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La Forge, Amanda Sophia Jane (UNKNOWN-)
Laberee, Edwin (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Laberee, Martha Eliza (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Labey, Adele Marguerite de Verac (06 JUL 1899-03 JUN 1993)
Labey, Alfred Charles (11 MAY 1860-14 JUN 1896)
Labey, Beryl Avis (24 JUN 1896-16 APR 1988)
Labey, Charles (UNKNOWN-)
Labey, Christine Phyllis (06 MAR 1893-18 JAN 1961)
Labey, Clara Ann (02 APR 1864-11 JUL 1947)
Labey, Clement Ahier (18 JAN 1882-30 OCT 1884)
Labey, Doris Ahier (09 SEP 1891-16 MAR 1979)
Labey, Ernest George (03 OCT 1871-25 FEB 1947)
Labey, Francois (UNKNOWN-)
Labey, George Edwin (07 DEC 1899-08 MAY 1979)
Labey, Jean (1795-1872)
Labey, John William (Jack) (07 AUG 1858-24 SEP 1938)
Labey, Lena May (22 MAY 1877-22 AUG 1935)
Labey, Leonard Philip (16 MAY 1894-12 MAR 1895)
Labey, Lillian Amy (02 MAR 1886-15 JUL 1965)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Living (-)
Labey, Lydia Jane (11 JAN 1862-13 JAN 1932)
Labey, Muriel Marguerite (12 JUN 1887-18 DEC 1986)
Labey, Philip Francis (ABT 1869-06 FEB 1940)
Labey, Philip John (21 AUG 1857-21 APR 1862)
Labey, Philippe (1826-18 AUG 1903)
Labey, Philippe (BEF 1694-UNKNOWN)
Labey, Raymond John (11 JUN 1889-13 JUL 1987)
Labey, Thomas (1712-UNKNOWN)
Labey, Thomas (UNKNOWN-)
Labey, Vera Clare (19 AUG 1890-20 NOV 1972)
Labey, Walter Philip (11 AUG 1898-30 SEP 1976)
Labey, William John (UNKNOWN-)
Labey, William Philip (11 MAR 1866-12 JAN 1868)
Lacasse, Elza J. (1898-1972)
Lake, Living (-)
Lake, Living (-)
Lake, Living (-)
Lake, Living (-)
Lamb, Clarence (UNKNOWN-06 DEC 1941)
Lamb, John* (01 AUG 1628-28 SEP 1690)
Lamb, Marion (31 JUL 1884-26 AUG 1961)
Lamb, Sarah* (15 APR 1660-1726)
Lambert, Living (-)
Lamberton, Martha Ellen (Mattie) (02 FEB 1877-22 AUG 1960)
Lancey, Living (-)
Lancey, Living (-)
Lancey, Living (-)
Lancey, Living (-)
Landry, Living (-)
Lang, Living (-)
Langlois, Philippe (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Langlois, Rodney R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Laniel, Living (-)
Lanktree, Living (-)
Larson, Living (-)
Lawrence, Julia Annie (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lawrence, Philip (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Bourdon, Jean (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Boutillier, Francois (BEF 1780-1811)
Le Boutillier, Francoise (Fanny) (BEF 06 JUL 1800-UNKNOWN)
Le Brun, Elise Alice (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Brun, Marie (UNKNOWN-)
Le Clercq, Jeanne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Clercq, Philippe (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Clercq, Thomas (BEF 1654-UNKNOWN)
Le Clercq, Thomas (BEF 1735-UNKNOWN)
Le Convey, Marie (UNKNOWN-1679)
Le Febvre, Abraham (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Febvre, Jeanne* (BEF 1588-UNKNOWN)
Le Feuvre, James Philip (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Feuvre, Living (-)
Le Feuvre, Rachel* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Geyt, Jeanne* (UNKNOWN-BEF 15 MAR 1635)
Le Geyt, Pierre* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Gresley, Claude Alexandre (BEF 1900-UNKNOWN)
Le Gresley, Edward (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Gresley, Edward Falle (Ted) (UNKNOWN-1967)
Le Gresley, Matilda Georgiana (BEF 1880-UNKNOWN)
Le Haguais, ?* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Haguais, Jacques (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Jenne, Susanne* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Jeune, Albert De Jersey (ABT 1885-UNKNOWN)
Le Jeune, Albert Philip (ABT 1844-AFT 1891)
Le Jeune, Elsie Laura (ABT 1888-UNKNOWN)
Le Jeune, Jean (BEF 1787-UNKNOWN)
Le Jeune, Rachel* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Maistre, Charles Alan (UNKNOWN-)
Le Maistre, daughter1 (UNKNOWN-)
Le Maistre, daughter3 (UNKNOWN-)
Le Maistre, daugther2 (UNKNOWN-)
Le Maistre, Guillemette* (BEF 1556-UNKNOWN)
Le Maistre, Peter Charles (BEF 1900-16 JAN 1956)
Le Maistre, Peter Charles (BEF 1880-UNKNOWN)
Le Moignan, Clement* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Moignan, Jean (UNKNOWN-)
Le Moignan, Jeanne* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Moignan, Mabel (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Montais, Catherine* (UNKNOWN-BEF 27 APR 1623)
Le Neveu, Adelina Much (1834-1838)
Le Neveu, Agnes Emma (1866-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Anne (BEF 05 MAY 1734-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Arthur Godfray (1863-1946)
Le Neveu, Betsey (BEF 03 JUL 1797-1799)
Le Neveu, Charles (BEF 15 AUG 1832-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Clara Emma (1881-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Claude Montbrun (09 FEB 1870-17 AUG 1936)
Le Neveu, Clement (1740-1741)
Le Neveu, Clement (BEF OCT 1666-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Clement (BEF 18 MAR 1798-1814)
Le Neveu, Clement (BEF 13 FEB 1742-1811)
Le Neveu, Clement (BET 1763 AND 1766-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Clement (BEF 25 JUN 1837-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Clement (BEF 02 FEB 1700-1783)
Le Neveu, Clement (BEF 16 MAR 1734-1823)
Le Neveu, Clement* (BEF 1618-1665)
Le Neveu, Collette (BEF 13 FEB 1641-1693)
Le Neveu, David (BEF 07 NOV 1820-1885)
Le Neveu, David Bertram (1880-1965)
Le Neveu, Edith Emma (ABT 1860-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Edith Lillian (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, Eliza Jane (1854-1916)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 26 JAN 1806-1887)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (1792-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 20 OCT 1728-1773)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 02 MAY 1779-1809)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 12 OCT 1796-1797)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (AFT 1666-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 31 DEC 1727-1802)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 30 MAY 1821-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 27 OCT 1805-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 27 APR 1834-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth (BEF 22 AUG 1802-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth Ann (BEF 30 AUG 1835-1863)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth Anne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Elizabeth Jane (BEF 24 MAY 1839-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Ellen Maria (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, Emilie Jane (BEF 13 JUL 1828-AFT 1891)
Le Neveu, Emma (BEF 12 DEC 1826-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Ernest Montbrun (ABT 1867-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Esther (BEF 06 JAN 1805-)
Le Neveu, Esther (BEF 30 OCT 1800-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Esther Ann (BEF 17 OCT 1824-)
Le Neveu, Esther Margueritte (BEF 22 MAR 1792-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Esther Margueritte (BEF 23 DEC 1810-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Ethel Isabel (1876-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Florence Mary (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, Godfrey Herbert (1859-1939)
Le Neveu, Hannah Godfray (BET 1863 AND 1866-1931)
Le Neveu, Henriette (BEF 26 SEP 1832-1835)
Le Neveu, Henry Godfray (1857-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Herbert Cooke (ABT 1865-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Isabelle (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, James Philip (02 OCT 1897-25 JUL 1973)
Le Neveu, Jane (BEF 16 JUL 1826-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Jean (1735-1736)
Le Neveu, Jean (UNKNOWN-1629)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 08 APR 1803-AFT 1842)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 18 DEC 1814-1893)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 18 JUN 1704-1776)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 01 FEB 1829-1891)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 11 JUN 1727-1727)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 17 NOV 1793-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 11 OCT 1818-1826)
Le Neveu, Jean (BEF 25 SEP 1808-1853)
Le Neveu, Jean (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, Jean* (BEF 1555-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Jean* (BEF 02 MAY 1762-1846)
Le Neveu, Jean* (BEF 09 APR 1699-BEF 1785)
Le Neveu, Jean* (BEF 10 APR 1636-1720)
Le Neveu, Jean* (BEF 19 DEC 1731-1791)
Le Neveu, Jean* (BEF 04 OCT 1663-BEF 1739)
Le Neveu, Jeanne (BEF 28 AUG 1737-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Jeanne (BEF 05 SEP 1788-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Jeanne (BEF 11 OCT 1749-)
Le Neveu, Jeanne (BEF 16 NOV 1645-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Jessie Godfray (1860-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Jessy Louisa (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, John (BEF 17 FEB 1828-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, John George (1852-1853)
Le Neveu, John George (1850-1851)
Le Neveu, John Philip (1857-1917)
Le Neveu, Josu (BEF 29 APR 1770-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Josu (BEF 20 JUN 1669-1747)
Le Neveu, Josu (BEF 08 DEC 1795-1796)
Le Neveu, Judith (BEF 10 DEC 1740-1797)
Le Neveu, Juliette Marie (1878-20 OCT 1943)
Le Neveu, Living (-)
Le Neveu, Living (-)
Le Neveu, Louisa Elizabeth (1899-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Lucy Ann (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, Lucy Emily (1869-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Lydia Frances (ABT 1856-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Margueriet (BEF 24 MAR 1737-1824)
Le Neveu, Marguerite (BEF 04 OCT 1724-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Marguerite (BEF 01 JAN 1672-1770)
Le Neveu, Marguerite (BEF 04 JAN 1709-1712)
Le Neveu, Marguerite (BEF 26 SEP 1647-1700)
Le Neveu, Marguerite (BEF 18 AUG 1776-1859)
Le Neveu, Marguerite (BEF 20 MAR 1729-1764)
Le Neveu, Marguerite Elizabeth (1795-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Marguerite* (BEF 1743-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Margueritte (BEF 19 JUN 1808-1842)
Le Neveu, Margueritte (BEF 12 APR 1807-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Margueritte Esther (1795-1799)
Le Neveu, Margueritte* (BEF 03 MAR 1800-17 MAY 1887)
Le Neveu, Marie (BEF 02 MAY 1802-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Marie (BEF 05 DEC 1638-1712)
Le Neveu, Marie (BEF 06 JUN 1817-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Marie Anne (BEF 04 JUL 1824-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Mary Ann (1848-1929)
Le Neveu, Mary Anne (BEF 22 APR 1832-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Mary Jane (1845-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Mary* Ann (07 JUL 1823-1905)
Le Neveu, Miriam Cecile (AFT 1871-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Olive Frances (1898-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Percy Godfray (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, Philip Cooke (ABT 1858-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Philip John (1877-1949)
Le Neveu, Philippe (BEF 24 OCT 1834-16 DEC 1918)
Le Neveu, Philippe (BEF 23 AUG 1822-1822)
Le Neveu, Philippe (BEF 25 OCT 1829-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Philippe (BEF 1791-1791)
Le Neveu, Philippe Jacques (1848-1920)
Le Neveu, Philippe Montbrun (BEF 24 JAN 1830-1901)
Le Neveu, Philippe* (BEF 22 JUL 1794-1874)
Le Neveu, Philippe* Jacques (BEF 14 DEC 1767-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Richard (UNKNOWN-)
Le Neveu, Rosa Elsie (1871-1892)
Le Neveu, Sophie Esther (07 JUL 1823-1839)
Le Neveu, Susanne (1793-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Susanne (BEF 02 NOV 1785-1812)
Le Neveu, Susanne (BEF 30 AUG 1782-1785)
Le Neveu, Thom (BEF 19 APR 1800-UNKNOWN)
Le Neveu, Thomas (UNKNOWN-1640)
Le Neveu, Thomas (BEF 08 MAY 1774-1788)
Le Neveu, Thomas (BEF 29 APR 1798-1803)
Le Neveu, Thomas (BEF 28 OCT 1827-1901)
Le Neveu, Thomas* (ABT 1575-1640)
Le Neveu, Walter Montbrun (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Le Quesne, Jane (13 NOV 1818-UNKNOWN)
Le Quesne, John (19 JUN 1822-UNKNOWN)
Le Quesne, Philippe (02 JUN 1820-BEF 1881)
Le Quesne, Philippe (UNKNOWN-BEF 31 DEC 1829)
Le Quesne, Sophie (12 JUL 1824-16 FEB 1886)
Le Quesne, Unknown (UNKNOWN-)
Le Quesne, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Riche, Living (-)
Le Riche, Vernon Stanley (UNKNOWN-)
Le Rossignel, Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Rougetel, Thomas (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Sueur, Francois (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Tubelin, ?* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Tubelin, Esther* (UNKNOWN-AFT 1622)
Le Tubelin, Lunaire* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Le Veslet, Ann Elizabeth (UNKNOWN-)
Learned, Emma M. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Learned, Irene (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lebourveau, Orra (1806-1872)
Lechmere, Margery* (06 MAR 1553-AFT 1636)
Lechmere, Richard* (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lee, Nancy (UNKNOWN-1875)
Lefebure, Jeanne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lefeuvre, Esther (ABT 1784-UNKNOWN)
Lefort, Louise (ABT 1726-04 AUG 1762)
Lemaistre, Marie* (BEF 1744-UNKNOWN)
Lempriere, Walter (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lennox, Elizabeth (Betty) (UNKNOWN-)
Leroy, Catherine (UNKNOWN-)
Leroy, Doris Maria (1906-12 NOV 1980)
Leroy, Orrin Ernest (28 FEB 1860-30 NOV 1930)
Leroy, Robert (UNKNOWN-)
Leroy, Sara (BEF 25 JAN 1731-UNKNOWN)
LeSueur, Florence (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Letley, Sarah Elizabeth (BEF 07 SEP 1828-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Gradis (1769-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, Mary (Magdelena) Magdalene (ABT 1773-UNKNOWN)
Lewis, William (15 SEP 1762-05 OCT 1836)
Light, Margaret Anne (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lindberg, Edgar R. (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Linder, Albert (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lindley, Charlotte (10 DEC 1793-07 DEC 1881)
Lindley, David (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lindley, Maria (19 DEC 1800-16 FEB 1827)
Lineham, Living (-)
Lineham, Living (-)
Lineham, Living (-)
Lineham, Living (-)
Lineham, Living (-)
Lineham, William (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Ling, Raymond George (02 MAY 1901-UNKNOWN)
Linnemayr, Living (-)
Lipton, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Living (-)
Littlefield, Richard Wargrave (28 NOV 1915-20 FEB 1978)
Livingstone, Catherine (JUL 1864-11 JUL 1914)
Lothrop, Horace (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lothrop, Mary Louisa Alberta (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Loughlin, Living (-)
Loughlin, Living (-)
Loughlin, Living (-)
Lounsbury, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Love, Edward Everett (UNKNOWN-)
Love, Jane Emma (Emma) (ABT 1858-)
Love, Living (-)
Love, Living (-)
Love, Living (-)
Lowndes, Living (-)
Lozinski, Living (-)
Lucas, Eunice May (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lukin, Emma Elizabeth (28 OCT 1825-14 JUN 1865)
Lund, Theresa (UNKNOWN-01 MAR 1936)
Lybarger, Ella Nora (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)
Lybarger, Richard (UNKNOWN-UNKNOWN)

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