Descendants of Lucas* Ahier


24. Gedeon* Ahier

Godparents: Gedeon Ahier senr. & his wife.

26. Elizabeth Ahier

Godparents: Richard Dumaresq, Gent and Damelle Judith Le Hardy, safemme. (from Pam Hislop)

27. Jeanne Ahier

Godparents: Mr. Elie Nicolle et Messe Jeanne Nicolle, sa soeur. (fromPam Hislop)

possible death date of 1773 - burial shown for a "Jeanne, daughter ofthe late Mr. Gedeon Ahier" on December 31, 1773 in St. Saviour

Volume 58 - Folio 112 - dated: 16-mar-1776
The Estate of Mse Jeanne Ahier
Monsr. Gedeon Ahier, eldest son of the late Monsr. Gedeon Ahier and ofthe late Mse Elizabeth Aubin and principal heir of his late sister,Mse Jeanne Ahier; buys shares in her estate from his siblings:
Monsr. Philippe Ahier, Monsr. Philippe Anthoine, guardian of Messrs.Jean and Abraham Ahier; and Mse Elizabeth Ahier, wife of Jacques Aubinjunr.
For: 4.0.0, assigned as follows:
To Philippe:
0.6.0 on Jean Hocquard, son of Jean, of Trinity
0.2.0 on Clement Huquet of Trinity
To Jean:
0.5.0 on Dlle Elizabeth Le Couteur, daughter of Monsr. Francois LeCouteur of St. Martin
0.2.0 on Jean Le Ray, son of Jean.
0.1.0 on Philippe Larbalestier of St. Saviour from the purchase of thehouse of Monsr. Gedeon Fiott.
To Abraham:
0.4.0 on Monsr. Philippe Le Boutillier of St. Ouen
0.3.0 on Philippe Le Cornu of St. John
0.1.0 on Jean Grandin, son of Jean of Trinity.
To Elizabeth:
0.4.0 and 1 hen on Elie Cabot of Trinity
0.2.0 on Edouard Lesbirel of Trinity
0.1.4 1/2 on Jean Badier of St. Martin
(researched by Trevor Labey, 1999)

28. Anne Ahier

Godparents: Mr. Jean Helgrove (sic) et Messe Anne Payns (sic) (fromPam Hislop)

29. Anne Ahier

Godparents: Mr. Philippe Lerrier et Messe Magdeleine Tanqueray (fromPam Hislop).

30. Gedeon Ahier

Godparents: Mr. Edouard Estur and Messe Rachel Le Geyt (from PamHislop)

In a discussion about Jane Elizabeth Ahier - Trevor Labey, in hisLabey Family History writes:
"They were for some years associated with the property now known as LePetit Jardin. This property was acquired by Jane's ancestor GedeonAhier, son of Jean Ahier and of
Mabel Godel, on Christmas Eve 1674... In the last quarter of theeighteenth century the house seems to have been rebuilt by anotherGedeon Ahier (eldest son of Gedeon Ahier and Elizabeth Aubin),great-grandson of the aforesaid Gedeon and Jane-Elizabeth'sgreat-uncle. The new house was built to a compact but fine standardand besides acting as an impressive witness to the skills of thestonemasons Gedeon employed, this pleasant little house stands as alasting testament to Gedeon's blighted hopes. In the facade of thehouse, near to the public road which passes its eastern gable, is afinely carved date stone. Here one can see Gedeon's initials, GAH,the date 1785 and, in a terrible temptation of providence, a pair ofinterwined hearts. Immediately next to this romantic symbol is asquare of uncarved stone, left blank for the initials of his futurewife. Sadly, Gedeon died after a stroke in April 1830, still abachelor at the age of 78, and so the stone remains as incompletetoday as it was in 1785."

Will - Gedeon Ahier - Approve 17 Avril 1830 (from Pam Hislop)
The only St Saviour Gedeon death at this time was Gedeon aged 78 yearswhich fits with this Gedeon.

His will states: "Marguerite Ahier, niece; Abraham Ahier, nephew;
Jean Ahier, nephew; Marie Ahier, niece; Jean Machon
son of his great nephew Jean Machon; Sophie Marie Machon daughter ofhis
great nephew Jean Machon; Esther Neel daughter of Jean Neel and Esther
Machon, niece; Four children of Gedeon, nephew: Gedeon Jean Ahier,
Elizabeth Ahier, Philippe Ahier and Esther Ahier; Gedeon Ahier, nephewand
Elizabeth Aubin, niece - widow of Jean Machon. [Pam Hislop, 1999]

Transactions from the Contract's Registry in the Royal Square, St.Helier.
Volume 152 - Folio 157 - dated: 3-sep-1831
The Estate of Monsr. Gedeon Ahier
To Abraham, son of Abraham, son of Gedeon:
Part of Le Clos du Mont Es Neaux, containing 30 perches 18 feet.
La Demi Verge Plot in the eastern side of Le Clos du Douaire adjoininglands of Mse Marie Ahier.
Receives: 0.4.0 (rentes foncieres) on Monsr. Jean Perchard of theVingtaine des Pigneaux, St. Saviour.
0.1.0 on Monsr. Jean Vicq of Grouville
0.1.0 on Monsr. Philippe De Gruchy of Grouville.
0.0.4 on Monsr. Henry Le Clercq of St. Clement
Note: Monsr. Gedeon Ahier, son of Abraham, party in initial divisionof the aforementioned estate with Mse Marie Ahier and Monsr. JeanAhier on 7th May 1831.

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