Watson Information Services

Now volunteering with non-profit Rideau organizations only

Not For Profit Organizations

My volunteer activities include creating and maintaining a number of websites for various non-profit organizations - my criteria is these organizations must in some way be directly helping the Rideau Waterway (promoting heritage, environment, etc.). Many heritage organizations don't have internal website development skills, so it's a volunteer service I can offer.

I do this "work" since I like the Rideau Canal and this is my way of helping organizations that work to make information about heritage and/or environment of the Rideau Canal freely available to the general public.

Sites that I have created and/or hosted on a volunteer basis include:

bbThe Canadian Canal Society (2006 to present)
bbChaffey's Lock and Area Heritage Society (1998 to present)
bbThe Delta Mill Society (1997 to present)
bbFriends of the Rideau (1997 to present)
bbMerrickville Historical Society (2005 to present)
bbPerth Historical Society (2011 to present)
bbRideau Canal (personal website - 1996 to present)
bbRideau Roundtable (2007 to present)

Former sites:
  • Kingston Historical Society: 2000 - 2010 (site taken over by a local KHS webmaster)
  • Rideau Waterway Land Trust: 1997 - 2001 (site taken over by RWLT)
  • Rideau Canal Museum: 2000 - 2012 (organization folded - taken over by Parks Canada).
  • Rideau Heritage Network: 2006 - 2010 (organization folded).
  • Newboro Dogsled Races: 2006 to 2013 (ended - last race was in 2013)

Note about my commercial work: I wound down most of my commercial business in 2014 to concentrate on my volunteer activies. I stopped accepting new commercial clients several years ago.