Descendants of Jacob* French


4. Thomas* French

"Thomas French, Sr., b. Oct. 11, 1584, at Bures St. Mary, SuffolkCounty, England, son of Jacob, moved to Assington ca. 1585/86, marriedSusan Riddlesdale 5 Sept. 1608, Assington. Thomas French, Sr.,immigrated to Massachusetts with his wife Susan Riddlesdale and 7 oftheir 8 children. The family came over in three groups, in 1630, 1633and about 1637, and most settled in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Thomas,Sr. died shortly after immigrating, before Nov. 5, 1639, while hiswidow lived another twenty years, and administration of her estate wason March 10, 1658/9 in Ipswich" [FFA Chart 1]

11. Dorcas French

Maid servant to Gov. Winthrop-HDF
Brian Berry [Was Mary French a Scudamore?]: Came to New England in1633 on three year service as maidservant to John Winthrop. Admittedto First Church in Boston, 10 Aug. 1634. She died either 14 Oct. 1694or Dec. 30, 1697 in Roxbury. [FFA Chart 1]

12. Susan French

Immigrated in 1633 to serve the Winthrop family for 4 years. No moreknown [Brian Berry]

13. Anne French

Baptized on 15 Mar 1619/20 - immigrated to the U.S. with her father.[Brian Berry]

14. Margaret French

buried in churchyard St. Edmund's parish [FFA Chart 1]

15. John French

John French, b. May 22, 1622 was also a tailor. He immigrated with hisparents and his two sisters, Anne and Mary They joined Thomas, Jr.about 1637 in Ipswich. John married Freedom Kingsley, from Rehoboth,Bristol County, Massachusetts, and their four sons and six daughterswere born in Ipswich.. John and Freedom then moved to Northampton,which placed them on the edge of the wilderness in westernMassachusetts, much to the disappointment of his father-in-law, JohnKingsley who remained in Rehoboth. [FFA Chart 1]

HDF: Was a tailor in Ipswich, being among the first settlers of theColony. Was a freeman in 1648. He moved to Northampton, NIA and heldland at Deerfield, moving from Rehoboth, MA, in 1676. Brian Berry:"Was Mary French a Scudamore?", p. 4: ~ed Elinor Thompson. From:Ancestors of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles:
John French of Ipswich was a Denison subscriber in 1648 to pay thistax he must have been of age and therefore born before 1627, whichagrees with the Assington record.
[His wife's father was John Kingsley.] John Kingsley was a member ofthe Church at Dorchester the 23 Aug. 1636 and Elizabeth Kingsesely alittle later in 1636.
Four deeds of John French of Ipswich, Taylor, and Freedom his wife aswell as the similarity of names of children to those of John French ofNorthampton, indicate the identity of the two families. John Frenchwas entitled to a share in Plumb Island in 1664.
(Suffolk 1: 99) The will of Wm. Lane of Dorchester, mentions ThomasRider .... and Freedom Kingsley my faithfull servant..." Made 28 Feb.1650
(Plym. P.) The will of John Kingsley of Rehoboth, made 2 Nov. 1677mentions, to be buried by my wife Allice in the North Corner of myhouse lott ... for John French hath left mee in my old age, when 1 hadmost need of him. proved 5 Mar. 1678-9...

(Ipswich. Deed IV:99) 1 John French of Ipswich ... Tayler ... forforty five pounds ... payed unto me by Thomas Lull of the same Towneweaver ... sell my now dwelling house and land ... with barne, outhouses, yards, orchyards, Gardens, fences, with all ppptenances ...containing by estimation two acres ... scituate ... in Ipswich ...Haveing the land of Thomas Mattealfe toward the south, the land ofJoseph Quilter toward the west, John Pindars land toward the north,the streate or way toward the east. To have and to hold ... andpeaceably to possess. from the first day of June next con-dng whichwill be in the yeare 1678 Thence forward forever ... the eight of JuneAnno Dom 1677 John French and a seale ffreedom French

From: History of Ipswich, Essex, and Hamilton. by Joseph B. Felt

1733. Thomas, and other children of John French, had removed toDeerfield.
[all above from FFA Chart 1]

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