Descendants of James* Field Stanfield


61. Edith* (Edythe) Frances Stanfield

Baptismal certificate shows "Edith Frances" but she went by "Edythe"later in life.

Webster* Meerks Watson

The name Webster Meerks is derived from two sides of the family. Onthe Watson side, the Meerks name comes from the grandmother, who wasmistakenly assumed to be Jane Meerks (see the note under her correctname "Jane Marks"). The given name of Webster comes from his mother'sside. Her parents, Samuel Webster and Amelie Desjardins had 2 sonsand 6 daughters. The youngest son William died young from drowning ina well. It is presumed that the oldest, Peter, died before gettingmarried since "the girls in the family were asked to name a boy"Webster" in order to keep the family name alive.

62. Mabel Ellen Stanfield

Lived in Town of Mount Royal, Quebec, prior to Charles' death and thenmoved to Islington, Ontario

65. Ernest Alfred Field Stanfield

His first two children were born in India. Patricia Audrey Stanfieldwas born in Naini Tal (hill station) so it is possible her olderbrother (James Ernest Field Stanfield) was as well. The two youngerchildren (Diana Elizabeth Stanfield and John D'Arcy
Clarkson Stanfield) were both born in Kavieng, New Ireland, Papua NewGuinea. (source: Anne Peters)

79. James Ernest Field Stanfield

never married (source: Anne Peters)

Buried in Runnymede Memorial Cemetery, England (Commonwealth WarGraves records).

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