Descendants of Lucas* Ahier


45. Abraham* Ahier

Shown in 1881 census as being a "farmer of 20+" (acres? cattle?).Lists wife as Marianne. Same census shows father Abraham (82) andwife Margaret (81) living with Abraham & Marianne (presumably onfamily farm).

1861 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)
Longueville Road, ST HELIER
Abraham AHIER - 63 - born St Helier, Landed Proprietor, Head, md
Margaret - 61 - born St Clement, wife
Abraham - 38 - born St Clement, Farmer, Head, md
Marianne - 37 - born St Helier, wife
Marianne Montbrun - 12 - born Grouville, daughter
Henry Le Neveu - 10 - born Grouville, son
Alice Sophia - 1 - born Grouville, daughter

1861 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)
114 Clare? Street,
Abraham AHIER - 38 - born St Clement, Ship's Carpenter, Head, md
Mary - 37 - born St Clement, Dressmaker
- which Abraham is this??

1871 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)
Longueville Village, GROUVILLE
Abraham AHIER - 48 - born St Clement, Landowner, Head, md
Mary Ann - 47 - born St Helier, Wife, md
Marianne M. - 22 - born Grouville, daughter, unmd
Henry L. - 20- born Grouville, son, unmd
Alice S. - 11 - born Grouville, scholar, daughter
Ada L. - 5 - born Grouville, scholar, daughter
+ 1 servant
----------------- next household -----------------------------
Abraham AHIER - 73 - born St Helier, Landowner, Head,md
Margaret AHIER - 71 - born St Clement, Wife


1881 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)
Longueville Road, GROUVILLE
Abraham AHIER - 82 - born Grouville, Retired Farmer, Head, md
Margaret - 81 - born Grouville - wife
Abraham - 58 - born St Clement, Farmer of 20+, Head, md
Marianne - 57 - born St Helier, wife

A small mystery is why Abraham Ahier is not listed along with his wifeand two children (Marianne & Henry) on the ship passenger list forimmigration to Victoria (listed as arriving on the Evening Star,January, 1855). There is an Abraham Ahier listed as arriving inNovember 1852 on the ship "Dinapore" (no age is given for him). Isthis "our" Abraham? The ship voyage would have take about 150 to 180days, so he could have departed in about May, 1852 which was after hisson Henry was born (i.e no conflicts).

Mary* Ann Le Neveu

Baptismal records show Mary Ann being baptised twice - once (atbirth?) on July 7, 1823, at home in St. Helier along with her twinsister Sophie and again on September 14, 1823, also with her twinSophie, in St. Clement, presumably a church baptism.

Immigration index for Victoria, Australia shows Marianne (age 30),arriving with her son Henry (age 3) and daughter Marianne (age 5)aboard the ship 'Evening Star' on January 3, 1855. Abraham is notshown on the list. Family history has them going to Melbourne, andthen returning to Jersey several years later.

The following was published in a local Jersey newspaper, July 19,1854:
Since her arrival in the Old Port of St Helier (old South Pier) theEvening Star has been visited daily by a crowd of the curious who havecome to admire the beautiful and grandiose proportions of the colossalship. Visitors are particularly struck by the elegance and comfort ofits 36 foot long vast salon with it's polished walnut furniture, itsfour suspended lamps, its movable-back chairs and the spaciousness andgood ventilation of its cabins, which are situated on both sides ofthe ship.
When standing in the magnificent salon (main hall) one feels, despiteone's self, that one could undertake a voyage to Australia aboard theEvening Star if powerful considerations did not attach us to ournative soil.
The steerage level where a large number of carpenters are busybuilding cabins for the Second Class passengers is very large and wellventilated and will easily be able to accommodate at least 150passengers.
The Evening Star will easily carry 1,400 barrels. Its cargo, which isbeing loaded each day, will consist mainly of various merchandisewhich has already arrived from England and Guernsey. It is expectedthat this ship will be ready to depart in fifteen days. We observed alarge piano in one of the larger cabins towards the bow adjacent totwo other cabins in which new communicating doors have been opened.These two cabins have been retained by an Army Colonel, a currentresident in Jersey, who is traveling to Australia with his family.
[translated from French by C.J. Picot]

51. Marianne (May) Montbrun Ahier

Immigration index for Victoria, Australia shows Marianne (age 5),arriving with her brother Henry (age 3), and mother Marriane (age 30),aboard the ship 'Evening Star' on January 3, 1855. Abraham is notshown on the list. Family history has them going to Melbourne, andthen returning to Jersey several years later.

A photo album showing an 1853 photo of Marinanne and Henry shows herbirth date as September 16, 1848. Originally had October 15, 1848which I now assume is a baptismal date.

49. Jane Elizabeth Ahier

"Some thirteen years later, when nearly 46 years of age, Jane was todiscover
that she was pregnant for the tenth and final time. The resultingchild,
Clement Ahier Labey, was born on 18th January 1882. The very factthat she
managed to go full term at such a late stage in her life would beconsidered
fairly remarkable today, but the fact that it was achieved in the1880s makes it
seem even more extraordinary. Sadly, on 30th October 1884 Clementdied from
croup at the age of 2 years 9 months, a loss which must have beendifficult for
Jane to bear after all the problems which his birth must have posed.Perhaps in
an effort to comfort her, her family asked an English artist to draw abeautiful
pencil drawing of her late son copied from a photograph of littleClement with
his godmother. While some English artists may have been present inthe island
at the time, it seems more likely that this work was undertaken by oneof the
friends of her niece's husband, Robert John Wickenden. While Robertand Ada
spent much of their time in the United States or at Auvers-sur-Oise onthe
outskirts of Paris, it is known that the couple came to Jersey fortheir
wedding, a ceremony which was held at St Martin's Church on 29th April1885.
Moreover, judging by both the timing of the ceremony and the identityof the
Rector who officiated, it is clear that Robert must have had more thanenough
opportunity to become familiar with the veritable squadron of Ada'scousins and
relatives in the island. First, Robert and Ada's wedding occurredonly four
days after that of her first cousin, Jane's eldest son John WilliamLabey, who
was also married at St Martin's Church that year. Secondly, there canbe little
doubt that the choice of venue on both occasions was determined by thefamilies'
desire to use the services of the Rector, Jane's second cousin, theRev'd Thomas
Le Neveu. Furthermore, judging by the nature of his education, andthe high
standard of his work in virtually every medium, Robert would have beenmore than
capable of calling in favours with some very talented young artists,as the
standard of Clement's portrait implies."
[Labey Family History by Trevor Labey]

Philippe Labey

CENSUS DATA (from Pam Hislop)

Mollet/Mallet House, GROUVILLE
Ph. LABEY - 35 - born Grouville, Farmer of 20 acres of land, Head,md**
Jane Elizabeth - 24 - born St Clement, wife
Ph. John - 3 - born Grouville, son
John Wm - 2 - born Grouville, son
Alfred (Chas?) - 11mth - born Grouville, son
Margaret AHIER - 30 - born St Clement, sister-in-law, unmd
2 x servants

Douet Godfray, GROUVILLE
Philip LABEY - 55 - born Grouville, Farmer of 60 acres, Head, md
Jane E. - 45 - born St Clement, Farmer's wife
John W. - 22 - born Grouville, Farmer's son, unmd
Alfred C. - 20 - born Grouville, Farmer's son, unmd
Lydia J. - 19 - born Grouville, Farmer's daughter, unmd
Clara A. - 17 - born Grouville, Farmer's daughter, unmd
Philip F. - 11 - born Grouville, Scholar, son
Ernest G. - 9 - born Grouville, scholar, son
Lena M. - 3 - born Grouville, daughter

Living at La Rue, Grouville - 1887-1889.

[4.47.5] - GROUVILLE
Philippe LABEY - 62/65 - born Grouville, Farmer, Head, Widower
Alfred C. - 31 - born Grouville, Farmer's son, unmd
Philip F. - 21 - born Grouville, Farmer's son, unmd
Ernest G. - 19 - born Grouville, Farmer's son, unmd
Clara Ann - 27 - born Grouville, Farmer's daughter, unmd
Lena May - 13 - born Grouville, scholar, daughter
Philip Labey VALPY - 7 - born St Lawrence, scholar, grandson
2 x farm servants and 1 x general servant

+ son John William enumerated on same page but at Carteret House(there
is one family in between them)

"Philipe was married at St Saviour's Church on 13th November 1856 toJane
Elizabeth Ahier, the Rev'd William Corbet Le Breton, Lillie Langtry's
father, officiating. Jane-Elizabeth was the younger of two daughtersborn
to Abraham Ahier and Margueritte Le Neveu... born in December 1835,Jane
was baptised at St Clement's Church on 2nd December of that year,being
thus ten years her husband's junior. Her parents had married at thesame
church on 16th May 1822 and would have known each other for most oftheir
lives." [Trevor Labey, 1999]

Clara Alexandra Ahier

1891 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)

[4.?.1] - ST CLEMENT
James - 58 - born St Clement (age differs]
Susan - 60 - born St Clement
Philip J - 33 - born St Clement????
Matilda A - 30 - born St Clement (age differs]
Louisa A - 29 - born St Clement
Clara A - 25 - born St Clement (age differs] ***
Francis A - 24 - born St Clement
Henry E - 22 - born St Clement (initial differs]
Edward W - 20 - born St Clement
Thomas P - 38 - born Alderney????
James A - 38 - born Alderney

62. Ernest George Labey

Became Jurat (Magistrate) of the Royal Court in Jersey in April, 1936[Trevor Labey]

63. Lena May Labey

Nurse in London - also ran a boarding house in Bournemouth by the nameof Thurgarton [Trevor Labey]

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