Descendants of Lucas* Ahier


39. Jeanne Judith Ahier

Godparents: Philippe Aubin et Judith Messervy, sa femme [Pam Hislop]

[1.20.33] - ST SAVIOUR
Jane LE QUESNE - 59 - born St Helier
Nancy - 37 - born Trinity
Elizabeth LE QUESNE - 35 - born St Mary
Philip D. - 4 - born St Saviour
Sophia - 25 - born St Saviour (daughter]

Presume Elizabeth is daughter-in-law, wife of Philippe? Found match of
Philip Le Quesne marriage to Elizabeth DUMARESQ, presume thatElizabeth is
daughter-in-law of Jane, sister-in-law of Sophia. Details forElizabeth
Dumaresq match.
[Pam Hislop, 1999]

Philippe Le Quesne

Philippe was a Sea Captain and owned the "Tom and Mary" - CIFHS Jnl#75
[Pam Hislop, 1999]

Jeanne Judith Ahier, wife of Philippe Le Quesne and
sister-in-law to the Jean Le Quesne who bought Le Parcq from PhilippeLe
Neveu in 1863. [Trevor Labey, 1999]

42. Philippe Le Quesne

Philippe was a Sea Captain (as was his father] - CIFHS Jnl #75
[Pam Hislop]

Elizabeth Dumaresq

[1.20.33] - ST SAVIOUR
Jane LE QUESNE - 59 - born St Helier
Nancy - 37 - born Trinity
Elizabeth LE QUESNE - 35 - born St Mary
Philip D. - 4 - born St Saviour
Sophia - 25 - born St Saviour (daughter]

Presume Elizabeth is daughter-in-law, wife of Philippe? Found match of
Philip Le Quesne marriage to Elizabeth DUMARESQ, presume thatElizabeth is
daughter-in-law of Jane, sister-in-law of Sophia. Dates/details for
Elizabeth match.

82 Le Retrait, St MARY
Elizabeth LE QUESNE - 65 - born St Mary, Annuitant (widow]
Esther DUMARESQ - 59 - born St Mary, sister, unmd

La Chauiere, St MARY???
Elizabeth LE QUESNE - 75 - born St Mary
Esther S DUMARESQ - 78 - born St Ouen
Esther DUMARESQ - 79 - born St Mary
George DUMARESQ - 63 - born St Mary

[Pam Hislop, 1999]

44. Sophie Le Quesne

Died 16 February at home of her sister Madame BERRY, 50 BerkeleyStreet,
Liverpool, Dlle SOPHIE LE QUESNE, of Brunswick House, Georgetown. 60
years. (24 Feb) [CIFHS Jnl #74]
[Pam Hislop, 1999]

40. Abraham* Ahier

GODPARENTS: Jean Nicolle et Susanne Touzel (from Pam Hislop)
- noted in 1851 and 1861 census as being a "Landed Proprieter" and in1881 census (at age 82) as being a "retired farmer".

1851 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)
[1.168.8] - GROUVILLE
Abraham AHIER - 52 - born St Helier, Landed Proprietor, head, md
Margaret - 51 - born St Clement, Wife
Abraham - 28 - born St Clement, Farmer of 18 acres, son, md
Margaret - 21 - born St Clement, daughter, unmd
Mariana - 2 - born Grouville, Granddaughter
+ farm Servant

1861 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)
Longueville Road, ST HELIER
Abraham AHIER - 63 - born St Helier, Landed Proprietor, Head, md
Margaret - 61 - born St Clement, wife
Abraham - 38 - born St Clement, Farmer, Head, md
Marianne - 37 - born St Helier, wife
Marianne Montbrun - 12 - born Grouville, daughter
Henry Le Neveu - 10 - born Grouville, son
Alice Sophia - 1 - born Grouville, daughter

1881 CENSUS (from Pam Hislop)
Longueville Road, GROUVILLE
Abraham AHIER - 82 - born Grouville, Retired Farmer, Head, md
Margaret - 81 - born Grouville - wife
Abraham - 58 - born St Clement, Farmer of 20+, Head, md
Marianne - 57 - born St Helier, wife

In the Labey Family History, Trevor Labey writes of Abraham:
"Jane's father Abraham, moved northwards to the southern most borderof Grouville and in 1836 acquired the house and farm now known asGoodwood in La Rue du Coin (i.e.: St
Kilda) directly behind Samarès Manor. Here, Jane's father became arespected member of the community, serving for many years as theparish's Procureur du Bien Public (Public Trustee and Auditor), aservice which would have brought him into close contact with hisfuture son-in-law, Philippe Labey. In this capacity Abraham Ahier wasa signatory to bank notes issued by the Parish of Grouville as a meansof raising funds and also acting as a safe depository forparishioners' savings..."

"During his life, Jane's father Abraham lived in a total of threeparishes in the island, none of which was his family's parish oforigin. Although Ahier is
a very prolific surname which features in records throughout theisland, Jane-Elizabeth's forebears appear to have belonged to adistinctly St Sauveurais branch, her ancestors eventually settling inLa Rue St Thomas which, as we have seen, is the road which leads fromLongueville Manor towards Val Poucin. In particular, they were forsome years associated with the property now known as Le Petit Jardin.This property was acquired by Jane's ancestor Gedeon Ahier, son ofJean Ahier and of Mabel Godel, on Christmas Eve 1674... In the lastquarter of the eighteenth century the house seems to have been rebuiltby another Gedeon Ahier (eldest son of Gedeon Ahier and ElizabethAubin), reat-grandson of the aforesaid Gedeon and Jane-Elizabeth'sgreat-uncle." [Trevor Labey, 1999]

Transactions from the Contract's Registry in the Royal Square, St.Helier.
Volume 147 - Folio 145 - dated: 28-mar-1829
Monsr. Abraham Ahier, son of Abraham; sells to Mse Susanne Machon,daughter of Laurens:
House, outbuildings, yard and orchard. Adjoining the public roads tothe north and west, the lands of Dlle Esther Filleul, wife of JeanJanvrin Ecr. to the east and the lands of Monsr. Francois Touzel tothe south. In the fief du Hommet, St. Clement.
For: 29.0.0
Pays: 0.2.0 (rentes seigneuriale) to the Seigneur of Samares
0.3.0 (rentes foncieres) to Monsr. Abraham Hamptonne
Assigns: 9.4.0 = 0.4.0 on Monsr. Jean Marie of St. Saviour
Pays: 18.7.0 = 0.4.0 directly to the vendor.

Volume 164 - Folio 53 - dated 18-jun-1836
The attorneys of Monsr. Jean Du Tot, son of Jean; sell to Monsr.Abraham Ahier, son of Abraham:
Said Du Tot's house &c. in the fief du Roi, Grouville, comprising 4vergees 3 perches 3 feet adjoining public road to the west and partlyto the north.
Le Pre & Clos de Hooper containing 7 vergees 19 perches 4 feet.
Le Clos de Tublin containing 5 vergees 20 perches 18 feet
Le Pre du Tublin containing 6 vergees 20 perches I foot, adjoining thelands of the Seigneur of Samares to the south and west.
For: 94.2.2
Pays 35.5.0
Assigns 48.1.3 1/2 including:
3.4.4 on Monsr. Noe Coutanche of St. Helier, inherited from his latefather, Monsr. Abraham Ahier.
0.4.0 on Monsr. Jean Monamy, son of Philippe of St. Clement, part ofgreater bought with Monsr. Gedeon Ahier and Mse Jeanne Ahier, hisbrother and sister, from Mse Susanne Roissier, wife of Monsr. JeanNicolle.
18.7.0 on Mse Susanne Machon of St. Clement for purchase of house fromsaid Abraham
9.4.0 on Monsr. Jean Marie of St. Saviour, assigned to Abraham by saidSusanne
and pays 0.4.0 etc.

Volume 291 - Folio 40 - 30-jan-1886
The Estate of Monsr. Abraham Ahier
Divided between: Monsr. Abraham Ahier, eldest son and principal heir;& Monsr. Philippe Montbrun Le Neveu as attorney for Monsr. PhilippeAhier of Young, New South Wales, Australia and Dlle Jane ElizabethAhier, wife of Monsr. Philippe Labey.
To Abraham:
Father's house in Longueville, Grouville in the fief de la Reine,bought from the attorneys of Monsr. Jean Du Tot on 18th June 1836.
4 vergees 30 perches of land, pays for the maintenance of 3 muskets.
Also land to the value of 9.4.2 4/12
Receives 0.4.0 rentes foncieres on Monsr. Jean Perchard, inherited bydeceased from his uncle, Monsr. Gedeon Ahier.
To Philippe:
0.3.0 rentes foncieres on Monsr. Charles Le Gros in right of Monsr.Charles Alexandre. Inherited by deceased from father, Monsr. AbrahamAhier.
To Jane Elizabeth:
Land to the value of 9.4.2 3/12. Chooses:
La Piece Martine, containing 4 vergees 26 perches 21feet.
Receives rentes inherited by deceased from his uncle Gedeon Ahier:
0.1.0 on Mse Mary Vicq, in right of Monsr. Jean Vicq of Grouville.
0.1.0 on Monsr. Charles Binet in right of Monsr.Philippe De Gruchy ofGrouville.
0.0.4 on Monsr. Jean Le Clercq of St. Clement in right of Monsr. HenryLe Clercq.
Parties agree to contribute to the dower of surviving widow, DlleMargueritte Le Neveu (described as daughter of Jean in 291:39).
(researched by Trevor Labey, 1999)

Margueritte* Le Neveu

information about spelling of Margueritte with extra 't' from TrevorLabey.
2nd daughter of Jean Le Neveu and Esther Filleul [Trevor Labey]

"Jane's mother was the second daughter of Jean Le Neveu Ecr. and
Esther Filleul. Margueritte's father was the eldest son of Jean LeNeveu
and Marguerite Le Neveu his wife and second cousin, their initialsbeing
inscribed on a date stone in the façade of Pontorson Farm which bearsthe
date 1766... Sworn in as Vingtenier (Honorary Police Officer) ofSamarès
in 1779, Jean senr. also served as the Lecteur (Church Registrar) ofSt
Clement from 1771 until his death in 1791, being buried in the plot
reserved for the most senior members of his family in St Clement's
churchyard under the shade of its ancient yew tree. The exact site ofhis
final resting place can still be seen today, marked by a granite block
bearing the inscription JLNV 1791. [Trevor Labey, 1999]

47. Philippe Ahier

From New South Wales's BDMs - PHILIP AHIER, (father Abraham, motherMargaret), died 1907 (reg. no 7289) [Pam Hislop, 1999]

Appointed administrator of Abraham Ahier's (b. 1798) estate by an actof the Royal Court dated December 5, 1885. Presumably done becauseAbraham had not officially appointed a legal representative for hisestate. On December 20, 1886, Philippe Ahier signed a grant ofattorney to Philippe Le Neveu. Philippe Ahier's residence at the timewas stated as being Briberia, New South Wales, Australia (near Young).[Trevor Labey, 1999]

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