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What Others Are Saying

There are many other people upset with what is happening to the Rideau Canal. A few have gone public - I'll post a few documents and links here. Links to press articles about the cuts can be found on the What's New Page.

If you've got a letter/email or website/blog that you'd like to see here, please let me know - email:



Letter from George Ingram regarding Fees and Revenue Generation on the Rideau Canal - February 14, 2013. (PDF)

Open Letter from former Rideau Canal Superintendent Gord Giffin - February 11, 2013. (PDF)

Letter with a revised fee proposal being put forward by the Office of Mayor John Williams of Quinte West. Although the schedule is more for the Trent-Severn Waterway the fees would apply to both the Trent and the Rideau. Have a read and direct your comments to the Mayor or to Marc Ackert (

Letter from former canal managers regarding magnitude of lockage and mooring fee increases - January 23, 2013. (PDF)

Letter from Neil Manders with a U.S. view of the cuts and fee increases - January 18 & 23, 2013. (PDF)

Letter to Gord Brown, MP from former Rideau Canal Superintendent Gord Giffin - January 17, 2013. (PDF)

Letter to Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands Council from the Seeley's Bay and Area Residents' Association - November 29, 2012 (PDF)

Letter to Minister Kent from Inland Waterways International - August 22, 2012 (PDF)

Letter to Minister Kent from the Rideau Environmental Action League - September 4, 2012 (PDF)

Public Meeting with Bob Rae, MP - August 22, 2012

Media Release and Letter from former Rideau and Trent-Severn managers regarding navigation costs - August 20, 2012 (PDF)

Letter from the Rideau Roundtable, August 17, 2012 (PDF)

Editorial in the Ottawa Citizen, August 11, 2012

Media Release and Letter from former Rideau and Trent-Severn managers - August 6, 2012

Letter to the Hon. Peter Kent from Hunter McGill, Chair, Friends of the Rideau - July 31, 2012

Public Meeting with Gord Brown, MP - July 24, 2012

Letter to Gord Brown, MP from the Rideau Roundtable - July 23, 2012.(PDF)

Letter to Gord Brown, MP from George Ingram - July 18, 2012.(PDF)

Letter to Gord Brown, MP from Gord Giffin - July 18, 2012.(PDF)

Letter from the Rideau Roundtable (PDF)

The Trent Severn Waterway Working Group website about the issues affecting the Trent-Severn Waterway See:

Save The Rideau and St. Lawrence - a Facebook page about the large fee increases Parks Canada is proposing. See:

Historic Canals: Behind the Scenes is a Facebook page showing that the canals are much more that simply waterways catering to recreational boaters. See:

Stop the Cuts to Parks Canada and the Rideau Canal is a petition campaign by MP Paul Dewar. See:

Marc Ackert (Ontario Waterway Cruises) and Lance Jervis-Read (Rideau Boat Canal Tours) are heading a campaign to maintain the Rideau's operating season. For full info see their website:

The Canadian Canal Society has opened up a News page on their website with the latest press about cuts to canals. See their website at:

The union representing workers on the Rideau and Trent are natually upset about the loss of jobs. They are also upset about the loss of heritage. See their website at:

Parks Canada is removing heritage staff and expertise. The cuts to their archaeological staff is listed here:

Canadians' opportunity to know our country's history and cultural heritage is under threat by cuts by the Government of Canada:

Dave Ballinger, former Director of Operations for the Rideau Canal has posted his worries about the changes being done by Parks Canada:

Orland French, heritage buff and cottager on Sand Lake has posted his own Jones Falls photo essay:

Parks Canada is moving artifact collections. While not directly a Rideau issue it speaks to the Parks Canada decimation of the heritage side of its organization. A group in Nova Scotia has set up a facebook page about the removal of their local artifacts:

Save Our Rideau
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