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A page for postings by those researching (on a hobby basis) the WICKENDEN surname. To get listed on this page simply send an email to rideauken@gmail.com with the information on your Wickenden line. Please note in your email that you wish this information posted to this page. Use the format shown below. List oldest ancestor first, and place of birth or residence (very important). Please limit the listing to 3 generations or less and 75 words or so.
WICKENDEN, James. b. before 1738, of Strood (?), Kent. m. Susanna CULLMER in Strood, Kent, England on July 8, 1756. Son James married Elizabeth GARDENER (second wife, first wife was Mary Rimes) on November 9, 1789 in Rochester, Kent. Son of James & Elizabeth, Samuel b. November 12, 1798 m. Eliza WELLBELOVED of Dorking, Surrey, in Halling, Kent in 1826. Son of Samuel: Thomas b. Dec 29, 1826 m. Charlotte QUAIFE on Oct. 31, 1849. Other children of Samuel & Eliza: Mary Ann (1829), Elizabeth (1831), Caroline (1833), Samuel (1836), Henry (1838), Jane (1841), Ann Rebecca (1844), and Eliza (1847). Contact: Ken Watson <kwatson@kos.net>

WICKENDEN, James. b. before 1738, of Strood (?), Kent. m. Susanna CULLMER in Strood, Kent, England on July 8, 1756. Son James married Mary RIMES (first wife, second wife was Elizabeth Gardener) on May 1, 1787 in Shorne, Kent. Son of James & Mary, James bap. April 21, 1788 m. Mary WILKINSON of Frindsbury, Kent. Children: Sarah (1821), James (1822), George (1824), William Thomas (1829). Son of James: William Thomas b. 1829 m. Sarah Elizabeth LETLEY on November 28, 1848 in Gillingham, Kent. Children of William and Sarah: Mary Elizabeth (1851 - Rochester), William Thomas (1853 - Rochester), Rebecca Lucy (1854 - Rochester), George (1856 - Chatham), Sarah Ann (1858 - Chatham). Contact: Brenda Marns <brenmarns@hotmail.com>

WICKENDEN, Thomas William. b c. 1822, in Maidstone, Kent, m Sarah Stone of Sellinge, Kent. Son of Thomas: James Orlando, b. 18 June 1849 in Canterbury, Kent, m. Harriet Jordan Spice of Ashford, Kent on 24 Dec. 1872 in Portsmouth. Daughter of James: Alice Edith Wickenden, b. 2 Feb 1883 in USA, m. Sigismund Stabert 25 June 1904 in the Bronx, NY, USA. Other children of Thomas and Sarah were Thomas b c.1846 in St. Mary Northgate and a daughter b 1851 in Canterbury; there may have been others later. Contact: Jean Stewart  <glenjean@argontech.net>

WICKENDEN, Thomas. b. 1780. Also Thomas John Wickenden b 1808 and Jane Elizabeth Wickenden b. 1831 at Deptford ? Jane Elizabeth married to John Reese. Contact: Trish Gage <Gageway@btinternet.com>

WICKENDEN, William b. abt. 1802 married a Jane Lawless on 5 March, 1825 in Saint Giles without Cripplegate, London, England. It is my belief that this William POSSIBLY had the following siblings. Joseph WICKENDEN born Abt. 1797 and died in 1874. He may of married a Elizabeth FAIRCLOUGH in 1825 at Igham, England. Next is a Mary WICKENDEN born Abt. 1797 and possibly died in March, 1800. Next is Maria WICKENDEN born Abt. 1805 and died in 1875. She may have married a Henry UPTON on 19 August, 1822 at Leigh, Kent, England. Finally, I have a Moses WICKENDEN born in Abt. 1807 and possibly died in 1873. He may of married a Elizabeth SEGAR on 15 May, 1831 at Leigh, Kent, England. All of the above is GUESS WORK but the timeframe suits me. Are any of the above people in your Family Research. Please tell me one way or the other so that I can eliminate them from my Family. Contact: Ken Lee <kenlee86@hotmail.com>

WICKENDEN, William. b. Dec. 15, 1801 (?) Tonbridge. Son of William and Jenny Wickenden. Married Mary __?__. Sibings were William (born 1789, died before 1795), Jenny (Feb. 20, 1800) and William. Children included Jane (1829), Charles (1832), Edward (1834), Jesse (1837), George (1841), Betsey (1845) and Sarah (1848). Son Edward b. June 29, 1834 Tonbridge, married Esther WALKIN Sept 02, 1854. Their children included Henry (1854), Fanny (1855), Ellen (1858) and Jesse (1860). Son Henry b. Sept. 16, 1854 Tonbridge married Emma Louisa LIMEBURNER (d. 1942). Children included Henry, Charles (1880), Charlotte, Esther, May, Emma, Alica and Clarence. Son Charles b. Sept. 21, 1880 St. Lawrence married Eva Blanche BARRON (Jan.01, 1903) Emigrated to Canada (1914) Children included Herbert, Leslie, John, George, Margaret, Doris, and Enid. Contact: Herb Wickenden <hwickend@ix.netcom.com>

WICKENDEN, Francis. Born about 1884 (from marriage certificate). Married Florence Louisa MAPSTON on March 3, 1915, at the Register Office, Bristol, England. Was a Private in the D. C?, L. I. in 1915. Son of Francis WICKENDEN who was a "Superintendent of Market", and was deceased by 1915. Contact: David Beecham <DavidPenn@aol.com>

WICKENDEN, William b. about 1804 at Lamberhurst, Kent, m. Mary (?) b. about 1806 in Wadhurst. Children, all born Lamberhurst or Wadhurst: Frances b. about 1829, William b. 27 March, 1831, Daniel (2) b. 20 March, 1836 bap. 24.7.1836 Wadhurst, Ann b. about 1839, Edgar bap. 10 April 1842, Emma bap. 10 Sept 1843, (m. 18 June, 1867 Wadhurst to William Henry Benge, Grocer, son of James a Farmer). Walter b. about 1846 (Family were living at Hog Hole, Lamberhurst, Kent until about 1855). Son of Daniel: William (3) b. 3 March, 1871 at Pembury, Kent. Mother, Eliza Pearson. Siblings of William (3): Hannah, Walter, Ellen, Emma and Herbert. William (3) m. 28 Jan 1899 to Margaret Sarah Kingsnorth b. 24 Sept, 1880. Contact: Sue Wickenden <sue@smartype.com.au>

Looking for Mary Wickenden, nee MARTIN, who married Thomas Wickenden on 8 July 1688 at Tonbridge, Kent. Looking for info about Mary's birth/christening - death/burial - age at death. Contact: Nigel Wickenden <nigel@wickendens.net>

WICKENDEN, Thomas. of Brasted, Kent, son of Thomas and Ann, baptised 22 July 1804 at Brasted, married Elizabeth Mansfield 2 September 1830, at St Luke, Old Charlton, Kent. The family then moved to Deptford/Lewisham area. Please contact: Geoff Wickenden, 5 Lawnswood Close, Sutton on Hull, Hull, East Yorkshire, HU7 4WY, UK (no email address available)

WICKENDEN, Joshua b.abt 1775, in Westerham, Kent. Married Mary FRENCH, Westerham, 1800. *Fanny WICKENDEN b. Westerham, 1814, married John OSMOND at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, 1836. *Eldest child, James OSMOND baptised at Mount Ephraim-Lady Huntingdon's, Tunbridge, 1837. The family went by assisted passage to Australia in 1838. Contact: Beryl Strang <beryl.strang@care4free.net>

WICKENDEN, Samuel born 1815/1816 in Knockholt, Kent, England married Emily Gosling born 1821 in Canterbury, Kent, England. They had three children all born Poplar, London. Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1853, Christiana 1856, and George Albert born 16 sep 1858. The 1861 London, Poplar district Census, dated April 1861, has Samuel Wickenden as age 45 and Emily Gosling as age 40. I would like to know if there is anyone that can help me locate info on Samuel's parentage. Would love to locate other descendants of Samuel and Emily. Contact: Donna Wickenden Thibodeaux<dgwthibo@msn.com>

WICKENDEN, Joseph. b 1820-23 in Tunbridge Wells m Sarah ? Sons Joseph b1855 Tunbridge Wells, Thomas b1858 Chatham, George b1861 Chatham, James b1863 Alresford, Charles b1870, Kingston-on-Thames. Daughters Elizabeth b1865 Alresford, Louisa b1867 Kingston-on-Thames, Clara b1873 Kingston-on-Thames. Contact: Martin Brooks <martin.brooks@btinternet.com>

WICKENDEN, Joshua, a labourer. Daughter Mary Wickenden, born Tonbridge 1846 married George Geal in 1869. Any info or connections? Contact: Steve Gaunt <steve@email.hinet.hr>

WICKENDEN, William. b.1764 Tonbridge,Kent, d.17 Jun 1829, Tonbridge, Kent, married to Jane Parker, 6 May 1787, Sevenoaks Parish Church, Kent; daughter, Sarah Wickenden, b. 1787, Leigh, Kent, married to William Romary on 16 May 1813, Tonbridge, Kent. Need to know if this Willaim Romary is connected to Romarys of Romary Biscuit Co., Tonbridge, Kent, or if they had a son, William Romary, b. 1814 that came to America in 1852 whose wife was Anne Shaw, b. 29 May 1813, West Grinstead, Sussex. Contact: Sharon Ethridge <mamajsmama@aol.com>

WICKENDEN, Winifred Alice. b.1908 Brasted, Kent. I think her father was an Albert/Arthur. Contact: Gina Clayton <ginaclayton@comcast.net>

WICKENDEN, James. b.c.1790s probably in Tunbridge, who married (or didn't) Barbara Burnett from Sussex (d. 1877). Their children included Susan Wickenden, born 1840 in Tunbridge, who married John Reed and lived in Southborough, Kent. Contact: Ann Godden <anngodden@anngodden.karoo.co.uk>

WICKENDEN, Samuel. born 1815/1816 in Knockholt, Kent, England married Emily Gosling born 1821 in Canterbury, Kent, England. They had three children all born Poplar, London. Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1853, Christiana 1856, and George Albert born 16 sep 1858. The 1861 London, Poplar district Census, dated April 1861, has Samuel Wickenden as age 45 and Emily Gosling as age 40. I would like to know if there is anyone that can help me locate info on Samuel's parentage. Would love to locate other descendants of Samuel and Emily. Contact: Donna Wickenden Thibodeaux<dgwthibo@msn.com>dgwthibo@msn.com

WICKENDEN, Stephen. In 1928 he was listed on the electoral register as living at 47 Albert Road, South Norwood, Croydon, London, with Emma Mary Wickenden. I do not know if she would have been his wife or may have been his sister. Contact : Louise Michaux : michaux@xtra.co.nz

WICKENDEN, Susanna. John and Susanna Wickenden are in the 1841 census with three children, Harriett, Dinah and Thomas. John died in 1841 and Susanna/Susan went on to marry William Inkpen. Just before the marriage she gave birth to Mary Ann who was given the surname WICKENDEN. Mary Ann also had a sister Esther who also had the surname Wickenden. Susan Wickenden was born in 1811 and died in the Croydon Workhouse Infirmary in 1888. Any information on the family would be great. Contact : Fiona - FionaFiano@aol.com

WICKENDEN, GEORGE b approx 1795, he says he is 40yrs in 1841 census, m MARY SMITH 16.04.1815 EDENBRIDGE. WILLIAM SMITH father of Mary living with them in 1851 census. GEORGE says he is from Sundridge but can find no trace of him there, could his accent have been mistaken and he meant Edenbridge??? Lots of W's in Edenbridge but no trace of George. All census show the family living in DORMANSLAND. Contact: B. Wickenden

WICKENDEN, John WICKENDEN, John. No details. Son Robert b. 1830 in Chiddingstone, Kent. m. Elizabeth JUPP in Crockham Hill, Westerham, Kent, England on 26 November 1854. Children: Jane b. 1856 Hever, Kent; Esther b. 1860 Hever; John b. 1858 Hever (m. Maria, 1882); George b. 1862 Hever (m. Alice Stemp, 1890); William Walter b. 4 May 1864, Hartfield, Sussex (m. Emily Giltrow, 1890; emigrated to Australia 1905); Rose b. 1866, Hartfield; Caroline Emily b. 1870 Brasted, Kent (m. John Morley, 1887); Elizabeth b. 1872, Brasted; Robert b. 1875, Brasted. Contact: Mike Devery

WICKENDEN, Thomas b 1808, he married Eliza Lovegrove (b.1811). His son James Wickenden, b.1848, d. 1907 married Ann Layzell (1841-1922). James had two brothers, William, married to Emma and Stephen married to Susan Contact: Martin Weston

WICKENDEN, Joan b 1460 in Cowden. She married ? Still Contact: Michael Still

WICKENDEN, John married Eliza in unknown. They had a son John Richard who married Sarah Emma Acres in Sydney, Australia in 1863. John died Bathurst, NSW Australia in 1873. Sarah was born 14th March 1825 and died 21 Dec 1902 in Blayney NSW Australia. They had 2 children Eliza Emma Wickenden born 1864 Redfern, NSW Australia, married William Turner 1897 Blayney, died 1956 Petersham/Ashfield, NSW Australia 1956. Secondly Ada Ann Wickenden born 1867 Windsor, NSW, Australia, married John Clements in 1890 in Blayney, died 1862 Blayney NSW Australia. Contact: Julie Rourke

WICKENDEN, Joseph b. 1815, Portsea, d. 1865 married Effie FLEMING. Among other children they had a son Joseph Wallace WICKENDEN b. 1847 in Portsea and married Margaret LLOYD in 1869, moving to Canada at that time. One of their children was Joseph Wallace WICKENDEN, b. 27-May-1873 at St. Catherine's, Canada. He became a mining engineer (Yale) and eventually moved to Nevada. He married Louisa and had a son Thomas Lloyd WICKENDEN, b. about 1909 in Salt Lake City Utah. Contact: Brian Fleming

WICKENDEN, Thomas 1786 & Susanna of Rochester. Siblings John 1795, Thomas 1792, & Ann. Thomas a Baker Died 1820. John a Slave owner died at St Kitts 1830. Previous Researcher Joyce Gail of British Columbia. Please email any information.
Wickenden, William & John 1792. Parents William & Elizabeth nee Lawrence of Shoreham. John 1792 born Leigh Nr Tonbridge. Not John of Tonbridge 1891. Please email any information. Contact: Gordon Wickenden

WICKENDEN, Alfred b. 1871 married Rose Kate Warrington, b.1881. One of their children was Winifred Alice WICKENDEN, b. 1908. Sibling to Winifred were Alfred, Cyril and George. Daughter of Winifred is Jeanne Valerie. Contact: Gina Clayton

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