Geographic Area

The initial geographic area for this Alliance of Rideau Lakes Associations will be the Rideau Valley watershed, however, lake associations outside the Rideau Valley will be welcomed.


Represent the interests of all participating Lake Associations in promoting lakes as a sustainable resource (economic, social and environmental) and in preserving the quality of the lake environments for present and future generations.



Activities or Actions to help achieve these objectives are outlined in the following table.


Strategic Objectives

Strategic Actions

  • Communications and information exchange
  • Develop a marketing and communications plan to promote the Alliance and its member Lake Associations
  • Exchange newsletters and/or articles or perhaps publish an Alliance newsletter
  • Develop an Internet website
  • Develop and maintain a central repository of all records/data for member Lake Associations
  • Partner with others regarding cost effective development and distribution of information e.g. joint publications; joint displays; etc.
  • Support the operation of existing storefronts e.g. LandOwner Resource Centre and BRLA Storefront
  • Voice on common issues
  • Develop mechanism to elicit issues and concerns from member Lake Associations
  • Develop position papers on common issues such as environmental issues; Provincial legislation and regulations; Official Plans and Zoning Bylaws; municipal voting procedures; policing; taxation; and water safety
  • Standards and criteria
  • Maintain an up-to-date technology support system to quickly and accurately research and acquire information e.g. reference/resource library
  • Develop methodology or how-to information on topics such as setbacks from water; water quality monitoring; septic system and shoreline vegetation surveys; and lake management planning

For more information contact:
Cliff Craig
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
Box 599, 1128 Mill Street
Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A5
Tel: 1-800-267-3504

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