Ice Out
Going ... Going ... Going ... Gone
photo by: Ken Watson, 2001

For local residents, the surest sign that spring is upon us is the melting of the ice on our lakes and rivers. These four photos, taken in 2001, span from April 12 on the left, the ice starting to darken as it becomes thin and saturated with water; April 15 as the ice darkens and the shoreline becomes exposed, April 17 as only a bit of ice is left in the centre of the lake and finally on the right, April 22 when the lake is finally clear of ice. Within a month of the lakes becoming clear of ice, loons will be nesting and the canal will open for navigation.

If you're interested to see when the ice has gone out on Sand Lake, on a year to year basis since 1984, have a look at the Ice Out Chart on the Water Quality Page

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