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    MAPLE SYRUP: pour it on pancakes, french toast or waffles. An all-natural sweetener for coffee, yogurt, cereal, or fruit. Delicious for dessert drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Maple Syrup
A Variety of Syrup Containers
Canada Grade A Golden, Delicate Taste
is the lightest maple syrup in colour with a smooth, subtle maple flavour. We use this for maple sugar candy and maple butter.

Canada Grade A Amber, Rich Taste
is the classic maple syrup – rich in maple flavour but still smooth and sweet. It is what we recommend for everyday table use.

Canada Grade A Dark, Robust Taste
is a darker in colour maple syrup produced later in the season. A heartier, stronger maple syrup for maple-flavour enthusiasts. Excellent for baking and cooking.

Canada Grade A Very Dark, Strong Taste
is the darkest maple syrup in colour with the most intense flavour; similar to molasses. Excellent for baked beans, marinades, and for some maple lovers, enjoyed on pancakes.

STORAGE: After opening, maple syrup needs to be stored in a refrigerator or freezer. It will not freeze solid and small amounts will quickly warm to pouring consistency.

540ml Maple Syrup Can
540 ml can
We sell our maple syrup in a variety of glass, plastic and tin containers. We also have 540 ml cans which are very strong and ideal for shipping. The cans are not quite as fancy as some of the other containers, but they are convenient. You can purchase a few cans, only refrigerate the one that you open, and store the rest in a cupboard. We have Canada Grade A Amber Rich, Canada Grade A Dark Robust, and Canada A Very Dark Strong in these cans.

MAPLE JELLY: made with maple syrup and a jelling agent, not too sweet, but a nice maple flavour for your toast, excellent with cheddar cheese.

MAPLE SUGAR CANDY: made from 100% pure maple syrup which is boiled down, cooled, stirred and poured into moulds.

GRANULATED MAPLE SUGAR: made from pure maple syrup that is boiled longer than the maple sugar candy. Nearly all the moisture is removed. It can be sprinkled on cereal, toast, apple crisp, used in baking or in your coffee.

Please let us know if there is a maple product you want, but do not see listed here. We will try to help.

All our maple products are guaranteed. If you ever have a problem let us know and we will make it right.

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Pure Canadian Maple Products make excellent gifts.

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