Descendants of James* Field Stanfield


34. Edward* John Clarkson (Clarkson) Stanfield

Buried at Montreal Memorial Park, Section A, Lot 195, Grave 2
Worked 35 years for Robert Reford Company (an affiliate of Cunard).

The 1861 British Census

The 1871 British Census shows him as "Clarkson Stanfield", age 15,born in Hampstead, Middlesex, England. He was living with his familyat 42 Belsize Square, London.

The 1881 British Census shows him as "Edmund J. C. STANFIELD", age 26,born in Hampstead, Middlesex, England. At the time of the census hewas a boarder at 38 Powis Square, Kensington, London, Middlesex,England. Source: FHL Film 1341008 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0037Folio 26 Page 47
He is listed as an unemployed Stockbrokers Clerk

1891 census of Canada shows him as "Clarkson Stanfield", age 34,living in the St. Louis Ward of Montreal Centre with Ellen age 25,"Eva" (Edith) - age 3, "Maple" (Mabel) age 8 months.

- 1901 census shows him to be a "bookeeper" with a salary of $800 peryear. The census also shows, apparently in error, an emigration toCanada in 1897. However we know Clarkson and Ellen were married inMontreal and that that their three children were born in Montrealprior to 1897 (baptismal certificates).

The 1901 census also shows an "Edith Sennett" as "Aunt" living withthe family in 1901. She is listed as married so this is presumablyher married name.

The following are the C. Stanfield listings in Lovell's Montreal

1882/83 to 1888/89: No Stanfield listed
1889/90: C, Stanfield, clerk, 70 St. Elizabeth
1890/91: Ditto
1891/92: No Stanfield
1892/93: Stanfield Clerkson(sic) clerk, 70 St. Elizabeth
1893/94: Ditto
1894/95: Stanfield Clarkson, clerk, 70 St. Elizabeth
1895/96: Stanfield Clarkson, clerk, 360 St. Dominique
1896/97: Stanfield Clarkson, clerk, 403 1-2 St. Dominique
1897-1900: Ditto
1901/02: Ditto

The gap for 1891/92 probably means he wasn't home when Lovell'scalled.
The fact he wasn't listed for 1888/89 might also be an oversight,because my
Mother was born in Montreal in 1888, but it takes a stretch ofimagination to
think that he was overlooked all the way from 1882/83 to 1888/89. Myguess is he
arrived in Montreal sometime between 1886 and 1888. [James K. Watson,2001]

Lucy* Ellen (Ellen) Gladman

Buried at Montreal Memorial Park, Section A, Lot 195, Grave 2

38. Alfred D'Arcy Stanfield

D'Arcy and Eva were travelling actors which explains the variouslocations of the births of their children - Anne Peters

The 1871 British Census shows D'arcy Stanfield, age 11, bornHampstead, Middlesex.

The 1881 Census shows "Darcy" and his mother "Marie" (Maria), both aslodgers with Sarah Drew who was the lodging house keeper at 92Hereford Rd, Paddington, London.
Census Place: Paddington, London, Middlesex, England. Source: FHLFilm 1341003 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0013 Folio 114 Page 21
Marie is shown to be a lodger, age 47, who was born in Leeds, York,England.
Darcy is shown as a lodger, age 21, born London, Middlesex, England,occupation - dramatic artist.

64. D'Arcy Clarence Clarkson Stanfield

Died at school - reported as "very laboured breathing", possibly anupper respiratory tract infection - Anne Peters

51. Henrietta Campbell Stanfield

Henrietta and Joseph had 10 children [Paul Caetano, 2000]

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