Descendants of Jacob* French


21. John* French

John French, b. abt. 1637 moved to Topsfield, Massachusetts by 1664,and married Phebe Keyes. He built a house that is still standing, theoldest house of any French in America. John's sons moved to Enfieldand Norwich, in Connecticut and remained there a generation or two.Some Frenches from the next generation were the first to head west,and later Frenches in this line kept moving, and passed through NewYork to Iowa, on to Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, and Nebraska. [FFAChart 1]

He was a tailor, moved to Topsfield, MA, about 1664, and was admitteda commoner there in 1675. He took the oath of allegiance and fidelity1678. Servedas a corporal and clerk of lite local military company. Heserved as a grand juror and also on trial juries of the town. --HDF
Carrie C. Edgett article: A tailor, was living in Topsfield as earlyas March 1, 1664/5, when a daughter born there, first mentioned intown records on Dec 31, 1667, when land was laid out to John How,"next John frrench bordering upon the Common", from that time until1697 his name is found frequently. He was chosen surveyor of highways,or fences, or both, seven times, tythingman, three tiems, on jury atIpswich, three times, grand juryman, three times, and commissioner onspecial errands to the "sheare Towne," twice. He built a one storyhouse about 1675, which before 1798 was raised to two stories andenlarged. This is still standing, and is known as the "French-Andrews"house, located on Howlett St., near the Dry Bridge [Topsfield Hist.Coil., vol. 8. p. 22, vol. 6, p. 47]
A few years before his death he deeded his homestead to his son John,by the following instrument, dated Dec. 2, 1701 ... quoted inarticle...
John French and his wife were both members of the church in Topsfield,in a list dated 1684. There are two stories of her death: "John Frenchhis wife drown herself May 13, 1701. " Phebe French dyed on ye 14th ofMay 1701."
Frenchline, vol 4, no. 1, p. 20 1: The French-Andrews house, Theoldest House owned by a French in the US. As far as we know, this isthe oldest house still standing that was built or occupied by aFrench. This house, built by John French in 1675, stands near theTopsfield, MA, town common. John French was the son of Thomas Frenchof Ipswich, the first person in the US with the name French .....This house is now owned and being restored by Peter Clemsey, who iskeeping as much original as possible.
[FFA Chart 1]

Phebe* Keyes

LDS Ancestral File shows birthplace to be Watertown, Middlesex, MA
Phebe committed suicide by drowning in May, 1701 - [FFA - HDF]

26. Sarah French

Ancestral file shows birth to be March 1, 1663/64

29. John French

Edgett article: John French was "called yeoman and planter in deeds,removed to Norwich, CT, about 1718.
The first mention of "John french iunr" on the Topsfield town recordsis found Mar. 3, 1695/6 and from that date to 1709 he was chosensurveyor of highways twice, fence viewer twice, juryman, sonctable,and tythingman, oce each. He received the homestead from his father bydeed in 1701s and sold it for 400 pounds, June 16, 1718, to JosephAndren of Boxford, the deed conveying about forty-seven acres...
He was admitted an inhabitant of the town of Norwich in 1724 and diedthere April 20, 1730, leaving sons Abner, John, Joseph, and Samuel.
[FFA Chart 1]

32. Hepzibah French

LDS AF shows birth date to be February 2, 1677/78

33. Patience French

FFA Chart shows 2 more marriages of Patience, in March 8, 1725/26 toJames Fairman and in October 25, 1749 to Ephraim Colman. However LDSAF shows a death date of 1721.

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