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Defensible Lockmaster's HouseThe Rideau Heritage Network is a network of heritage professionals and volunteers who play a key role in the conservation of the cultural heritage resources of the Rideau Canal Corridor.

Our members work at various levels of government and in non-governmental organizations. A working group provides direction and leadership to the network. The working group includes representatives from the federal, provincial and municipal governments, and from heritage non-profit organizations (see below).
Summer 2010 - We're Re-invigorating the Network

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Our Mission:
  • To nurture, celebrate and promote the conservation of the Rideau Canal Corridor’s diverse and distinctive cultural heritage.
Our Vision:
  • That the conservation of cultural heritage resources will be a key consideration in all decisions by municipalities and property owners.
  • That the cultural heritage resources of the Corridor will be inventoried, evaluated and protected.
  • That each municipality will have an active municipal heritage committee.
  • That the cultural heritage resources designated under the Ontario Heritage Act will be included in the Canadian Register of Historic Places.
  • That all municipal official plans will contain heritage conservation and land use policies that are in harmony with each other.
  • That new development will respect the heritage character and significance of the Rideau setting.
  • That the Rideau Canal Corridor will be a leader in cultural heritage conservation in Ontario and Canada.
Our Role:
  • The network is a collective voice for the conservation of the cultural heritage resources of the Rideau Canal Corridor.
  • The network supports municipal heritage conservation efforts by promoting best practices. It does so by encouraging training, providing professional and technical assistance, and facilitating the sharing of policies and processes.
  • The network is working with local municipalities, communities and citizens to develop a Corridor-wide vision, strategy and action plan for heritage conservation.
  • The network creates opportunities for stakeholders to meet and exchange information on a regular basis.
Key Projects and Future Directions:
  • To undertake an inventory and map the cultural heritage resources in the Corridor.
  • To provide training in how to implement federal and provincial legislation, including the Ontario Heritage Act and the Provincial Policy Statement, 2005, as well as policies, principles, and practices of heritage conservation.
  • To promote the network to communities and organizations that are not yet involved.
  • To promote the understanding and education of the valuable heritage resources of the Rideau Corridor.
  • To encourage municipalities to establish municipal heritage committees
  • To share heritage conservation tools and strategies such as (municipal models and tools, provincial resources, Parks Canada resources, policies and processes, heritage programs and events, promotional means).
  • To discuss Corridor-wide planning initiatives for cultural heritage.
Next Steps:
  • To develop a work plan with a timeline and deliverables.
  • To develop a “tool kit” for the Corridor that includes all known resources available for heritage conservation as well as, examples of best practices, e.g. policy statements, procedures, functional forms, heritage events such as ‘Doors Open’ and how to implement them.
  • To explore staffing opportunities to assist in the administration of the network
  • To explore funding opportunities to support the work of the network.
  • To explore partnerships with area universities, community colleges and others to implement key projects.
Rideau Heritage Network Conference

Due to a bad winter storm, the annual RHN conference was rescheduled from February 14, 2007 at Kingston City Hall to March 28, 2007 at the Rideau Canal Museum in Smiths Falls. With a great turnout and a delicious lunch provided by Lester’s Restaurant, the conference provided a good opportunity to discuss heritage conservation along the Rideau Canal Corridor. Please refer to the documents below to see what items were discussed.

2006 Needs Assessment Survey
This survey was designed to provide a snapshot of the current state of municipal involvement in heritage conservation activities. Ten of 12 municipalities completed the survey. View the results: View the Survey Results (35K PDF file)

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