Rick Mercer at Skate-the-lake
Rick Mercer does Skate-the-Lake
photo by: Ken W. Watson, 2009

Skate-the-Lake, the marathon speed skating event held annually in Portland, had a celebrity guest this year, comedian Rick Mercer. Rick was filming a segment for "The Rick Mercer Show" and certainly seemed to be having fun doing it. He participated in the relay race, one of the several skating events featured every year.

Rick Mercer Pumped Getting Pumped

Rick gets himself and the crowd pumped before the start of the race
(although it might have just been a reaction to the thin skating suit he was wearing and the -15 temperature)
Shenanigans Shenanigans

On the back side of the 1 km course, Rick prepares to get a helping hand from his camera crew.
Arriving Speeding to the Finish

Rick speeds (with a little help) to the finish line
handoff Push Off

Rick exhibits perfect form for the push-off of a teammate in the relay race.
Tania Vincent and Rick Mercer The Ringer

Following the motto "never leave anything to chance," Rick enlisted Olympic champion short track speed skater Tania Vincent as a teammate in the relay race.

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