Descendants of James* Wickenden


99. Richard Samuel Wickenden

Private school history teacher - Tabor Academy in Marion Mass.(source: Richard Samuel Wickenden II).

100. James William Wickenden

Headmaster of Tabor Academy in Marion, Mass. from 1941 to 1976(source: Richard Samuel Wickenden II)

Choice died a couple of weeks after the birth of Martha Jane in 1912,when
son James was only six, probably from blood poisoning or some sort of
infection related to childbirth. James was very lonely following his
mother's death and was sent to live for a time with the Davies family.
(Source: Judy Young Kerstetter). [Susan W. Hunter - 1999 email]

101. Marthajane Wickenden

After the death of her mother Choyce, Martha Jane was given into thecare of her Uncle LeRoy (Susan W. Hunter)

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