Descendants of James* Wickenden


76. Rollin Horton Wickenden

The headstone in the Willow Cemetery in Toledo, shows Rollin H.Wickenden 1881 - 1956. However a letter from Charlotte Quaife, datedOctober 18, 1880, noted that "Lucy really needs help with her threeboys" - so this would place Rollin's birth into 1880 [Ken Watson,2003]

In a letter dated October 13, 1880 - Charlotte Quaife writes inreference to Rollin: "as to the new baby he is a dear little britefellow they think he looks like me but I think he is like your mothersbaby that he has blue eyes and his hair is about the colour of bobwhen he was little. Rollin Horton Wickenden is his name Horton is thename of his grate granma
Lucy ones mother mother he was born on her birth day she 70" [KenWatson, 2003]

Edith Mildred Pearce

Died of renal failure about 1935 (source: Richard Samuel Wickenden II)

Choyce Meridith Davies

Died a couple of weeks after the birth of Martha Jane in 1912,possibly from blood poisoning or some sort of infection related tochildbirth (info from Judy Young Kerstetter, provided by Susan W.Hunter)

Edith K. Windish

originally housekeeper for Rollin (source: Richard Samuel WickendenII).

88. Henri Robert Wickenden

The lake and the Wickenden Camp on Anticosti Island were named forHenri who developed Anticosti Island for Wayagamack Paper Corporation.He went to McGill and graduated as an Forestry Engineer, was furthertrained in Sweden where he had won a scholarship during his work atMcGill. He crossed the ocean on an old steamer during World War 1working as a sailor to get his fellowship in Sweden . He went to workin Wayagamack Paper Corp. Henry died in his forties, it was thoughtto be from a ski accident as he was one of the first to try out skisin Canada, but Margot his sister said she thought it was because hehad some digestive problem - maybe Appendicitis- he was brought backfrom Anticosti very sick , his mother took care of him at the hospitalwhere he died. His wife remarried shortly thereafter.
- Grace Wickenden Colby, Nov, 1997.

Jean Wickenden Mooney notes that Henri died in Royal Victoria Hospitalin Montreal following an operation for ulcers (possibly died ofpneumonia resulting from the operation).

Jocelyn Wickenden Watson relates that the story she was told by herfather was that Henri died of appendicitis - passing away, as notedabove, in Royal Victoria Hospital.

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