Maple Syrup

    MAPLE SYRUP: pour it on pancakes, french toast or waffles. An all-natural sweetener for coffee, yogurt, cereal, or fruit. Delicious for dessert drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Maple Syrup
A Variety of Syrup Containers
Canada Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste
is the lightest maple syrup in colour with a smooth, subtle maple flavour. We use this for maple sugar candy and maple butter.

Canada Grade A Amber, Rich Taste
is the classic maple syrup – rich in maple flavour but still smooth and sweet. It is what we recommend for everyday table use.

Canada Grade A Dark, Robust Taste
is a darker in colour maple syrup produced later in the season. A heartier, stronger maple syrup for maple-flavour enthusiasts. Excellent for baking and cooking.

Canada Grade A Very Dark, Strong Taste
is the darkest maple syrup in colour with the most intense flavour; similar to molasses. Excellent for baked beans, marinades, and for some maple lovers, enjoyed on pancakes.

STORAGE: After opening, maple syrup needs to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. It will not freeze solid and small amounts will quickly warm to pouring consistency.

Gibbons Family Farm Maple Syrup is for sale at:

Pure Canadian Maple Products make excellent gifts.

Gibbons Family Farm
41 Leacock Road, RR 1
Frankville, Ontario
K0E 1H0

For more information:
Tel: 613-275-2893
Toll Free 1-877-440-7887

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