Descendants of James* Wickenden


114. Herbert Russell Wickenden

1Ann Wickenden Walters.
Source Medium: Unknown

Some source material from Family History by Homer Wickenden
much is family remembrances.

116. Dorothy Jean Winans

1Thomas Rogers Wickenden Family Memoirs.
Source Medium: Book

pub. by Arthur C. Wickenden, 1962. Printed by Cullen Printing Co.,Oxford. Ohio.
Memoirs of Homer Edgar, Lottie, William Elgin, Ida, Thomas Howard,Arthur Consaul, Ruth and Dorothy Wickenden, children of Thomas RogersWickenden.

2Gary Knapp.
"2010 email."

126. Henry Robert (Bob) Wickenden

1Henry Robert Wickenden, Henry Robert Wickenden.
Source Medium: Other

Information from Henry Robert Wickenden (b. Aug 17, 1950)
Henry (Wick) Wickenden <>
First Contact: May, 1998
Relationship - son of Henry Robert Wickenden, son of Henri RobertWickenden, son of RJW (2nd cousin to kww).

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