Descendants of Jacob* French


55. Adeline French

C.S. Lebourveau in A History of Eaton shows first name to be"Adaline".

61. ? French

John Abbott French chart only lists as "son"

62. ? French

John Abbott French chart only lists as "son"

66. Caroline Matilda French

middle name from Cookshire Cemetery records

54. John* French

Drowned at Brompton Falls (Lac Brompton, Quebec ?) in 1816 on way toThree Rivers to trade. His brother with him also drowned. (source:Annie French) - C.S. Lebourveau in "A History of Eaton" states that hedrowned in 1815 at Brompton Falls while on his way to Three Riverswith a load of potash.

The French family came from Connecticut, U.S.A. in 1797 and settled inCompton County. [Evelyn Smith, 1999]

Amy* Hall

I.G.I. C502751 has birth date for Amy Hall as 29 October 1788 but C.S.Lebourveau in "A History of Eaton" has Amy's age at death in 1866 as72 years.

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