Wickenden Birth, Death & Marriage Lists
Marriages 1633-1812
* compiled by Brenda Marns *

Name					Place		Year	Source
Wickenden Tho	to Lucy Hatbridge	Southwark.St Geo 1633	Boyds
Wickenden Geo	to Ester Smith		Southwark	1651	Boyds
Wickenden Edw	to Mary Norman		Penhurst Kent	1652	Boyds
Wickenden Nic	to Sus Pocock		Vic Gen		1662	Boyds
Wickenden Jn	to Judi Pratt		Canterbury	1676	Boyds
Wickenden Jn	to Sar Rodes		Canterbury	1682	Boyds
Wickenden Sam	to Reb Luffman		Hants M.L.	1708	Boyds
Wickenden Hen	to Cath Uridge		BP London	1708	Boyds
Wickenden Jn	to Elnr Gilbert		Canterbury	1714	Boyds
Wickenden James	to Susan Cullmer	Strood		1756	Unknown
Wickenden James	to Elizab.Ounsted	Hartley		1777	Unknown
Wickenden James	to Mary Rimes		Shorne		1787	Unknown
Wickenden James	to Eliz Gardener	St Nich-Rochester 1789	Unknown
Wickenden James	to Dianah Row-Wid	St Mary Cray	1804	Unknown
Wickenden James	to Mary Wilkinson	North Fleet	1808	Unknown
Wickenden James	to Ann Featherstone	Gillingham	1812	Unknown
These indexes are sourced from Boyd’s Marriage Index. Percival Boyd’s marriage index was compiled between 1925 and 1956 and covers many English Counties. The marriages were listed from Parish registers and marriage allegations in print during the time he worked so it is not fully comprehensive.

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