Descendants of James Watson


Edward Owen (Eddie) Keatley

Eddie died from influenza which was epidemic at that time [DavidDewar]

7. Ethel Louisa Watson

Ethel life came to a tragic end when she burned to death. She was athome with her young child, Phyllis, making furniture polish by heatinga mixture of wax and turpentine on her gas stove. The mixtureoverflowed and caught fire. In trying to put out the fire, Ethel'sclothes caught fire. A neighbour heard her screams and ran over, onlyto meet her at the front door enveloped in flames. Another neighbourran over with a blanket and put out the flames and called anambulance. Ethel's concern at the time was not for herself, but forher baby. One of the neighbours retrieved Phyllis, unharmed, and itis said that a happy smile lit Ethyl's face when she saw her babyunharmed. She died in hospital that evening. [information fromobituaries]

8. Webster* Meerks Watson

The name Webster Meerks is derived from two sides of the family. Onthe Watson side, the Meerks name comes from the grandmother, who wasmistakenly assumed to be Jane Meerks (see the note under her correctname "Jane Marks"). The given name of Webster comes from his mother'sside. Her parents, Samuel Webster and Amelie Desjardins had 2 sonsand 6 daughters. The youngest son William died young from drowning ina well. It is presumed that the oldest, Peter, died before gettingmarried since "the girls in the family were asked to name a boy"Webster" in order to keep the family name alive.

Edith* (Edythe) Frances Stanfield

Baptismal certificate shows "Edith Frances" but she went by "Edythe"later in life.

Ruby V. Dawson

of Stonefield, Quebec

31. William (Bill) Donald Greig

Died in action in WWII in France

34. James Angus Watson

"given by adoption on the death of his mother to James Watson and hiswife Annie, at Point Fortune, Quebec." - Family Bible

He was adopted straight out of the hospital to the Watson family (norelation). He didn't get acquainted with his blood siblings until hewas 17 years old [Muriel Greig Fetch, 2013]

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