Descendants of Jacob* French


74. William Ward Bailey

He was foreman for the Cookshire Mill Co., and also mayor of Cookshire[C.S. Lebourveau - A History of Eaton]

75. Maria Augusta Bailey

William Ward Genealogy by Martyn, 1925, pg.434 shows marriage date asMay 31, 1867 in Cookshire, Quebec, CAN (Robert Kline)
Roger Lancey chart shows marriage date as May 31 1873. Since Lanceycharts shows dates of birth for children as 1875, 1878 & 1880, andthis is a direct ancestor of Roger Lancey, it is presumed that Lanceyshows the correct marriage date.

Charles* Ward Bailey French

He was educated at the Cookshire Academy. He held the position ofCaptain in the 58th Battalion. He came within 1 vote of receiving thenomination of the Conservative Party as their candidate for theLegislative Assembly. He is listed as being a hotel keeper andfarmer. Kate and Charles owned and operated the Scotstown Hotel,built by his father Horace Hall French. [History of Compton County,1896]

1881 Canadian Census:

Census Place: Hampden, Compton, Quebec, Canada
Source: FHL Film 1375834 NAC C-13198 Dist 54 SubDist H Page 8Family 28
Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace
Charles FRENCH M W 35 English Quebec
Occ: Hotel Keeper Religion: Church of England
Pertie FRENCH F 5 English Quebec
Religion: Church of England
Helen FRENCH F 3 English Quebec
Religion: Church of England
Herbert FRENCH M 1 English Quebec
Religion: Church of England

131. Persis Harriet French

Cookshire cemetery records show death date as April 26, 1838 or 1964.Might be confusing with sister Ellen's death date of 1964? Cemeteryrecords state that she was not married.

132. Ellen Bailey French

middle name from William Ward Genealogy by Martyn, 1925 (RobertKline). Cookshire cemetery records do not show a husband for Ellen

82. Emma M. Bailey

History of Compton County, 1896 indicated that Emma and Malcolm hadfour children and lived in Scotstown.

86. Levi William French

Residence in 1896 was at the home farm in Eaton [History of ComptonCounty, 1896]

137. ? French

John Abbott French chart notes only as "girl"

89. Mary Kay French

A History of Eaton by C.S. Lebourveau shows name to be "Mary Viee"
History of Compton County by L.S. Channell shows name to be "Mary Key"- also shows residence in 1896 to be Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A.

92. Samuel Henry French

Residence in 1896 was in Ashtabula, Ohio [History of Compton County,1896]

Ellinor N. Ellis

Originally had name as "Eleanor Harriet Harris" from Jim French,French Family Association

93. Jonas Ludiah French

John Abbott French chart shows simply as Jonas French (1850-1941).Originally had Jonas married to "Abigail Sarah M." Data from WilliamWard Genealogy showed Ludiah French married to Abigail Sarah MariaFrench (2nd cousin). Listed children were the same (JAF chart onlyshowed first names). Lineage was the same based on following quotefrom a document about the French family name. "This was copied byJohn Abbott French from an old manuscript written by his grandfather,Hiram French. Hiram was a son of Levi and grandson of John French(born 1739 at Enfield, Conn.) and his wife Abigail Sage who came tosettle in Eaton Township, County of Compton. Province of Quebec in1797 or 1798; that John French was a son of John French and RachelBush." Using this info, and the JAF chart, JAF's father could only beJonas, son of Hiram (1808-1892), since Jonas was the only one with ason named John.
Therefore, Jonas French and Ludiah French are the same person, AbigailSarah M. and Abigail Sarah Marie French are also the same. Cookshirecemetery records show name as Jonas Ludiah French as does "A Historyof Eaton by C.S. Lebourveau" so presumably the William Ward Genealogyis in error.

Railroad clerk. - William Ward Genealogy by Martyn, 1925. Pg.435.(Robert Kline)

158. Henry Stanley French

Note: Henry Stanley French does NOT appear on John Abbott Frenchchart.

94. Sarah Bell Caroline French

J.A.F. Chart shows birth to be 1853
Residence in 1896 was Fresno, California [History of Compton County,1896]

99. Clyde Wolsley French

middle name from Cookshire cemetery records

163. Donald Alexander French

middle name from Cookshire cemetery records. - not married.

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