Descendants of Lucas* Ahier


14. Gedeon* Ahier

Transactions from the Contract's Registry in the Royal Square, St.Helier.
Volume 19 - Folio 226 - dated 20-aug-1670
Gedeon Ahier, in right of Jean Labey, son of Guillaume, who had rightof Aaron Mollet; resigns to Elie Besnard:
House, farm, orchard and enclosure bought from said Jean Labey on 29thJanuary 1669; in the fief de Gorges, St. Saviour. Adjoining lands ofthe late Monsr. Thomas Dolbel to the west and of the late PierreDolbel on the other sides.
For: same consideration as on 29.1.1669.

Volume 20 - Folio 308 - dated 25-apr-1674
Gedeon Ahier, eldest son and principal heir of Jean Ahier, son ofJean; & Esther Ahier, Mabel Ahier, wife of Philippe Gourey; saidGedeon, the interests of Thomas Ahier, in right of Jeanne Ahier hiswife;
All children of the said Jean Ahier and of Mabel Godel his wife;
sell to Jean Poingdestre Ecr.:
0.4.0 on the heirs of Nicolas Le Brun from the sale of land.
For: 25 escus.

Volume 37 - Folio 180 - dated 8-nov-1686
Monsr. Elie de Carteret sells to Gedeon Ahier:
2 cotils and slope to the south of La Demi Verge and Le Clos deJacques Morel owned by Thomas Labey. Called Les Courtils du MontEsneaux in the fief de Grainville, St. Saviour, and adjoining La Piecedu Douaire to north.
For: 3.6.0
To be paid in the same manner as in the vendor's purchase of same fromthe heirs of the late Monsr. Jean Le Gallais.

Volume 24 - Folio 14 - dated 19-mar-1686
Edouard Vaudin, "administrateur" of the estate of Nicolas LeBrun,eldest son of the late Nicolas Le Brun, acting under the adviceof his electors Jacques Le Brun and Helier Neel; resigns to GedeonAhier, son of Jean Ahier and of Mabel Godel his wife, daughter of thelate Jean Godel:
Le Clos a Genest in the fief des Augres, Trinity, adjoining lands ofthe heirs of Francois Le Sueur.
Bought by Nicolas Le Brun senr. from the said Jean Ahier and MabelGodel his wife.
For: 2.3.0
0.7.0 on Pierre Le Brun, son of Richard, for 8 years.
With consent of Nicolas Le Brun junr.'s co-heirs:
Susanne Le Brun, wife of Louis Renouf; Thomasse Le Brun, wife ofThomas Nicolle; and Edouard Vaudin, guardian of his children, in rightof his wife, the late Jeanne Le Brun.

Volume 27 - Folio 131 - dated 11-jan-1700
Gedeon Ahier, son of Jean; sells to Monsr. Jean Le Sueur, son ofFrancois:
Le Clos a Genest in the fief des Augres, Trinity.
For: 2.4.0
Pays 2.1.0 directly to vendor.

(researched by Trevor Labey, 1999)

Marie* Ahier

Burial of a "Marie, widow of Gedeon Ahier" shown as December 18, 1726in St. Saviour

18. Marie Ahier

Godparents: Jean Ahier & Susanne Ahier his wife.

19. Jean Ahier

Godparents: Gilles Ahier & Marie Le Tubelin his wife

20. Margueritte Ahier

Godparents: Elie de Carteret & Collette, daughter of Jean Ahier, sonof Gilles.

21. Mabé Ahier

Godparents: Gilles Ahier & Marie Le Tubelin his wife.

22. Esther Ahier

Godparents: Philippe Dorey & his wife.

23. Marthe Ahier

Godparents: Abraham Touet and his wife.

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