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The Chaffey's Lock and Area Heritage Society looks after two cemeteries, the Chaffey's Lock Cemetery (see below) and the Clear Lake Cemetery (click on this link)


Chaffey's Cemetery - photo by Ken W. Watson
The original wooden markers have long since rotted away leaving some of the old graves marked only by field stones
The Chaffey's Lock cemetery dates back to the mid-1820s, the first burial possibly that of John Poole, Samuel Chaffey's father-in-law, in 1825.

During the construction of locks in 1827-1831, this graveyard provided a final resting place to fallen canal workers. It was used througout the 19th century as the burial ground for local residents, particularly members of the Simmons and Fleming families. Mary Ann Chaffey Scott, wife of Samuel Chaffey and of John Scott was buried beside her two husbands in 1888. The cemetery was last used in about 1930 for the burial of Thomas Simmons and Charles Simmons, both lockmaster's sons.

The cemetery was rehabilitited by members of the Chaffey's Lock and Area Heritage Society in the 1990s. The area was cleared and 79 grave sites were identified. Many of the field stones markers were restored.

A memory wall was contructed to honour the memory of those that helped to build this great community. A winding path leads from the road (adjacent to Brown's Marina) to the memory wall which marks the entrance to the cemetery.

Chaffey's Cemetery
Chaffey's Plot (left) and headstone & fieldstone markers

For more information about the Chaffey's Cemetery,
have a look at an article written by Neil A. Patterson:
Chaffey's Lock Cemetery


The Clear Lake Cemetery, also known as the "Stanton-Kerr" Cemetery is located on Clear Lake Road. For details see the Clear Lake Cemetery section of this website.

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