the best we have found on any topic. You have covered every possible aspect of the title topic ( from fact to folklore ) in an informative yet down to earth style.

We are relatively new to boating. We began in 1996 in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York and along the southern shore of Lake Ontario. We made our first visit to the "river" this past July. Some of our friends suggested a visit to Kingston. I found your site and, "WOW", there before my eyes was every bit of information that I could possibly need.

We made our first trip to Kingston in August and fell in love with that area. We also visited Gananoque, Brockville and Prescott during that trip.

We plan to make the Rideau canal trip from Kingston to Ottawa in July-August this coming summer. I've been gathering information (mostly from your site) for the entire winter.

I thank you for your fine work and congratulate on the outcome of your labors. Tremendous!!!!

Tom and Pat Trout, Marion, NY
March 22, 1998

I just had to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate your web page. I used to live in the Ottawa district. My father owned a 30 ft boat and kept it at Rideau Ferry and at Len's Cove in Portland. We started cruising the Rideau system in 1945. I am very familiar with the complete system, right down to and including the Thousand Islands. Many good times were sent with friends on Trout Island on the Big Rideau. My father eventually sold the boat (Enid II) and bought a lot on the North Shore of the Big Rideau. He called it Daykin Bay.

Anyway, I really enjoy seeing all the pictures especially Davis Lock. We spend a week there every year, and I, as a small boy, used to play with the lock master's son who was about my age.

Thanks for your effort in this web page, much appreciated.

Hubert Daykin, Kamloops, B.C.
March 23, 1998

I have been camping at Cranberry Park 15 years and it is truely Gods country. So peaceful and relaxing and great fishing cant wait for summer. Seeleys Bay is so Beautiful, lets keep it that way, please dont dump garbage and gray water

muise, Dundas,Ont.
March 31, 1998

The B E S T page I have come across and I spend lot of time on boating web pages.

John Angel, Barrie, Ontario
April 3, 1998

Hello! Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoy your Rideau Waterway site! We are building a cabin on Clear Lake on the north point where the channel goes into Newboro. We love this area and during the winter when we cant be there your site helps get us through (especially the Java effect waters!). It is obvious that you have a great respect for this area as well, thanks for a great site!

Walter Brumm
April 10, 1998

Your site has made me homesick! My maternal grandmother lives in Elgin, my parents have a cottage on the Rideau between Newboro and Westport and my paternal grandfather built a cottage on Sand Lake which my uncle now owns. It was this uncle who passed me the word about your wonderful website- and he says he thinks he built the artificial loon nest you are showing in the Image Gallery!!! Some of my most favorite growing-up memories take place on Sand Lake. Grandad would take me fishing and laugh as I invariably cast my line into a tree, teasing me about trying to catch a porcupine instead of a fish. I spent many peaceful days there with my grandparents fishing, reading, and feeling loved by family. I now am married with two children of our own. We go to my parents' cottage as often as possible and bring other family members and friends from both sides along from time to time to experience the beauty, wonder and peace of a place most blessed by God.

The way the area pulled together and survived the devestation of ice storm this January past is further testament to how special and blessed the area is. Each time I called to check on my grandmother she would begin by saying "It's pretty grim but..." and would then go on to tell many stories of good deeds done throughout the community by and for family, friends, neighbors and strangers. I have also seen copies of the Westport Mirror from this time period which further chronicle evidence of how closeknit the Rideau Lakes area is. But I am ramblng and should close for now.

The Rideau Lakes is a slice of a heaven on earth - and your site feel closer than I tually am to it. Even though I was born and have lived most of my life here in the Southern tier of New York I still consider the Rideau Lakes my second home.

Thank you so much for developing this site - and for patiently reading this! I will be back to visit often and will pass on this address to friends so they can experience beauty and peace of the Rideau Lakes- if only through cyberspace! .

Lynne Faivre Menechella, Elmira Heights, NY
April 11, 1998

1997 was our first year boating on the Rideau and we loved it! The scenery and people are just great.We also live in an area that was hard hit by the ice storm (just south of Watertown,NY) and can imagine a lot of damage to your trees. We were 17 days without electricity and 5 weeks without phone. People seem to come together in times like that. We will definately be visiting again this season.

Sue and Ivan Steen, South Rutland, NY
April 13, 1998

Thank you for the lovely Sunday morning gift. I shall be leaving for Ottawa on Saturday next and decided this time I would like to sitesee on the Canal. I love the city! Imagine my surprise turned to pleasure when the music started. I immediately went into the sound controls, turned the volumn up and smiled. Thank you for my Sunday morning gift!

Eileen Cackowski
May 10, 1998

We have been non-resident for two years and we are heading home to Jones Falls in July, can hardly wait to get there.

We've been living in Qatar in the Middle East, lots of desert, tremendous heat, it is 42c today (May 18/98), and it's just starting to warm up, will be in the 50's by July. We actually live in Doha which is on the Arabian Gulf. The Gulf is actually very beautiful, but can't compare to The Rideau and 1000 Islands area.

Counting the days now

Sheila & Bill Harding, Doha, Qatar (soon to change to R.R. # 3, Elgin, Ont.)
May 18, 1998

I have just found the Rideau Land Trust Web page and am very inpressed. This past long weekend we welcomed the fifth generation to our cottage on The Big Rideau Lake. My grandfather began his love affair with the Lake in the early years of the century travelling by train to Smiths Falls from Ottawa and embarking on his home made cruiser for the Big Rideau and tying up at the site of our present cottage. He built his cottage in 1914 and now there are nine family cottages in the area. There is no doubt that his large family loves the lake and this past glorious weekend proved once more why we keep coming back.

Sue Halpenny, Ottawa, Ontario
May 20, 1998

I really enjoyed viewing the images that you have displayed on your site. I grew up in Ottawa and we summered on Lake Opinicon, our family built a cottage there in 1969. I worked at the Opinicon Hotel during my college years but have now been living in Alberta since 1980. A photographer myself I have many shots around the locks and Opincon Lake and seeing yours brought back many fond memories.

I get back every couple of summers to visit the greatest place on earth. Since I won't be coming this year I enjoyed seeing your shots to tide me over before seeing the real thing!!

Jim McNally
May 27, 1998

I'm a frequent traveller of the Rideau Canal in the Summer. I definately do agree that it is beautiful and that it is very scenic. I'm 13 years old and my dad has a boat. We go up the canal almost every summer. My favorite stop is near Kingston.

In fact, I think you've even talked to my dad by e-mail, his name is Louis.

I've visited your page several times and I find that you have definately done a great job on putting it together. I really like the techniques you used to make it!

Keep up the good work!

Jeremy Mandel
May 28, 1998

excellent and comprehensive review of what to do and what to see. Thoroughly enjoyed reading and using the info for planning our cruise down the canal. Thank you for your great efforts.

Mary Ellen Hannah
June 1, 1998

My husband and I are from NY (Rochester and Pulaski), but are currently live in Bullhead City, Arizona. Retirement is a week away. We have always loved the St. Lawrence River area and Kingston area. But, we never had a boat. We do now!! The first thing my husband said after we bought the boat is,"This summer I want to go up the Rideau through the locks". So I found the website a long time ago but didn't really look around it real well until today. The pictures got me all excited. We leave AZ in 8 days to spend the whole summer in NY. After viewing your pictures, we now have pictoral dreams of our trip up the Rideau. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sue Mitchell
June 6, 1998

I've definitely bookmarked your site and plan to be back many times. I have not yet had a chance to go through the whole site but what I have seen has impressed me. This is a great site for local residents. I was impressed with the excellent design and speed and particularly with your java picture (I keep coming back to it).

Dave Workman, Buck Lake, Ontario
June 13, 1998

I was transplanted to Florida in 1970 at the ripe old age of 12. I spent every summer at Camp Otterdale from 1964-72 and love the Rideau. My dad was born in Smiths Falls. I have small memories of staying at the Opinicon and picnicing at locks at Merrickville. I am dragging my husband and two Floridian children up for a vacation in mid-Sept. Planning on seeing 100o islands, the seaway and of course the rideau. Returning to a conference in Ottawa. Any great suggestions on what to see, do? You can't expect me to remember everything 30+ years later....but I can't wait.

Jill Cunningham, Gainesville, Florida
July 16, 1998

Thank-you for your informative and entertaining Rideau Canal homepage.

My wife and I are planning our first canal trip in late August and have found the information you provide to be very helpful.

Duncan Coutts, aboard "Water Dog"
July 24, 1998

I just love the page. The pictures are great. They definately show why people like to visit the Rideau region of Ontario. I love it there, and can't wait to holiday there again.

Erik O'Day, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
July 26, 1998

Loved the Rideau pix on your site. Rideau always one of my favorites. Used to live in Roch, and cover Ottawa as part of my computer sales territory. I used trips to sidetrack to every lock on the canal, but never boated. Lived one mile from Erie in Roch area, but now in Chapel Hill, NC (no snow!!)

I give a lecture CANALS IN AMERICA to service clubs, and anybody who will give me a free meal. Of course, Rideau is a large part of that.

Last month I visited PA canal museum in easton, PA. Good, but ticket must include tour of CRAYOLA exhibit. Makes no sense. Also visited Morris canal museum in Waterloo, NJ, at the site of one of the inclined planes. Much work to be done, and not much on display.

Before I die I want to rent a boat in Ottawa, tour to Kingston, then over to Trent and up to Georgian Bay. Maybe. Guessing at three weeks min.

Parents born in PQ, but I in NJ. Keep up the outstanding work.

Ray DeMers, Chapel Hill, NC
August 7, 1998

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the pictures (http://www.rideau-info.com/canal/images.html) of the Waterway on your website.

I just returned from a week-long houseboat trip along the river (started at Rideau Ferry), and many of your pictures helped me to remember just how beautiful that area is.

Thanks again, friend!

Joe Short
August 10, 1998

Thanks again for your awesome web site! It really is the best I've seen. Because of it and the links you provided, we just returned from one of our best vacations ever. I was surfing for info on the Thousand Island area and hit on your web site on July 20. You responded to my E mail questions on July 21. I called the Opinicon on July 22 and made reservations for July 28,29,30. To give us a taste of the Rideau system, Mr Cross (owner of the Opinicon) arrainged for us to put in our 21' bow rider at Seeley's bay and we boated up to the Opinicon through our first 5 locks. At the Opinicon, the "dock boy" knew our name and was waiting for us to tie up near the 30-40' yachts also moored at the Opinicon. They then provided us a ride back to Seeley's bay for our van and trailer. This was a small example of the level of service provided at the Opinicon during our stay. The meals (included in the nightly rate) were absoulutely top rate. Every meal was an experiance in culinary pleasure and very filling. The very traditional, yet casual atmosphere there was delightful.

In addition to the pleasure of staying at the Opinicon, we found everyone we met in Canada to be very friendly. The beauty of the lakes and locks are unparalleled and the exchange rate helped make it very affordable for us.

We have traveled widely in the US and have enjoyed many different types of vacations, but this is one of the few that we intend to repeat- indeed we may make it a annual tradition like most of the guests we met at the Opinicon (median years coming there -25).

Thanks again, Ken for your web page and your kind assistance.

Gordon Groff and family, Lancaster, PA.
August 15, 1998

The rideau lakes, truely the most beautiful place in the world. I am originally from Ottawa. I have been working in New York City for almost a year and can't wait to come home. There really isn't no place in the wrold that compares to the beauty of the Rideau Canal. The first thing that I am going to do is take a boat ride through the rideau river and truely experience the beauty first hand.

I must also comment on your first class web site keep up the good work!

Giuseppe Vispo, NY, NY
August 18, 1998

Ken - I've just spent two or three hours rambling around your pages. Thank you so much for well written, informative historical pages. I came upon it through looking up the Rideau on Yahoo. It is by far the best I have encountered.

My interests in the area are several: the UEL settlements, industry along the canal and/or river, and the general history. My Canadian ancestors are Topliff - McRae - Graham - and Walker. Family oral history has it that at least one, perhaps two Topliffs were drowned off ships/boats on the Rideau. There was no specification, that I remember, which indicated whether it was river or canal. I suspect it was the canal though, since they always indicated Kingston as home. However, in research, I have found them in the 1851 census in Storrington. I have not been able to find Storrington on any map, or any mention of it in any literature. I assume it is one of those communities that found its way into obscurity.

I noticed the Graham name in your genealogy, but from the dates, it is too late for my Grahams, who moved to Kent County sometime in the early 1800s. Perhaps, though, these Grahams are connected somehow in the 18th or 19th centuries. My John Graham was b. ca 1804 no place given. He is buried with wife Eliza ??? in Kent County. Buried in the same cemetery (part of St. Andrew's Presby Church, on property donated from Crown Grant given to Duncan Graham) is John Graham and Catherine b ca 1760. Again, according to family oral history, one of these Johns had a facility at Madoc, Hastings Co., to produce potash. (To supply English woolen production ??)

It's my persistent feeling that the Grahams and McRaes were UEL, probably from the Carolinas. Although the Finley McRae family were In Kent County also in early 1800s, several of the children list Kingston as their birth place. I was searching for information regarding the Loyalists when I came upon your site. Another of my interests is anthropology. I worked on an excavation of a local California Indian site, so I really enjoyed the archaelogical information also. Great job. Thanks again.

Jan Topliff
August 22, 1998

I haven't been on the Rideau in over 20 years. The pictures are beautiful and so real. You have brought some good memories and given those familiar with the waterway a way to mentally visit the Rideau again.

Duane Corbin
August 26, 1998

Just wanted to let you know i found your site very well laid out and easy to navigate.

I'm presently working on designing a web page for a campsite in Merrickville and found a lot of useful information on your site that will be of great help to me.

Luc K. Levesque, Ottawa, Ontario
August 31, 1998

Thanks for your helpful reply. We have just returned from a week's vacation which included 2 nights at the Opinicon. It was truly a unique experience and even our two jaded teenagers were impressed. We kept telling them that there were few places like it - the store and gift shop could have been right out of the 1950s.

We were intrigued by the 'shore dinners' in which guides take you out on the lakes and fry up your fish for a lunch on one of the islands. Mr. Cross, the manager/owner, told that there were only 6 guides left and that his mother-in-law remembers when 48 guides would go out in one day. Very much a vanishing world.

Now that we've been on the Rideau (we rented a small boat and went thru 'the narrows') I look forward to exploring your web site further.

Mr. Cross also mentioned that there was a possibility that the Canadian government would no longer support the Rideau. We were quite surprised to hear this as the canal seemed to be a very busy place compared with New York's Erie Canal.

Margaret Vail Anderson
September 3, 1998

We have just returned from a few days down the Rideau "by land". This site really reflects the countryside we have seen. Truly, a marvellous accomplishment! Many thanks.

Michael Sinclair, Ottawa, Ontario
September 27, 1998

I'm a homeschooler, and I had to find some info on the Rideau Canal. I couldn't make any sense from the book that I got. My Mom and I went on the Internet and found your site. Thanks you so much for the info!

Sarah Ferguson, Waterloo, Ontario
October 1, 1998

What a wonderful web site. I will be visiting the area next week and so appreciate all the information. I love canals and, of course, being from upstate New York, am very familiar with the Erie Canal. I look forward to my trip on the Rideau.

S. McIntosh
October 1, 1998

A belated THANK YOU for the help you gave me in connecting up with Ontario Waterway Cruises.

We made the Kingston to Ottawa trip in Sept. and are signed up to do the Big Chute to Peterborough (spelling?) next year.

A wonderful time. Thanks again!!

Les Weston, Berea, Ohio, U.S.A.
October 9, 1998

I am from Pa. (That state below New York). I visit the Rideau area often because it is so wonderful..Just want to say thanks for your time in putting the web page together.

Len, PA, U.S.A.
October 10, 1998

Wow! I would just like to say that this is an amazing site! I am a student at the University of Guelph and I am doing a Geology project on the Rideau Canal. I can't believe how much information the site has to offer!

My only concern would be: why don't you have any photos from Newboro lockstation. You know, it is pretty cool too because of it being hydraulic and all. You should know I worked there over the summer - I'm sure Dave Blair will try and get his picture on the site some how...

Anyway I love the site and please don't remove any information - I will make use of it soon. Thanks

Cameron Morrison
October 13, 1998

Great Page....... I travelled with two kids on the Rideau Canal many years ago & when I hit the Rideau button I was pleasantly reminded by the sound enhancement of the quiet wonder of the Rideau.........a seeming contradiction. Thank You... works beautifully on a mac clone, 604e, OS 8.1 & Netscape 4.05, Altec Lansing speakers

October 18, 1998

Your Rideau pages surely are gnarly!!! My husband is from Ottawa and we are looking to buy a cottage at Bennet Lake. Presently we live in Bangkok and want to find a property to go back to for summer vacations. Your pages convinced us that this is the area we want . Unfortunately we cannot find anything about Bennet Lake and the environs. Do you have any ideas how we can get a detailed map on-line? We would like to have more info since this deal will be made long-distance. Thanks for the great pages.

Jocelyn Saulnier, Bangkok
October 27, 1998

This is a terrific web site. Will be returning to it often. Thanks.

Sherrill Campbell, Dows Lake Pavilion, Ottawa
November 12, 1998

WOW! What a web site!

I must thank you for the work that you put in to this site, it is just wonderful! i was lookin for photos to send to an e-pal in Australia to show her what the cannal looked like in winter. So when I found you site I was realy blowen away! I spent my summers as a kid growing up on the Big Rideau, and it nice to see so much info in one site. Thanks for your work, you have been verry helpful!

Dwight Dunlop
November 15, 1998

Hi Ken, We haven't met but I have been hearing your praises from John Ziegler for some time. John and I sit on Council together. I have seen your website and am quite impressed -- everything John said was true. You are obviously getting lots of hits by the looks and comments in correspondence. Nice work! Sharon Donnelly, Councillor, Ward of North Crosby, Twp Rideau Lakes.

Sharon Donnelly, Westport
November 23, 1998

I'm doing a university paper on the history of canals and I found your page to a great source. In particular I learned a lot from the What is a lock pager. Thanks.

November 27, 1998

I was searching the Web for information on Dows Great Swamp and the Notch of the Mountain (Bank Street Bridge area in Ottawa). In so doing I had the fortunate experience to discover your Web Site. It is one of the best sites that I have visited.

Michael Lynch
December 2, 1998

Congratulations on a job well done. I am very involved with Freemasonry and enjoy many Masonic web sites. The quality of your site is amazing, I have spent many happy hours at the site and hope to be able to take in the Rideau in person. The wife and I spent a week on a narrowboat in England and enjoyed it thoroughly. I am in hopes our health might be good enough for us to spend a week on the Rideau, possibly next year. Take a look at our web site at www.cs.umb.edu/~bellan/BlueHillLodge.

Ralph W. Staples, Canton, Massachusetts
December 6, 1998

The KUDO's for your web page are well deserved but I would like to offer my gratitude to the fine folks, young and old, who actually run the locks. Pat and I travelled up the canal from Kingston to Ottawa in Brigadoon, our 50' pilot house motor yacht, and we can't say enough nice things about the folks we met and the way we were treated along the way. To all you nice Canadians, Thanks, EH!

Pat and Don Nolen, Punt Gorda, Florida
December 7, 1998

I have visited your site several times now and I am still impressed, especially since we are no strangers to the area.

In 1996, my wife and I purchased a Three Buoys Sportscruiser (40' houseboat), from one of the original investors at Muskrat Hole, across the Lake from Portland. We spent 2 years completely refurbishing this boat, now named NOMA (for NOrbert & MAxine - our first names) and have spent the last 2 summers on the Rideau Waterway, mostly on BRL. In May of 1998, we purchased from the Royal Bank of Canada, under Power of Sale, the property formerly used by Rideau Lakes Vacations at Muskrat Hole - 6 acres and all the buildings. We are moving there permanently this coming Spring (1999) and will be permanent residents on Big Rideau Lake.

I just wanted you to know how informative and accurate your pages are and that your efforts at this "volunteer work" is appreciated by many.

Last year, I expanded my photography interests (I used to be a professional portrait photographer back in the 1960's) to digital photography and I must say that your information on digital imaging was very helpful.

At any rate, thank you for all the most useful and interesting information on your site.

Norbert Poll and Maxine McKinnon, Bourget, Ontario
December 9, 1998

We are preparing for an August 1999 trip to the Rideau with our family of 4 - kids will be 9 and 6 at the time of the trip.

Your websites have been extraordinarily helpful in our preparations for the trip and in advancing our learning about the area. We are going there with friends and family from Pittsburgh, two of which have made many Rideau trips in the past. But, this is the first for me - too bad we have to wait for 9 more months before we can go.

We live near the Twin cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis in Minnesota. so we have a pretty good drive to get there. We'll be towing our boat, and perhaps bringing a canoe as well (and lots of fishing equipment)- and we intend to rent a houseboat for our time there. Any suggestions on houseboats to rent are appreciated.

Thanks again for the great site.

Steve Knapp, Minnesota
December 13, 1998

Without the instructional benefit of your web site, I hauled an old sudden overgrown raft down to the quiet end of Baker Lake. We have had 2 loons here since I arrived in '93 but never babies. This raft was abandoned. We anchored it off shore 'cause we figured the local foxes were dining on the eggs.

Sure enuf, 2 eggs!

One hatched July 5th, the other didn't. I figure on making a raft like yours, now, for the ducks! Probably same varmints eating theirs!

Brad Sloan
December 16, 1998

just want to drop a quick note to thank you for a very nice tour of the Rideau region. I've been visiting there on vacation (holidays, eh?) ever since I was ten or so---(at Bert's near Newboro) and never tire of the area. I now vacation at Delta, on Lower Beverly Lake, but still make the rounds of the locks and cheese factories (Forfar Forever!) and museums. I lost track of the Communications Museum near Kingston, however; the barracks it was in is now office space, and nobody there was any help. But I digress---- your site(s) are a welcome change from the Pennsylvania winter we are tolerating. I actually get homesick for that little cottage with no phone and a lake just down the hill. Anyway, thanks again, and see you next summer. Pat Katie on the head for me.

Roger Allvord, Hegins, PA
29 Dec 1998

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