Descendants of Lucas* Ahier


12. Jean* Ahier

Marriage record states: Jean Ahier, son of Nicolas (sic!) & MabelGodel

Transactions from the Contract's Registry in the Royal Square, St.Helier.
Volume 14 - Folio 259 - dated 26-sep-1650
Jean Ahier, son of Jean, son of Nicolas; resigns to Jean Labey, son ofJean:
Le Clos de Dolbel in the fief de la Houguette, St. Saviour, sold byresignee's father to vendor's father.
For: the same consideration as before.
Labey cedes 3.4.0 to vendor which he will pay in Ahier's place.
(note: Guillaume Labey, brother of resignee).

Volume 14 - Folio 264 - dated 28-sep-1650
Jean Ahier, son of Jean and of Esther Le Tubelin his wife, his saidfather being son of Nicolas; resigns to Jean Le Tubelin, son of Jean,son of Thomas:
Le Jardin de Haut near La Ruette de Messervy in the f ief d'Haubert ofSt. Ouen, St. Saviour. Sold by said resignee's father to father ofsaid Jean Ahier and to Esther Le Tubelin his wife on 5th June 1609.
For: same consideration as before &c.
Mabel Godel, wife of the said resigner, acts as guarantor etc.
(researched by Trevor Labey, 1999)

Mabel* Godel

Transactions from the Contract's Registry in the Royal Square, St.Helier.
Volume 10 - Folio 266 - dated 14-mar-1634
Mabel Godel, daughter of Jean Godel, wife of Jean Ahier; sells toThomas Laugais:
An orchard called Les Maisierres in the fief des Augres, Trinity.
For: 2.2.0
1.0.0 on the house and farm of Guillaume Picot of Trinity, assignationof Jean Picot, son of Michel.
0.4.0 on Philippe Romeril, son of Jean; bought from Jean Ahier, inright of his wife, who reclaimed by "clame" from Helier Bisson, whobought from Guillemine Godel, wife of Andre de Carteret.
Remaining balance of 0.6.0 to be paid by the buyer directly to thevendor and her heirs &c.

Volume 11 - Folio 112 - dated 13-apr-1637
Mabel Godel, wife of Jean Ahier, son of Jean; sells to Philippe Falle,son of
0.6.0 on Thomas Lauge of Trinity from the sale of land inherited fromher father.
For: 38 escus 40 sous.

Volume 13 - Folio 236 - dated 29-jan-1647
Mabel Godel, daughter of Jean and wife of Jean Ahier; sells to NicolasLe Brun:
Le Clos a Genest, adjoining the lands of Francois Le Sueur, in thefief des Augres, Trinity.
For: 2.3.0,
To be paid in three instalments during the year.
(researched by Trevor Labey, 1999)

13. Esther Ahier

Godparents: Benjamin La Cloche & Rachel his wife.

15. Mabel Ahier

Godparents: Thomas Poingdestre & Sara his wife.

16. Jeanne Ahier

Godparents: Benjamin Gavey junr. & Jeanne his wife.

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