Spring, 2018

Looking back on our 2017 season, I can think of no better way to share the experience than with a section of an email I sent to a friend of mine on February 24, 2017:

“The last 6 days have been crazy due to VERY mild mid-February temperatures. Started tapping on Saturday (Feb. 18); the warmest weather that I can recall we have ever tapped in. Sap running while we are tapping. Had our first boil on Wednesday (Feb. 22) while we were also still tapping. Finished tapping all 4,500 trees on Wednesday. Have had 2 x vacuum pumps down/not working. As of yesterday (Feb. 23), at noon, all pumps working – thank you Jeff! Have had no freezing at night for 3 nights now; sap running day and night which means the vacuum pumps are on day and night. Just about to start our second boil of the season. Very much looking forward to the colder weather moving in next week. It was 14 degrees here yesterday!”

And the cold weather did move in, for 15 days! The trees froze up, along with all the equipment to collect and boil the sap. But when the second round of spring-like weather moved in, slowly everything started to thaw, and the season was under way again. The 2017 season marked the earliest first boil we have ever had (taking place on February 22nd) and it was a rewarding high-volume season.

Health Tip: Pure maple syrup is not only delicious but is also doing our body good! Research done with pure maple syrup showed that it displayed a lower glycemic index than white sugar, corn syrup and brown rice syrup. A lower glycemic index has positive effects on the pancreas, the organ responsible for releasing insulin in the blood. The less the pancreas has to work, the less it is at risk to develop type 2 diabetes. Used as a replacement for white sugar or brown rice syrup in cooking, maple syrup may decrease the risks of diabetes. Maple syrup and maple sugar are both natural products showing numerous health benefits for the body. (Source: LaPierre Equipment Catalog 2018)

Sugar Making Season 2018: Wow, another year is here! We welcome you to come celebrate the sweetness of the season with us again this year; complete details can be found on our Events page and Pancake Breakfast page. For the past three years we have been experimenting with washing the pipeline in the Fall instead of the Spring. We do believe this is making a positive difference in the quality of the sap; therefore, will continue to watch for further signs of improvement this spring. We are excited to have a new product in our store – Maple Popcorn! And believe it or not, Bill has now been in the maple syrup business longer than he was in dairy! As he begins to retire for a second time, Bill has started a new hobby. Reducing his hours from collecting sap, he is now spending some of his time collecting art! A recently built building a stone’s throw away from the sugar house, called the AOG Gallery, will be open Saturday April 14th from 9 am to 4 pm to showcase Bill’s new interest and for your enjoyment.

‘Sweet Maple’ regards!

Sarah Gibbons

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