Descendants of Jacob* French


44. John* French

HDF Sources: Ancient Windsor, CT--Stiles 2/275 Woolworth geneal.
Judith Farley: Cynthe, Mary and L. may be of another John French,since birth dates are too early...
[Carrie Edgett article: was chosen fence viewer in 1772, tythingman in1777, and served on the "School Committee" in 1779.
Robert K. Myles has Abigail SAGE, not Abigail ADAMS as wife.
- from Jim French, French Family Association

" John French, born in Enfield, Conn., in 1739, married Abigail Sage,born 1741, of some place, came into Eaton by a spotted line (blazedtrail) as far as Eaton Corner. His eldest son came with him and theycleared a spot sufficient to plant a peck of potatoes on what iscalled the Alger sugar place, which can now be identified by secondgrowth. They came in the fall and dug them, had a good crop andburied them ready for next spring. ..... This is supposed to be thefirst clearing or planting done in the township. In 1798 he and twoof his boys came in, went as far as Cookshire, settled on the eastside of the river, put in some crop, and built a log house near wherethe Jack Alden house now stands. In the fall he moved his family in.They had 4 sons and 3 daughters" [A history of Eaton by C.S.Lebourveau, 1894]

June 2002 Update - I have removed the child Elam French (b. 16 June1791) from this line based on information from Eleanor Dillon and theFFA. Elam does not belong to this line, he comes from a line of JohnFrench and Martha Phelps. Feb 2003 update - I have deleted thechildren Leudiah, Daniel, Nancy, and Elsie, since these names do NOTappear on the French family charts created by John Abbott French - heonly shows Cynthia, Mary, Luther, Levi, Anna, and John as thechildren of John French and Abigale Sage. Eleanor Dillon indicatesthat Daniel is of her line, so I have concluded that all the 'non JohnAbbott French chart' children are part of Eleanor's line - not mine.

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