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This page lists some sources of information about the Rideau, including some of the material I used to put these pages together. My first source of information is my wife Pat who grew up boating along the Rideau and knows most of the nooks and crannies of the waterway.

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Rideau Waterway by Robert Legget, University of Toronto Press, 1955. This is still the definitive source on the history of the Rideau.

Rideau by Larry Turner and John De Visser, The Boston Mills Press, 1995 - lots of pretty pictures and concise information about the Rideau.

Rideau - Boating and Road Guide, Where to Dock, Shop, Wine, Dine, Explore and Enjoy by Ontario Travel Guides, 1995. Lots of information for the boater or general traveller.

Rideau Waterway and Ottawa River Small Craft Guide, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, 1986. Details all the locks and navigation aids on the Rideau.

Building the Rideau Canal: A Pictorial History by Robert W. Passfield, Parks Canada, 1982. Excellent information on the actual building of the canal in a very easy to read format. Nice collection of 19th century watercolours.

The Canals of Canada by John P. Heisler. Canadian Historic Sites, Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History, No. 8, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, 1973. A bit dry but some good history of the building of the Rideau.

A Boy's Cottage Diary - 1904 annotated by Larry Turner, Perthwin Heritage, 1996. Diary of Fred Dickinson from the summer of 1904. A voyage to days gone by on the Rideau.

John By and the Rideau Canal by J. Dwight Purdy. Irwin Publishing, 1986. Part of the "We Built Canada" series of education publications. Good synopsis of the building of the canal.

Rideau Canal Bibliography, 1972 - 1992 compiled by Larry Turner. Commonwealth Historic Resource Association, 1992. Full bibliography of Rideau related publications published between 1972 and 1992. A must have for the real Rideau buff.

Rideau Canal Brochure - Parks Canada Agency - this is the little brochure with info on the Rideau and map which is handed out at lock stations.

Rideau Canal, Hours of Operation and Fees - Parks Canada Agency. Everything you wanted to know about fees and schedules. Also includes the Trent-Severn Waterway.

Several tourist and boating brochures including: and a few others, all available free from various Ontario tourist outlets.

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