Wickenden Birth, Death & Marriage Lists
Marriages 1583-1834
* compiled by Brenda Marns *

Name					Place		Year	Source
Wm	to  	Eliz	Aier		1583	Westerham	Kent
Ann	to  	Jn	Penyall		1596	Radlow		Kent
Cath	to  	Rob	Saxby		1627	Lewes		Archd
Tho	to 	Lucy 	Hatbridge	1633	Southwark.	Geo
Cath	to  	Jn	Gelstrop	1636	BP		London
Cath	to  	Abr	Weston		1639	Malling	Dean
Mathew	to  	Dan	Limpet		1648	Southwark	Thom
Geo	to 	Ester 	Smith		1651	Southwark	
Edw	to 	Mary 	Norman		1652	Penhurst 	Kent
Nic	to  	An	Latter		1654	Tonbridge	Kent
Tho	to  	Jane	Cooper		1655	Sevenoaks	Kent
Wm	to  	An	Helder		1655	Chiddingstone	Kent
Sar	to  	Edw	Combe		1657	Penhurst	Kent
Sar	to  	Edw	Combe		1657	Tonbridge	Kent
Edw	to  	Foss(?)	Collins		1658	Tonbridge	Kent
Tho	to  	Mary	Jimpson		1658	Sundridge	Kent
Eln	to  	Edw	Sprake		1661	Southwark	Geo
Nic	to 	Sus 	Pocock		1662	Vic Gen	
Edw	to  	Jane	Briggs		1663	Chiddingstone	Kent
Jn	to  	Mrth	Browrage	1669	Tonbridge	Kent
Hen	to  	Mary	Green		1670	Tonbridge	Kent
Dionis	to  	Jn	Martin		1670	Tonbridge	Kent
Tho	to  	An	Berridge	1672	Chiddingstone	Kent
Nic	to  	Eliz	Sean(?)		1673	Leigh		Kent
Dy	to  	Ric	Stevens		1674	Sevenoaks	Kent
An	to  	Jn	Parker		1675	Westerham	Kent
Eliz	to  	Thos	Holden		1675	Tonbridge	Kent
Jn	to 	Judi 	Pratt		1676	Canterbury	Kent
Mgt	to  	Sam	Harris		1680	Canterbury	Kent
Els	to  	Dan	Webb		1680	Shipborne	Kent
Antony	to  	Hannah	Bradshaw	1681	Bolders	Hants
Mgt	to  	Sam	Harris		1682	Buckland	Kent
Jn	to 	Sar 	Rodes		1682	Canterbury	Kent
An	to  	Ric	Pain		1685	All Hall Lon Wall	
An	to  	Ste	Day		1687	Southwark	Geo
…	to  	Els	Everst		1690	Shipborne	Kent
Thos	to  	An 	Mumford		1698	Westerham	Kent
Hen	to  	Eliz	Witing		1702	E.Peckham	Kent
Eliz	to  	Thom	Elridge		1704	Sevenoaks	Kent
Sam	to 	Reb 	Luffman		1708		Hants M.L.	
Hen	to 	Cath 	Uridge		1708		BP London	
Jn	to  	An	Hilder		1709	Chiddingstone	Kent
Sar	to  	Hen	Bannister	1709	Sundridge	Kent
Mary	to  	Ric	Lee		1711	Bidborough	Kent
Tho	to  	Mary	Somerton	1714	Sundridge	Kent
Jn	to 	Elnr 	Gilbert		1714	Canterbury	Kent
Jane	to  	Wm	Hinde		1715	Birling		Kent
Jn	to  	Sara	May		1719	Sevenoaks	Kent
Tho	to  	Sara	Askhurst	1719	Tonbridge	Kent
An	to  	Ric	Moor		1721	Chiddingstone	Kent
Jn	to  	Mary	Hurds		1727	Westerham	Kent
Tho	to  	Sara	Shepherd	1733	Bolders	
Wm	to  	Fran	Russell		1737	Westerham	Kent
Eliz	to  	Rob	Martin		1739	Westerham	Kent
Tho	to  	Mary	Parkhurst	1740	Hadlow		Kent
Sarah	to  	Jn	Harris		1743	Penhurst	Kent
Tho	to  	Mary	Devonish	1751	Gatcombe	Hants
…	to  	Jas	Rossiter	1751	Gent Mag	
Mary	to  	Jn	Pratt		1752	Kingsdown	Kent
James	to 	Susan 	Cullmer		1756	Strood		Kent
Sara	to  	Sam	Terry		1760	Kingsdown	Kent
Wm	to  	Mary	Boss		1762	Westerham	Kent
Wm	to  	Mary	Boss		1763	Westerham	Kent
Wm	to  	Eliz	Stanford	1763		Surrey ML	
Cath	to  	Jos	Homes		1764	Kingsdown	Kent
Mary	to  	Thos	Piper		1766		Surrey ML	
Wm	to  	Mary	Bull		1772	Arreton		Hants
Tho	to  	Sara	Cullingham	1774	Chaldon		Surrey
Wm	to  	Angela	Lee		1775	Ridley		Kent
Edw	to  	Mary	Loddington	1775	Westerham	Kent
Eliz	to  	Wm	Gunstead	1777	Kingsdown	Kent
James	to 	Elizab.	Ounsted		1777	Hartley	
Edw	to  	Jane	Sales		1779	Westerham	Kent
Dy	to  	Jn	Ingramshams	1779	Penhurst	Kent
Hannah	to  	Jas	Bulter		1780		Hants ML	
Wm	to  	An	Crews		1782	Arreton		Hants
Joseph	to  	Sarah	Davies		1784		Hants ML	
Jane	to  	Wm	Loveland	1784	Westerham	Kent
Edw	to  	Mary	Maynard		1785	Westerham	Kent
Thom	to  	Eliz	Garrett		1785	Crowhurst	Surrey
Mary	to  	Jn	Brown		1787	Kingsdown	Kent
James	to 	Mary 	Rimes		1787	Shorne	
Jn	to  	Els	Dundevand	1788	Newington	North Kent
James	to 	Eliz 	Gardener	1789	St Nich-Rochester Kent
Mgt	to  	Jn	Dunn		1790	Bredjar(?)	Kent
Wm	to  	Sarah	Richerman	1792	Exted		Surrey
Eliz	to  	Jas	Daly		1793	Westerham	Kent
Sarah	to  	Chas	Robinson	1793	Faversham	Kent
Jn	to  	Els	Tailor		1797	Whippingham	Hants
Dy	to  	Jn	Tun……		1797	Westerham	Kent
Hannah	to  	Wm	de B…ney	1799	Carisbrook	Hants
Mary	to  	Ste	Wilts		1799	Niton IW	Hants
Joshua	to  	Mary	French		1800	Westerham	Kent
Jas	to  	Mary	Grundell	1800	Arreton		Hants
Mary	to  	Wm	Bryant		1801	Crowhurst	Surrey
Mary	to  	Tho	Ovary		1802	Ridley		Kent
James	to 	Dianah 	Row-Wid		1804	St Mary Cray	Kent
James	to 	Mary 	Wilkinson	1808	North Fleet	
Jon	to  	Charl	Jones		1809	Northwood	Hants
Wm	to  	Mary	Gib		1810	Oxted		Surrey
Jn	to  	An	Green		1811	Hathcrop	Glous
Mary	to  	Rob	Ratsey		1811	Northwood	Hants
James	to 	Ann 	Featherstone	1812	Gillingham	Kent
An	to  	David	Latter		1815	Lamberhurst	Kent
Jn	to  	Elz	Gray		1816	Northwood	Hants
Tho	to  	Sar	Gamund		1816	Northwood	Hants
Wm	to  	An	Lucas		1819	Halstead	Kent
Jane	to  	Geo	Jeffery		1820	Westerham	Kent
Jno	to  	Jane	Underwood	1823	Carisbrook	Hants
Mary	to  	Fran	Harris		1829	Carisbrook	Hants
Sar	to  	Thos	Sims Seawell	1830	Northwood	Hants
Geo	to  	Mary An	Miller		1834	Carisbrook	Hants
Jas	to  	Mary	Cooper		1834	Arreton		Hants
These indexes are sourced from Boyd’s Marriage Index. Percival Boyd’s marriage index was compiled between 1925 and 1956 and covers many English Counties. The marriages were listed from Parish registers and marriage allegations in print during the time he worked so it is not fully comprehensive.

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