Descendants of James Wickenden (b. bef. 1738)

On this page you will find the descendants of James Wickenden (b. bef. 1738) of Kent, England (likely near Rochester). He married Susanna Cullmer (b. bef. 1738) on 8 July 1756 in Strood, Kent, England.

His son, James Wickenden (b. 1760) married (2nd wife), Elizabeth Gardener (b. bef 1770) on 9 November 1789 in Saint Nicholas, Rochester, Kent.

His son, Samuel Wickenden (b. 1798), was a boot and shoe maker. He married Eliza Wellbeloved (b. 1808) on 17 April 1826 in Halling, Kent, England.

Samuel's son, Thomas Wickenden (b. December 29, 1826), was from Halling, Kent, England and married Charlotte Quaife (daughter of James Edmond Quaife and Mary Poynter). Thomas was a mariner; a Captain. He became master of the barque, Mary Caroline, a rather unwieldy cargo boat. He died in a shipwreck on January 1, 1861, at the age of 34.

One of his sons, Robert John Wickenden (my great grandfather), became a well known artist. He moved to Toledo, Ohio with his mother in 1873, following his older brothers who had moved there a couple of years earlier. He moved to Paris, France in 1883 to study art and while there he met his bride to be, Ada Louise Ahier. He married Ada in 1885, moving back to Toledo, and then back to France, finally settling (sort of) in Auvers-sur-Oise (north of Paris) in 1887. After moving to the U.S. in 1891 (Toledo and Chicago), they moved back to Auvers in 1892. It was here that my grandfather, Jean Francois Wickenden was born in 1896. The family moved to Quebec, Canada in 1900. Robert and Ada moved to Bethel, Connecticut in 1906 and then to Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1921.

My grandfather, Jean Francois Wickenden, lived in Montreal where he met and married Annie Catherine Eliza French. They moved to Trois Rivieres, Quebec in 1927 where they made their home until his death in 1975.

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