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Memory WallThe Memory Wall and Outdoor Chapel form the entry to the historic Chaffey's Lock Cemetery, resting place of Mary Anne Chaffey, builders of the Rideau Canal and other pioneers. The Memory Wall is a self sustaining project of the Chaffey's Lock and Area Heritage Society, built by community efforts and with the support of Parks Canada.

Plaques on the wall(s), erected by individuals and families, celebrate not only those who were founders and early builders but all who have been, or are, part of the continuing life and spirit of this vital community on the Rideau Waterway. It also offers a fine place for memorial services, weddings, anniversaries and other ceremonies.

Any one who has or feels a connection to the Chaffey's Lock area is most cordially invited to have a plaque on the wall and in doing so support the Chaffey's Lock and Area Heritage Society and the community. The wall now includes plaques commemorating families, individuals, both living and passed on, a famous horse, apple pie and just good memories of Chaffeys. Plaques can even be set up so that names and dates can be added in the future.

For as little as $300 including taxes you can have your plaque made and erected on the wall. You will also receive a tax receipt for 2/3 of the cost. For information and free assistance in composing and setting up your plaque please contact the Heritage Society, or any member of the Memory Wall committee.

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Memory Wall

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