Descendants of Jacob* French


42. John* French

Some confusion about which wife had which children, i.e., Rachel Bush,Martha Phelps...difference between Judith Farley and HDF.
HDF: Woolworth gen., NEHGS reg. vol 30
John settled north of Freshwater on the main street. Was chosenSurveyor in 1751; constable, 1748, tax collector 1749. He became anearly settler of Windsor, CT, where he owned a large share of thetown, and had wealth and enterprise.

[Carrie Edgett article: He seems to have been a more prominent citizenof Enfield than either of his brothers. He was chosen hog reive,fence viewer, constable, collector of rates or taxes, surveyor,tythingman, ...
Marriage is proved by a deed dated Jan. 6, 1749, from Jonathan,Joshua, Moses, Aaron, and Caleb Bush, Richard French, Jun., and Miriamhis wife, John French, and Rachel his wife, Job Larkham, and Mary hiswife, and Elizabeth Bush, spinster. All of these except Miriam agreewith the names of the recorded children of Jonathan and Rachel Bush.John French also served in the French and Indian War, from May toSeptember, 1758, when he was a sergeant. His will, dated Feb. 27,1759, presented Jan. 22, 1776, names wife Rachel, children Rachell,Eleanor, Azubah, John, and Levia, and makes wife Rachel and son Johnexecutors.
- from Jim French, French Family Association

FFA Chart 1 shows 2 other marriages - 1) Lydia Phelps and 2) MarthaPhelps, born October 6, 1720 in East Windsor CT m about 1736. Alsoshows a child Martha French, born between 1756-1758 (different IGIrecords) in East Windsor, Hartford, CT. IGI shows Martha French tohave parents, John French and Lydia Phelps. However, as noted above,"our" John French had his wife Rachel until he died, so could not havehad a child Martha born to Lydia in 1756-58. Also, his will dated1759 does not mention a child named Martha. So assume it must beanother John French that married Lydia Phelps.

47. Azubah French

Spelled "Asabah" on John Abbott French chart.

48. Levi French

Carrie Edgett article: Served in Revolution in Lexington Alarm list;private, 1776, corporal, 1780, (Conn. Soldiers in Revolution). Adescription of him in 1780 gives trade, farmer, height 5 ft. 10inches, light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair.
- from Jim French, French Family Association

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